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    1. What do you do with your problems.

     A. deal at B. deal with C. come true 2. I got an A this term with the help of my teacher.

    A. under my teachers help B. with my teachers help

    B. with the teacher help

    3. What about listening to tapes?

    A. When about B. Where about C. How about

    How do you become a good language learner? 4. .——

    ——At first, you must get interested in the language because the interest

    is the best teacher.

    A. Second B. To begin C. First of all 5. In the end, he got the full mark in the math exam. A. At last B. At the end C. At first 6. He made a decision to leave his family.

    A. decide B. decided C. decides 7. We are proud of our strong country.

    A. take pride of B. take pride C. are pride of 8. She used to be afraid of the dark.

    A. be afraid to B. be terrified C. be terrified of

    9. Wang Ping is no longer a child.

    A. any more B. notany longer C. not more


    Shall we leave now? 1.——

    ——Dont hurry. We still have time left.

    A. little B. a little C. few D. a few 2. ——What’s the matter?

    ——I am having trouble who has taken my book.

    A. finding B. looking for C. finding out D. looking for 3. I will come I dont change my mind.

    A. if B. if not C. unless D. until

    4. ——Excuse me, can you tell me the English meaning of the word? ——Why not in the dictionary?

    A. look it up B. call it up C. pick it up D. put it up 5. If you want to study English well, please read aloud every morning. It

    helps .

    A. a lot of B. lots of C. a lot D. a lots of 6. ——How can I get well along others, father?

     ——Try to smile to others, boy. That will make much .

    A. them; easier B. them; more easy

    C. it; easy D. it; easier

    7. ——Congratulations! Your English teacher told me you got an A this time.

——Thank you. She is very .

    A. impressed B. embarrassed C. terrified D. frustrated 8. I often laugh when I see my grandma learning pop songs. But she says,

    One is never old to learn.

    A. too B. so C. very D. quite

    9. ——Mr Smith, would you please speak a little more ?

    ——Sorry! I thought you would follow me.

    A. slowly B. politely C. seriously D. clearly 10. ——What will they do to deal with the accident?

    ——Ten doctors and five nurses have a medical team and will

    start out right now.

    A. worked out B. made up C. helped out D. belonged to

11. ——I have trouble my new computer.

    ——Dont worry. Ill show you how it.

    A. using; using B. using; to use

    C. to use; using D. to use; use

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