SShopping Vocabulary

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SShopping Vocabulary

    Unit 4 Lets Go Shopping

    Part 1 Telling the shop assistant what you’d like to buy

    1. Can I see/have a look at a few sun glasses, please? 2. Bring me a larger size, please? 3. Can you show/give me one of the gold rings? 4. I need a pair of shoes, size 26. 8. May I have one of these bookcases? 6. I prefer a different color. 7. I suppose I’d like something Chine made. 8. I’d like to buy a ready-made suit.

    9. I’m looking for a size 39 woolen cardigan.

    10. Do you sell/Have you got anything in the way of coffee boiler?

Part 2 Asking the shop assistant for information, advice, etc.

    1. Are you likely to get any more in? 2. Can you give me some suggestion? 3. Are you likely to be having any cheaper ones in? 4. Can you recommend some to me? 5. Could you advise me what kind of shoes fit me? 6. Do you have any cheaper ones? 7. Do you have the same design in red? 8. Do you think it’s a bit too dark?

    9. Do you have one for around 100 yuan?

    10. Have you got anything a bit longer?

    11. I want/would like something in light color. 12. I wonder if you have any good bicycles?

Part 3 Asking about prices

    1. How/How much do you sell the watermelon? 2. Are these apples on sale?

    3. How much do you charge for the bunch of flowers? 4. How much do I owe you? 5. How much do you ask/want for it? 6. How much does the bill come to? 7. How much shall I pay for it? 8. How much will that be altogether? 9. What do the oranges start at? (起售) 10. Is this the sale price?

    11. What’s the price/What’s your charge for the apples? 12. What’s it worth?

Part 4 Telling about the price

    1. It comes to/cost/sells at/That will be 65 yuan, sir. 2. It’s priced at 100 dollars.

    3. The least expensive one is 2 dollars 60 cents. 4. The price is marked on the tag, sir. 5. The price depends on the quality 6. It’ sold by the yard.

Part 5 Bargaining on the buying side (买方讨价还价)

    1. Can you come down a bit? 2. Can you sell it for 3 pounds? 3. The price has gone up a little. 4. That sounds reasonable.

    5. I can give you no more than $20. Can you sell it for that?

    6. It’s daylight robbery!/Sheer robbery./That is shocking!/That’s too dear. (= too expensive)

    7. That’s a bit more than I wanted to buy./That’s rather more than I was thinking of giving.

    8. Well then, how about splitting the difference? (各让一半怎么样)

Part 6 Attending a customer

    1. Are you looking for some chocolates? .

    2. Anything I can do for you?/Are you being attended to?/Are you being served?/Can I be of any assistance to you?/Can I help you in any way?/Can I be service to you?/Can I help you?/Have you


been taken care of?/Is anybody looking after you?/Is someone taking care of you?/What can I do

    for you?/What can I show for you?

Part 7 Asking what the customer wants to buy

    1. Any particular color? 2. Can I get you anything else? 3. Do you need anything in the fruit line? 4. What can I show you? 5. What sort of vases are you looking for? 6. Will there be anything else?

    7. What type of washing machines are you interested in? 8. Would you like some ...?

    9. Is there anything else I may show you? 10. Is there anything else you might need/you’d like to buy?

    11. What kind would you like (to see)?

    12. What kind of alarm clocks did you have in your mind? 13. What size do you take/want/prefer?

Part 8 Recommending something to the customer

    1. Do you like/How do you like this design? 2. Are these all right?

    3. Here’s a pair in your size. They’re very good for the price. 4. Here are some samples.

    5.I could recommend something for you. 7. It wears well and keeps its shape.

    8. It’s the latest fashion, very popular. 9. It’s very durable.

    10. This is a washing machine of well-know make. 11. We have the very thing for you.

    12. It’s of good quality./The quality is excellent.

    13. Our range of socks is the most comprehensive available. 14. This camera will sure give you every satisfaction. 15. We happen to have one in stock.

    16. We have a great variety of them in stock. 17. We have a very wide selection of watches.

    18. We have many patterns and shades for you to choose from. 19. We have chine bottles of various made./We have every kind of china bottles.

Part 9 Bargaining on the selling side

    1. How much would you like it to be? 2. I’ll meet you half way. (我让一半)

    3. It’s a real bargain. 4. That’s almost cost price.

    5. Our prices are not dealer than those in other places. 6. That’s the best we can do.

    7. The prices have already been reduced greatly. 8. We don’t give discounts.

    9. That’s our rock bottom price. (最低价)

    10. We are practically giving this away.

    11. The price is reasonable because the quality is super. 12. I’ll bring the price down to 50 marks a piece, if you’re going to buy.

Part 10 Useful sentences

    ; Words of salesmen

    1. Do you want to buy all the three shirts, ma’am?

    2. You’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of brands and models to choose from.

    3. Hi! You haven’t been to the store for a long time! What are you looking for today?


    4. There are a couple of outfits that I think you would like? Would you like to see them? 5. Thanks for shopping at …Have a nice day!

    6. Your new look is flattering. You look younger and more energetic.

    7. That cut is flattering on you.

    8. This style is new and slimming! It will make your tummy look flatter.

; Words of customers

    1. Well, the prices are quite steep. Can you give me a deal?

    2. I need a tie.

    3. Nothing in particular. Are there any new styles that I should see?

    4. I’d like to see your …please.

    5. Do you have any larger ones in the same color?

    6. Will it wear well, and won’t the color fade?

    7. Do you have one for around 40 dollars?

    8. Where is the check-out counter?

    9. Do you have any special offers today?

    10. What is your return policy?

Part 11 Some tips on avoiding impulse buying

    1. Get to know your local supermarket layout well you’ll be able to zero in on the things you

    really want and ignore tempting distractions. Researchers in the US found that shoppers who

    were unfamiliar with supermarket layout but had plenty of time had the highest rates of

    impulse buying. The research suggested this was because you have time to process more

    in-store information, which promotes unplanned buying.

    2. Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry, bored or depressed.

    3. If possible, use a basket instead of a trolley, so that you can’t load up too much.

    4. Make a list:

    When you go to the store without a list its easy to get distracted and purchase items that you

    dont need. Impulse buys will quickly pile up in your cart and before you know it, youve

    purchased a few hundred dollars of groceries without buying the items you actually came for. 5. Avoid sale items:

    It doesnt matter if the grocery store is having a huge sale on some new canned item that

    you've never heard of. Leave it. Grocery stores display these hoping you'll spend more money.

    Dont fall victim to these impulse buys. Buy what you need and get out.

    6. Take less money:

    Leave your credit/debit card at home and only take a certain amount of money to ensure that

    you don have extra money for impulse buys.

    7. Shop solo:

    If you can, leave kids at home. You spend 10 to 40 percent more with them along. Without

    kids, you’re less apt to load up on junk, and you probably won’t buy as much.

    8. Stop reading magazines with advertisements for things they want you to buy or articles about

    shopping and the latest fashions, gadgets, cosmetics etc. Or at least stop believing that you

    really need these things or that they will make you happy.

    9. Ask yourself this: Do I want it, or do I need it? Answer honestly. If you see something you


    really like, go away first. After half an hour or a whole day, if you still want that item you

    may go back and buy it, but most of the time probably you will not want it enough to go



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