7 Envirmental Protection

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7 Envirmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    Charlotte and Kit are preparing for their upcoming ski holiday and have gone to the supermarket to buy supplies. They are at the 1_________

: [to Kit] Would you like a plastic bag? C

    K: Yes, please.

    C: Wait a 2_______. We can just 3_______the canvas bag that I brought. K: Oh, I cant be bothered; Id rather just have my own.

    C: But, dont you care about the environment?

    K: Yeah, but I think this one plastic bag wont make a difference.

    C: But, when a thousand people think like you , it does make a difference.! K: Alright, alright, 4__________! Lets share then.

    C: Great.

    K: So, what else do you do to help the environment?

    C: 5_________of things. I always cycle instead of drive, I 6_______evetything I can,

    oh, and Im I try to reuse bottles and paper as much as possiblethat sort of thing

    thinking about having 7_____installed in my house.

    K: Woah! Isnt that a bit 8__________

    C: Nothings over the top when the environment is9_______! Do you want our children to live in a world full of 10_________? Did you know that if we keep going the way we are there will be more 11__________, 12__________and 13__________, disease will spread more easily, and we could even cause the 14___________of million species?!

    K: Ill 15____________

    C: And, because of global warming, therell be less snow and we wont be able to go

    skiing any more!

    K: Really?...Okay. Wait here-Im just going to quickly get some energy-saving light bulbs.

    C:Haha, fantastic!





    1 checkout 2 sec 3 share 4 get off my case 5 All sorts 6 recycle 7 solar panels 8 over the top 9 concerned 10 pollution 11 hurricanes 12 droughts 13 heat waves 14 extinction 15 take your word for it

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