Communicative Approach and English Grammar instructions.

By Nathan Butler,2014-10-10 11:19
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Communicative Approach and English Grammar instructions.

    Communicative Approach and English Grammar


    Hi! Judges and friends:

    I’m very glad and excited that I have a chance to share my own experience of teaching with you.

    First, let me introduce myself;My name is Tang Huijun. I

    have been an English teacher for only six months. With my masters help, I teach well. Actually Im not very strict, but Im

    responsible with my job. You can see my English class is very active and interesting, so my students like me very much.

    The topic of my today’s lecture is Communicative

    Approach and English Grammar instructions.

     Im an English teacher in a secondary school. When I just started working at that time, the most annoying thing for me was

    the English Grammar. It causes many problems, such as dumb

    English. Some good students can get high marks and do the exercises correctly, but it is difficult for him or her to say a whole sentence out. They dont understand the English

    Grammar exactly, so they dont know how to organize their


    However, English Grammar is one of the most important

    periods in each unit. Many experts and teachers have reached different ways and methods about it since it is not easy to

    organize a successful Grammar lesson. In the past years, teachers and students were both helpless. You know Grammar is very boring. And it isn’t like Reading and Vocabulary as well. It

    contains too many complex sentence structures and different

    English tenses and so on. Facing with this problem, what should our teachers do? Some experts have found a solution which is called Communicative Approach. Now consider it what is

    Communicative Approach?

    Communicative Approach exists more than 300 years. It is usually used in teaching process. In a wonderful class, it plays an important role. The organization of teaching process is based on students. The responsibility of a teacher is providing communicative situations and occasions for students. Through

    assuming a situation, we can make the atmosphere actively. There are some ways of Communicative Approach, such as

    direct presentation method of teaching, discussing method of teaching, and practicing method of teaching

    How should we use Communicative Approach? Actually it is not very difficult. Ill give you an example of myself. In Unit2,

    when I taught how many and how much, I used the direct

    presentation method of teaching. I took some entities to the

    classroom, such as apples, milk, bread and coke. First, I taught

    them countable nouns and uncountable nouns. And then, I presented some sentences on the blackboard and asked them

    How many apples are there on the desk? , How much milk is

    there on the desk?” Afterwards, I gave them 5 minutes to discuss with partners. Let them try to find out the rules of how many

    and how much. Finally, I told them the rules.

    Totally, as a teacher, it is essential for us to know how to make good use of Communicative Approach. If you master this means correctly, your class will be more active and more effective. We should emphasize the statue of the communicative approach in our teaching process. If so, the gramma lesson will be successful.

    That’s all for my lecture. Thanks very much for your

    listening and guiding.

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