Sample 'TreatmentSynopsis' For A Reality TV Show Proposal [the

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Sample 'TreatmentSynopsis' For A Reality TV Show Proposal [the

    Treatment for Women Unscripted

    Authors : Scott Desgrosseilliers, Mark Murrell, Dave Huzieran

    Genre: Reality Series

    Title: “Women Unscripted”. Where We Learn What Women Really Want.

    Logline (short pitch): “Sex and the City” meets “the Real World” with “Big Brother” audience

    participation. The lives of sexy and successful women living in big cities are showcased. See these cosmopolitan women at work, gossiping over dinner, on dramatic dates, and prowling the bars. At key moments in their lives the audience is polled and the women use the audience feedback as a virtual best friend to help them with their lives decisions.

    Synopsis: “Women Unscripted” fills the void that women everywhere experienced with the ending of thSex and the City, inserting the audience into the cast as a 5 “virtual girlfriend”.

    Get inside the lives of women who live in the great cities across the world and learn what makes them tick. See them juggling the demands of high-powered jobs with the search for love. Watch their assertive demeanors on dates and in the office. Go on their dates, with man after man, that fail to meet our ladies requirements. Participate in the late-night scheming and juggling of men via phone, text, and the bar scene they are frequenting that night. Relive the best part of it all, recapping the previous night’s adventures with their girlfriends over dinner and drinks.

    And when you disagree wildly with one of our women’s decisions…let them know! The audience

    will be instructed to vote on a key moment of the women’s life in that episode. Should she respond to her bosses advances or report him to HR? Give the guy her number or tell him she has a boyfriend? After the audience votes with a phone call, text message, or website poll, the women will be pulled aside and given the feedback from the audience real-time. Watch how our women deal with the audience scrutiny. Then have the audience take to the website forums to discuss how it all played out.

    “Women Unscripted” follows a close group of friends in Chicago, providing a fascinating social matrix that draws the viewer to bond with the women of the show. A unique social website will help drive audience participation with the following-

    ; An integrated moderated forum where viewers can dissect the women’s decisions

    ; Live interviews with the women of the show and the website audience

    ; Video blogging of content that does not make each week’s episode

    ; Website voting to determine episode settings

    ; Website voting to cast each set of women to be featured

    Each episode will have portions devoted to different segments of the women’s lives.

    “Love life” – Love lives will get multiple portions of the show devoted to it, the beginning and the end. We will follow all of the ladies on their dates, their gossip about their dates, and various bar singles scenarios. These 3 distinct love life segments will be edited together to create a tapestry of the women’s quest for love.

    “Career” – Our casting will select women in high-visibility glamorous jobs such as advertising, fashion, law, and the media. The women’s career efforts will be highlighted to show the stresses,

    successes, and failures that they encounter…and most importantly how they deal with those experiences.

    “Friendship” – The bonding rituals of the modern city women will be highlighted as the over-riding context. Our cast will be a close-knit group of women. Each episode will include the women meeting for drinks or dinner to discuss latest life happenings and frank discussions of the opposite sex.

Sample episode arc-

    Intro A small montage is shown of each lady to refresh the viewer about her background, job, life, and current situation in the show. This is quickly recapped as we watch the women in scenes at work and socially, and ends with the women meeting either at a bar for cosmos or at a swank dinner location.

    Initial Highlights of Happy Hour/Dinner Fascinating dating recaps from previous night’s,

    interesting gripes about the workday and/or family, emotional moments among the women, all of these hihhlights are shown in 2-3 minute clips per issue/moment.

    Dating Focus #1 Recap a current women’s dating life and splice it with commentary from one or

    more of the women at happy hour/dinner. Show the women out on a date or getting hit on at a bar. Get her reaction but keep the situation as a cliff-hanger for the moment. Give the viewer a website link to vote on what she thinks the women should have done.

    Career Focus Next the show will move to one of the women’s career situations. The preparation,

    anxiety, delivery, resolution, and reaction to one of the woman’s sales pitches is filmed. Use shots

    of the sales pitch, the stress prior to it, and the women discussing it after at happy hour/dinner. Audience participation The audience is polled on a dating or career decision based on the episode so far.

    Audience Results Revealed The woman is told of the audience’s opinion and advice.

    Dating Focus # 2 Resolve the cliff-hangar presented during the earlier dating focus of the episode. Does she give him her number? Or how was the sex? Did a breakup occur? What was the result of the drunk text she sent or received? Give the viewer a website link to discuss in the forum. Happy hour/Dinner recap At this point the show will reinforce the sisterhood bonding between the women and their audience with shots of happy/hour dinner again. Clips from filming that fill in the gaps of the dating and career focuses are shown. The advice, reassurance, and support between the ladies is highlighted. Any additional outlandish or hilarious stories are played out. Discuss! - Give the viewer a website link to view the voting results and comment on the episode. Switch the show to a viewing party at a local martini spot where we see the audience’s reaction to how the woman handled the poll result. Close by flashing the website again and an opportunity for women to post a video of their friends and be the next set of women unscripted.

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