Section 14 - Department of Environment and Climate Change

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Section 14 - Department of Environment and Climate Change

    Sustainable Property Guide ; Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW

    Worksheet 5.2A

    Environmental specifications for building

    management services and supplies

    This worksheet contains inserts which can be adapted and used in tender and contract specifications for building services and for supplies. This is an example only adapt this worksheet to suit your

    organisation’s requirements.

    The desired outcome is to ensure the tender selection process appropriately addresses the environmental and social risks attributable to the product or service. See also Worksheet 5.2B for environmental criteria for building management, waste and cleaning services and Worksheet 5.2C for the environmental evaluation of tenders for building services and supplies.

    Part A: Inclusions for conditions of tendering and preliminaries Environmental management


    The [building owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant] is committed to maximising

    environmental and social sustainability outcomes within the properties it owns and manages. The operation of commercial properties entails environmental and social impacts related to energy and water consumption, emissions, waste and the consumption of a range of products. The [building owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant] is committed to take all reasonable

    measures, through the execution of this contract, to mitigate these impacts and improve the environmental performance of the building.

    The [building owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant] therefore requires Tenderers to be

    aware of its environmental management requirements and to take active measures as described in this tender to adequately address these in response to this tender.

    Consequently, this tender includes [XX, identifier number] Schedule of Environmental Management

    (Attachment 1) which is to be completed by the Tenderer and returned with the Tenderer’s response.

    Failure to submit a response to [XX] Schedule of Environmental Management will constitute a non-conforming tender.

    Key terms and outcomes

    Notwithstanding any other requirement in the contract, the [building owner/building manager/managing

    agent/tenant] requires all building services associated with its properties or projects to take adequate consideration of and demonstrate compliance with the following outcomes:

    ; efficient use of energy including electricity, gas and other forms of energy consumed in the property ; conservation of water and promotion of water and wastewater recycling and reuse ; avoidance of materials that are toxic or create undesirable emissions or discharges or impact on indoor environment quality (including air quality)

    ; reduction of solid waste being disposed (e.g. in landfill) through increased reuse, recycling and waste avoidance practices

    Worksheet 5.2A Environmental specifications for building management services and supplies 1

    Sustainable Property Guide ; Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW

    ; compliance with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards of good practice ; the implementation of a structured and systematic process within building management practices to achieve the above and demonstrate an adequate level of environmental due diligence, and ; if specified, the achievement of agreed levels of building environmental performance as demonstrated through building environmental ratings e.g. the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) including NABERS Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment, and the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating system.

    Tender requirements

    All Tenderers are required to provide:

    1 details of relevant experience listing projects and briefly describing relevant experience

    brought to this contact

    2 a minimum of two written references from current or previous clients where the tenderer

    undertook a similar provision of service or supply of products

    3 a copy of the Tenderer’s Environmental Policy (or similar)

    4 a copy of the Tenderer’s Environmental Management System (EMS) or similar system that


     how environmental risks are managed within the Tenderer’s business activities

    (not limited to this service or product)

     the approach to identifying responsibilities for environmental management within the

    Tenderer’s company

     the nature and extent of environmental awareness and skills training provided to staff and

    contractors, and

     measures implemented by the Tenderer to monitor and report on the company’s

    environmental performance

    5 details of the Tenderer’s understanding of sustainability in relation to the environmental

    performance of buildings, including understanding of the NABERS rating system (including

    NABERS Energy, Water, Waste and Indoor Environment) and the Green Building Council of

    Australia’s Green Star rating system

    6 details of the Tenderer’s performance in relation to environmental regulations over the last five

    years including any judgements against the tenderer under any State or Federal environmental


    7 details of the Tenderer’s environmental and sustainability reporting (including corporate


    8 details of the Tenderer’s environmental performance and experience with similar

    buildings/similar products with respect to the key outcome areas noted in this tender, section

    [XX] Schedule of Environmental Management

    9 [optional] details of the Tenderer’s proposed approach to environmental management of the

    services provided under the proposed contract, specifically an outline Environmental

    Management Plan (OEMP) for the building or service. The OEMP should be an overview only

    of the approach to be taken to achieve a high level of performance including energy efficiency,

    water conservation and reuse, waste and recycling management, noise management, indoor air

    and environment quality, pollution minimisation and, where defined in the contract, the buildings

    target environmental ratings. The OEMP should include an overview of the allocation of Worksheet 5.2A Environmental specifications for building management services and supplies 2

    Sustainable Property Guide ; Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW

    responsibilities within the Tenderer’s team, training of staff, management of subcontractors’

    environmental performance and project monitoring and progress reporting.

    [Note to procurement manager: Requesting an OEMP is helpful if you wish the tenderer to demonstrate their understanding and approach to managing environmental issues. It will depend on the building, controls or management plans in place.]

    Note to Tenderer:

    The OEMP is to include an overview only of the structure and scope of issues to be addressed and

    the general approach to be taken by the Tenderer to integrate the plan into the Tenderer’s building

    management structure. It is not expected to include significant specific detail on methodology, actions, work instructions, progress reporting etc. Providing a copy of a similar plan for a previous project by the Tenderer would be helpful.

    The selected Contractor will be responsible for completing the plan in sufficient detail to enable it to be approved for use by the [building owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant] prior to

    commencement of the contract.

    Part B: Contract requirements

    Note: This section contains the additional environmental requirements that the successful Tenderer (the Contractor) must comply with during the course of the contract. The information below could be inserted into a preliminaries subsection titled ‘Environmental management’.

    Detailed Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

    The Contractor shall be required to prepare and implement, to the satisfaction of the [building

    owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant], a detailed Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

    for the building.

    No contract activities, other than those deemed by the [building owner/building manager/managing

    agent/tenant] as not having any environmental consequence, shall commence until the completed EMP is accepted by the [building owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant].

    The EMP shall address all environmental performance areas and environmental outcomes described or specified in the contract with particular reference to key performance areas such as environmental ratings or other defined initiatives in energy and water conservation, waste minimisation; indoor air quality, protection of the natural environment, as well as compliance with any relevant or applicable statutory environmental requirements.

    The EMP shall also include:

    ; standard work practices that manage risks in these key performance areas, and ; measures the Contractor will take to monitor, audit and report progress to the [building

    owner/building manager/managing agent/tenant].

    The EMP shall be an integral component of the Contractor’s building management system, and

    progress against it will be regularly reviewed by the [building owner/building manager/managing

    agent/tenant]. (For guidance in the preparation of an Environmental Management Plan and Waste Plan refer to Green Star Office Design version 3 Categories MAN_6 and MAN_7.)

    Attachment 1: [XX] Schedule of Environmental Management

    Worksheet 5.2A Environmental specifications for building management services and supplies 3

    Sustainable Property Guide ; Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW

    [XX] Schedule of Environmental Management

    [for inclusion in tender documents] [Tender no. #####]

    [Tender name]

    Company information

    Company name

    and contact details:

    1 Relevant experience:

    List projects the tenderer has undertaken that demonstrate Value ($) relevant experience.





    2 References: provide written references from at least two recent clients

     demonstrating company environmental commitment and experience.

     Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Client:

    Contact name: Phone number: Environmental policy and environmental management:

    Attach supporting information as necessary.

    3 Tenderer’s Environmental Policy

    4 Tenderer’s Environmental

    Management System (EMS) or

    similar system (see Clause 4 under

    ‘Tender requirements’)

     Describe how responsibilities and

    accountability are defined within the

    Tenderer’s management system to

    cover principal areas of

    environmental risk.

     Describe environmental awareness

    and skills training provided to

    Tenderer’s staff and contractors.

    Worksheet 5.2A Environmental specifications for building management services and supplies 4

    Sustainable Property Guide ; Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW

    5 Describe the Tenderer’s

    understanding of sustainability in

    relation to building performance,

    including the NABERS rating system

    (NABERS Energy, Water, Waste and

    Indoor Environment) and the Green

    Building Council of Australia’s Green

    Star rating system.

    6 Describe the Tenderer’s performance

    in relation to environmental

    regulations over the last five years

    including any judgements against the

    tenderer under any State or Federal

    environmental legislation.

    7 Describe the Tenderer’s

    environmental monitoring and

    corporate reporting (e.g sustainability

    reporting processes).

    8 Describe the Tenderer’s

    environmental performance and

    experience on similar contracts with

    respect to the following key outcome

    areas [list them here]:

    [optional] Provide an outline 9

    Environmental Management Plan as

    per the minimum scope detailed in

    clause 9.

Service or product supply requirements

    Attach supporting information as necessary.

    [Insert specific clauses relating to

    building management, cleaning or

    waste management. See Worksheet

    5.2B for examples.]

Worksheet 5.2A Environmental specifications for building management services and supplies 5

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