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    Version July 2008

    Australian Standards (AS4486.1 1997 section 8.3.1) mandates that this checklist is completed to establish the overall

    safety of equipment, and should be carried out at intervals of not greater than 12 months. In the interim, new equipment must be installed as per Australian Standard. While this checklist has mostly been developed in line with AS4685 Parts 1 6 2004 and AS4486.1 1997 section 8. 3.1, it does not cover every point of the Australian Standards, and the Inspecting Officer may need to investigate further for some clarity.

This checklist can be modified to suit the specific playground equipment at the school (i.e. irrelevant sections can be

    removed); however care must be taken to ensure all relevant information is retained.


    Inspection officer Date

     X Extreme Risk extremely urgent, action IMMEDIATELY

     H High Risk urgent, action AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

     M Medium Risk action within ONE WEEK. Risk Priority Rating:

     L Minor Risk not urgent, action within ONE MONTH

    Ok No Risk no action required

    Risk Question Item Notes / Action Rating (in some cases may be n/a)


    Toilets all facilities kept tidy, accessible & regularly 1 cleaned? Are there adequate hand washing facilities?

    2 Drinking water/troughs facilities accessible and clean? 3 Seating - in good ergonomic working order, and maintained? 4 Rubbish bins are they regularly emptied and cleaned? EMERGENCY and FIRST AID

    Emergency / Evacuation plans and instructions -

    developed for all contingencies and available to all staff, and 5 appropriately displayed. Adequate exit direction notices/signs

    clearly visible.

    First aid access to kits, suitably stocked, signage for all

    treatments, kept clean, tidy and contents checked regularly. 6 Gloves are included for first aid, blood injuries and biohazard


    First aid training do staff have current first aid certificate 7 (valid for 2 years)? Is there a current list of First Aiders

    displayed? Staff PD available? N/A if completed annual school inspection checklist Oral medication - First Aiders not to provide oral medication 8 (e.g. Panadol, ventolin). Is a delegate to provide nominated?


    Equipment Installation installed as per manufacturers 9 recommendations and /or as per Australian Standards.

    Handrails - hand rails required on all ramps, stairways, 10 ladders (except rung ladders) and bridges.

    11 Storage portable items locked away when is not in use? 12 Grip requirements between 16 mm and 45 mm diameter?

    Entrapment - no gaps between 125mm and 230 mm to

    13 prevent head/ neck entrapment; or entrapment of

    clothing/body when getting off equipment?

    For help in filling in this form contact your school safety delegate, or DET OHS Consultant, on 89014985.


    Risk Question Item Notes / Action Rating (in some cases may be n/a)


    Soft-fall areas - minimum depth of 30cm with suitable stable

    14 edges, free from small plants/roots and checked daily for


    Protruding parts -are rust, bolt ends, nuts, sharps or loose 15 fittings eliminated, rounded, recessed or covered with

    protective caps, and no sharps, as per AS?

    Timber parts - fittings and joints secure, free from excess 16 warping and splinters?

    17 Protective paint, covering - in good condition? 18 Plastic & fibreglass - free of cracks, damage or wear?

    Equipment/components is all equipment/components 19 inspected monthly, and maintained?

    Tyres free from exposed wires, and have effective drain 20 holes

    Rope swinging 25 45mm diameter 21 fixed both ends 18 45mm diameter

    Crushing or shearing points eliminated between all parts 22 of the equipment?


    Maximum heights