new headway english course - intermediate tests

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new headway english course - intermediate tests

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    Oxford University Press

New Headway Intermediate Test Booklet

    Notę to the teacher

    This Booklet consists of

     12 Unit Tests

    Each Unit Test revises the corresponding unit in New

    Headway English Course Intermediate Studenfs Book.

     3 Progress Tests

    Progress Test 1 revises Units 1-4.

    Progress Test 2 revises Units 5-8.

    Progress Test 3 revises Units 9-12.

     Answer key

    There is an answer key for all the exercises apart from the

    translation exercise at the end of each test.

    Each test has a total score of 100.

    These tests may be photocopied freely for classroom use. They

    may not be adapted, printed, or sold without the permission

    of Oxford University Press.


    3 Write ąuestions for the answers. Unit 1 Example What do you do in the evenings? I

    watch TV or listen to musie. Name: 1 How many brothers and sisters _______________? I’ve got two brothers and a sister.

    2 Where ______ he _______ ? 1 Match a sentence (1-7) with a response (a-j). Not all He works in a hospital in the centrę of town. the responses are used. One example has been given.

    3 What ______ you _______ last weekend? d 1 Bye! I’m going out now. We went to the coast. 2 Shall we go for a drink after work? 4 ____ you _______ Steven Spielberg’s new film? 3 I’m going to the bar. What would you like to Yes, I have. I saw it last night.

    drink? 5 What ______ Dad _______? 4 What a beautiful watch! Where did you get it? He’s working in the garden.

     5 How long did it take you to find the house? 6 Why _________________ come to my party?

     Because I had to revise for my exams. 6 Did I see you with a new boyfriend last night?

     7 ____ your sister ______ her baby yet? 7 I’m so fed up with all this work! Yes, she has. She had a boy at 5 a.m. yesterday a Not long. Your directions were very elear. 8 ____ your children _______ a home computer? b It’s twenty-five past nine. No, they haven’t, but they’ve got a computer at c Mind your own business! school. d Oh, OK. Have a nice time!

    e Ive been waiting for my boyfriend for ages. 9 Where ______________ at nine o’clock last night? f No, put your money away. It’s my round. I was at home. g Oh, me too! I’ll be glad when the exams have

    10 How long _____ you ______ learning English? finished. h Never mind! You’ll find a job soon.

    I’ve been learning English for about two years. i That’s a good idea! I’ll meet you in the pub at

    half (2 points for each correct answer) past eight. j It was a birthday present from my parents.

    4 Make the statements negative. (1 point for each correct answer) DExample I enjoy living in a big city. 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of I dont enjoy living in a big city. do, be, or have. 1 It’s a very good film. ______________________ Example Has she found a new job yet? 2 She’s working very hard at the moment. 1 What sort of musie _________ you like?

    2 _______ she work in the centrę of London? 3 He needs a computer for his job. 3 When _________ you born?

    4 I __________ been waiting for hours. 4 The house is decorated every year. 5 English _________ spoken all over the world. 6 We were tired so we _________ go out last night. 5 We bought presents for everyone. 7 I __________ going on holiday next month. 8 he ever been to China? 6 They’ve sold their house. 9 I saw your brother this morning. Where 7 She was wearing new clothes. ________ he going?

    8 They’ve been waiting for a long time. 10 We want to buy a car but we _______ saved

    enough yet. (1 point for each correct answer)

?Oxford University Press 3

    9 I’ve got a garden. ________________________ 4 There are three times as many people in

    Greece in summer than in the rest of the year. ____ 10 We had an exam last term.

     (2 points for each correct answer) B (2 points for each correct answer)

    7 Circle the silent letters in the following words. 5 Write short answers for the ąuestions.

    Example ?rite Example Is he Polish? Yes, he is.

    1 lamb 5 knee 8 foreign No, _______. 1 Are they coming to the party?

    2 answer 6 bomber 9 know Yes, _______ 2 Do you like skiing?

    3 half 7 sign 10 receipt Yes, _______ 3 Are you married?

    4 island No, _______. 4 Has she been working abroad?

    No, _______. (1 point for each correct answer) 5 Can he speak Russian?

    6 Don’t forget to send me a postcard! No, ______. 8 Circle the word which does not rhyme.

    7 Have you both had a drink? Yes, _______ Example boot (foot) shoot suit 8 What a beautiful day! Yes, _______ 1 steal meal małe feel

    2 red read (present) bread bed 9 Are you going to drive to the airport? No, _______.

    3 now no know known 10 Did he pass his drndng test? Yes, _______

    4 would good should food (1 point for each correct answer) 5 here hair hear ear

    6 son some done home

    6 Read the text. Mark the statements true (T) or false (F). n point for each correct Danswer)

     9 Translate these sentences.WONDERS OF THE MODERN WORLD

    Medical Science 1 Where were your parents born?

    Surely nothing has done more for the comfort and happiness of mankind than the advance of medical

    2 She’s got a computer and a fax machinę. knowledge! How many millions of people have benefited from the humble aspirin? How many lives has penicillin saved? Average life expectancy in Europe has risen dramatically over the last hundred years, from about 50

    3 She’s an editor. years in 1906 to about 75 years today.


    Yes holidays! In fact there have always been holidays in 4 A Are you going home now? ancient Rome there were more than 150 a year but a B No, I’m not. holiday used to mean simply a day when you didnt work.

    A Now holidaymakers travel to all parts of the world. Perhaps you dont like so many tourists in your country, but you

     must agree that a phenomenon which sees the population Have you been waiting long?

    of Greece treble in summer, and which sends office No, we haven’t. workers and shop assistants to Spain, Turkey, or the

    B Caribbean is a wonder of the world.

     51 The writer thinks that men have benefited Amorę from medicine than women.

     B 2 People can expect to live about twenty-five years longer today compared with 1906. ^^ TOTAL 3 The writer agrees with people who don’t like A tourists in their country.


    (2 points for each correct answer)

Name: ?Oxford University Press 4

    2 Anna can’t come to the phone because she Unit 2

     ____________ her hair. (wash) 1 Put the sports and acthities from the box into the 3 We usually ____________ abroad in summer. correct coluinn. One example has been given. Name:(go)

    football skiing golf athletics jogging 4 ____ you _____ for your exams at the exercises aerobics volleyball fishing moment? (study)

    5 Can you be quiet, please? I ____________ to the play go do

    radio. (listen) football ---------------- -----------------

    6 He ____________ next month. (get married)

    7 I’m very tired. I ____________ very well at the

    moment. (not sleep)

    (1 point for each correct answer) 8 They ____________ for lunch once a month.

    (meet) 2 How do you say these numbers aloud? Circle the correct form (a or b). 9 John! Answer the door, please! I ____________

    dinner. (prepare) Example 13 (a)thirteen b thirty

    10 It __________ a lot in this area in winter. 1 597 a five hundred and ninety-seven (rain) b five hundred ninety-seven

    (2 points for each correct answer) 2 ?29.99 a twenty-nine pounds and

    ninety-nine b twenty-nine pounds 4 Circle the correct form of the verb in each sentence. ninety-nine Example Tm not liking/(f_dont like) tennis very 3 80p a eighty pence much.

    b eighty ps 1 We havel We’re having a house near the beach. 4 $600 a six hundred dollars 2 Do you knowlAre you knowing what’s happening?

    b six hundred dollar 3 I used to love basketball but I think Tm preferringl 5 3/4 a three fours I prefer volleyball now

    b three ąuarters 4 / dont enjoyITm not enjoying cooking very much. 6 1996 a nineteen hundred and ninety-six 5 They paid for the car so it is belonginglit belongs to

    them now. (year) b nineteen ninety-six

    6 He’s thinkinglHe thinks that school is boring. 7 15% a fifteen per cent

    b fifteen percentage 7 Do you seelAre you seeing my problem? 8 0181 a zero one eight one 8 She thinkslShe’s thinking of going to university (phone codę) b oh one eight one 9 Im feeling tired so I think Tm desery inglI deserye a

    holiday (1 point for each correct answer)

    10 Those clothes are lookingllook great on you! 3 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of the Present Simple or the Present Continuous. (1 point for each correct answer)

    Example We dont watch TV very

    5 Make the sentences passive. often. (not watch)

    Example They’re cleaning the 1 How do you make this soup? It ____________

    cathedral. The cathedral Is wonderful. (taste) belng cleaned.

    1 They export winę from France and Germany.

    2 They collect the rubbish once a week.



3 They’re counting the money at the moment.

?Oxford University Press 5

4 They’re designing some new houses. hours a day. But every few months she leaves her caravan and

     travels round Europę, staying in international hotels and eating in 5 They pay the bills by cheąue. famous restaurants. Why is she leading this double life? How does a nun who has devoted her life to solitude and prayer 6 They’re checking the details now. become a visitor at the Ritz?

    Sister Wendy has a remarkable other life. She writes and

    presents an arts programme for BBC television called Sister 7 They grow oranges in the south of Spain.

    Wendys Grand Tour. In it, she visits European art capitals and

    gives her personal opinions on some of the worlds most famous 8 They employ a lot of people in marketing. works of art. She begins each programme with these words: For

    over 20 years I lived in solitude. Now lm seeing Europę for the

    first time. Im visiting the worlds most famous art treasures.

     9 They’re developing new computer software.

    1 Sister Wendy became a nun when she was 16. ___

    2 She is alone for two hours a day. 10 They’re building a new swimming pool in my 3 Her life changes completely every few town. months. 4 She is going on a grand tour of all (2 points for each correct answer) European capitals.

    (2 points for each correct answer) 6 Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in O the box, Present Simple or Present Simple passive. Not all the verbs are used. One example has been given. 8 Translate these sentences.

    1 We usually do aerobics on Wednesdays. -be- stay import wake up not imdte take spend deliver make come read not get up

    My idea of perfect happiness te being alone on a 2 A What are you doing? Sunday morning. I usually (1) _________ at about B I’m tidying my bedroom. seven o’clock - that’s when my copy of The Sunday

    A Times (2) ________ . I (3) __________ immediately

     B because I love staying in bed when I don’t have to go to

     work. After an hour, I have my favourite breakfast -

    3 A What do you think of modern art? coffee, croissants, and jam. The jam (4) _________

    B I don’t really understand it. from France and the croissants (5) _________ at the

    A local bakery I (6) _________ a couple of hours

    reading the newspaper and then I finally get dressed at B about ten oclock. My friends phone or (7) _________ 4 Lunch is provided every day.

    to the house after midday I love talking to them or seeing them on Sunday afternoons but they know that 5 My house is being decorated at the moment. people (8) _________ to share my Sunday mornings!

(2 points for each correct answer)

7 Read the text. Mark the statements true (T) or false (F). (2 points for each correct answer)


    Sister Wendy Beckett has been a nun for nearly 50 years, sińce

    she was 16. Most of the time she lives in solitary confinement in a caravan in the grounds of a Carmelite monastery in Norfolk, often not speaking to anyone for 22

     Name: ?Oxford University Press 6

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