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    8A Unit 2 School Life

    Zhuze Middle School Zhang Yunjuan

    Contents comic strip and welcome

    Time: September 15, 2005

    Class: Class 10, Grade 8

    Learning aims:

    1. To learn to talk about ideal school life

    2. To distinguish between British English and American English Learning difficulties:

    Tell people about ideal school life and use British English and American English fluently

    Teaching steps

    Step1. Revision

    1. Revise the adjectives used to describe people’s appearance and personalities

    (handsome, good-looking, pretty, smart, clever, beautiful, lovely, slim, true, generous, kind, friendly, polite, funny, cheerful, hard-working, brave… )

    2. Revise the usage of comparatives and superlatives Lucy很苗条。Lucy is _________.

    LilyLucy更苗条。Lily is ________________ Lucy.

    Betty是最苗条的。 Betty is _________________ of all.

    韩梅和LiLy一样苗条。 Han Mei is ____________________ Lily.

Step2. Presentation

    1. Listen to the tape: Do dogs go to school? What’s school like?

    2. Ask students to play the role of Eddie and Hobo in pairs 3. Introduce some different words which mean the same thing, and tell Ss some are used in Britain while the others are used in America Step 3 Practice

    Finish PA and PB on P23

    Step 4 Exercises and homework

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