WomanMan in Modern Society

By Warren Carpenter,2014-07-03 23:51
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WomanMan in Modern Society

    Woman\Man in Modern Society

    Nowadays ,great efforts have been made to balance the social positions between women and men. However ,some people still have stereotyped views of different occupations or professions for women or men.

    In China as in Britain or other European countries ,some jobs are viewed as being more suitable for men ,such as managers and leadership jobs .Needless to say ,there also exists people who have prejudices against male nursesbusboys

    and men secretaries . Is a female nurse better than a male nurse ?Not necessarily .Everyone can be a successful nurse on condition that he or she has enough care patience and required skills .Moreover ,as a man ,he can do most things that females are capable of even something they are not able to do.

    In my opinion ,its high time that the government and each resident called on everyone to give equal attention and cultural recognition to women and men .Only in this way can women and men have the same access to multifarious occupations .

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