The writer of Jane Eyre was Charlotte Bronte who was born in 1816

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The writer of Jane Eyre was Charlotte Bronte who was born in 1816

     The writer of Jane Eyre was Charlotte Bronte who was born in 1816, the daughter of an Irishman who

    married a Cornishwoman and became a priest of a church in England. Her father began to go blind, her brother became a heavy drinker and her sister Emily developed a disease of the lungs. At this time Charlotte wrote Jane Eyre. Her other novels were The Professor, Shirley and Villette.

    Jane Eyre was a story about a girl named Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre was a young orphan being raised by Mrs. Reed, her cruel, wealthy aunt. She accepted a governess position at a manor called Thornfield, The Jane’s employer at Thornfield was Rochester, with whom Jane found herself falling secretly in love. Knowing of that it was impossible to be with Rochester, Jane fled Thornfield. Penniless and hungry, Jane was forced to sleep outdoors and beg for food. At last, three siblings who lived in a manor alternatively called March End and Moor House took her in. Their names were Mary, Diana and St. John River who was a clergyman and found Jane a job teaching at a charity school in Morton. St. John surprised Jane one day by declaring that her uncle, John Eyre, had died and left her a large fortune and he shocked her further by declaring that her uncle was also his uncle. Jane refused to marry him. However she realized that she couldn’t abandon forever the man she truly loved when one night she heard Rochester’s voice calling her name over the moors. Then Jane found him in Ferndean who had lost his eyesight and one of his hands during a conflagration. They rebuilt their relationship and soon married. At the end of the story, they enjoyed perfect equality in their life together. Rochester regained sight in one eye and was able to behold their first son at his birth.

    For me, the most moving part of the story, which attracted me most was the resistance of Jane Eyre.

    On the other hand, the second resistant target came on stage in Chapter 4. That’s Mrs. Reed. Jane quarreled with Mrs. Reed while Mrs. Reed believed that she was able to frighten Jane by her social position, wealth and serious attitude. On the contrary, Jane’s resistance surprised her. In her wildest dreams, Mrs. Reed could never have imagined that the short, weak girl, Jane, would abuse her. “I hate you! I will never call you aunt again as long

    as I live. If anyone asks how you treated me, I will tell them the truth, that you were very cruel to me. People think you are a good woman, but you are lying to them!” These words, which Jane Eyre shouted at her most abominable aunt at her top voice made Mrs. Reed felt not only frightened but also unhappy. Until this part of story, writer led us to understand briefly about Jane Eyre’s resistance by the two supporting characters, John and Mrs. Reed, while later, she gave Jane a wider environment to develop her resistant spirit.

    in the school. While in my opinion that such a environment was the best tool to make Jane’s resistance appearing more clearly to the readers. As we see, Jane didn’t knocked down by the cruel environment.

    It was no wonder that Jane wanted to change her life-style as she had struggled in the hard life for such a long time. She desired to control her life in her way. For these reasons, she went to Thornfield. From then on, Jane Eyre came to a big stage, which named society! I suppose that when the readers read about that Jane fell in love with the master Rochester, they all wished that Jane wound get married with her lover and live in a perfect, peaceful life in the rest of her life. While there is no doubt that if the end of story really liked our imagination, the resistant spirit of Jane would surely be faded. In fact, writer destroyed Jane’s happiness by a cry of Mr. Mason. To show her resistance, Jane fled Thornfield. Until this part of story, Jane’s resistant spirit had developed to the


    During the story, writer led us to know the protagonist, Jane, as well as Jane’s life gradually by some different environments. The more important thing was that Charlotte gave us a chance to appreciate the resistant spirit of the little weak girl. At the end of my report, I would like to emphasize that the book Jane Eyre was not only

    a rarity in the history of culture, but also a poem of life.

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