AR Practice

By Rita Rodriguez,2014-12-10 09:07
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AR Practice

    Account Receivables Practice

    PurposeReceivable Operation practice In this practice;we will create new customer into the database;and how to transaction record

    ##=your terminal ID,。

    Practice OneCreate One New Customer Profile Class with the following information

    First Select (N)Receivable Vision OperationsUSAinter Receivable system

    Customer?Profile Classes 1. Open the Customer Profile Class window

    2. (Customer Profile Classes Window)

     Profile Class

    Name shu##

    Collector ALAIN

    Cycle Monthly

    Day in Period 30

    Letter Set Standard

     Profile Class Amount

    Currency USD


Practice Two

    Create a Customer and Assign to the Profile Classes.


    (Find/Enter Customer Window)


    Name im##



    1 世新大學ERP實驗室

(Customer Quick Window)


    Address kk Rd.

    Postal Code 101

    Bill To ;


     Profile transaction

    Profile Class shu##


    Practice Three

    Create a Transaction

    Transactions?Transactions (Transaction Window)

    Source>Manual ey Attributes Main

    Bill To Im##

    (B)Line Item

(Line Window)


    Description Standard Product Quantity 20

    Amount 300

    (I)Save?(B)Complete remember the Transaction Number

    2 世新大學ERP實驗室

Practice Four



    (Receipts Window) Receipts Number?00##

    Payment Method?Check BofA Receipt Amount?64950


    Trans Number Enter the Transaction Number

    (B)Applications (I)Save


    Practice end


    (XXXXXX window) = window name

    ## = PC No.

    (N) = Navigator (I) = Icon

    (B) = Button

    3 世新大學ERP實驗室

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