Test Of 8A Unit 5 Bird watchers

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Test Of 8A Unit 5 Bird watchers

    Test Of 8A Unit 5 Bird watchers

    Class ________ Name ________ No. ________ Score ________

    . 选择20%

    1. I can hardly believe that its ___ interesting film.

    A. so an B. such an C. an such D. an so

     Most of the people are found, but we are still looking for ___. We hope they are safe. 2.

    A. others B. another C. the other D. the rest 3. Even a small boat could shelter him ___ the storm then.

    A. with B. from C. out D. for

     I ___ it ___ impossible to finish it in time. So did he. 4.

    A. think, was B. thought, is C. thought, / D. think, / 5. You may call him ___ 67778188 or e-mail him ___

    A. on, at B. on, on C. at, at D. at, on

    6. Preventing flood ___ happening is not the only importance ___ trees.

    A. from, for B. from, of C. for, of D. for, from 7. Can you tell us how important wildlife ___ is?

    A. protect B. protector C. protection D. protected 8. How ___ did you do a book count? Once.

    A. often B. soon C. long D. many times

    9. I love birds ___ colorful feathers better than anything else.

    A. has B. have C. with D. had

    10. I ___ you a nice trip. ___.

    A. hope, Thank you B. wish, Thank you

    C. hope, With pleasure D. wish, With pleasure 11. There aren’t any ___ the number of golden eagles.

    A. changes on B. change on C. changes in D. change in 12. Nature reserves are used ___ protecting ___ birds.

    A. to, in danger B. for, endangered C. to, endangered D. for, in danger

    13. The pigeons are flying ___ in the sky. I can ___ see them.

    A. high, hard B. highly, hard C. high, hardly D. highly, hardly 14. What does the symbol × stand for?

    A. plus B. degree C. smaller than D. multiplied by

    15. Though Tom was weak in English, everybody passed the exam ___ him.

    A. but B. except C. including D. besides

    16. Hainan Island is in the ___ of China.

    A. east B. south C. west D. north

    17. ___ anything for exams only is ___.

    A. Studying, incorrect B. Study, incorrect C. Studying, correct D. Study, correct


18. As the wind blew ___ her face, I saw a smile ___ it.

    A. on, in B. in, on C. in, in D. on, on

    19. The ___ baby looks ___, because she has the largest eyes I’ve ever seen.

    A. asleep, uncommon B. sleeping, common

    C. asleep, common D. sleeping, uncommon

    20. Its ___ to talk ___ in a reading room.

    A. polite, softly B. impolite, quietly C. polite, noisily D. impolite, quiet

    . 完型10%

    Miss Williams was a teacher, and there were thirty small children in her class. They were very nice, and Miss Williams liked _21_of them, but they often lost clothes. It was winter, and the weather was very cold. The childrens mothers always _22_ them to school with warm coats and hats and gloves (手套). The children came

    into the classroom in the morning and _23_ their coats and hats and gloves. They _24_ their coats and hats on hooks (钩子) on the wall, and their gloves in the pockets of _25_ coats.

    _26_ Tuesday Miss Williams found two small blue gloves on the floor in the evening, and in the morning she said to the children, _27_ gloves are these?, but _28_answered. Then she looked at Dick. Havent you got blue

    gloves, Dick? she asked him.

    Yes, Miss, he answered, but they _29_ be mine. I _30_ mine.

    21. A. both B. all C. some D. none

    22. A. sent B. carried C. take D. put

    23. A. put on B. put up C. took off D. took away

    24. A. took B. brought C. carried D. put

    25. A. his B. her C. our D. their

    26. A. On last B. Last C. In last D. At last

    27. A. Which B. Who C. Whose D. What

    28. A. none B. no one C. not one D. nothing

    29. A. mustnt B. cant C. couldnt D. shouldnt

    30. A. have lost B. am losing C. will lose D. lost

    . 阅读20%

    When Paolo was ten years old, he had a very exciting experience. It was a real adventure.

    He and his father got up early to go fishing. They got in the boat and his father started rowing out to sea. The sun was rising as they pulled away from the shore. They stopped the boat in an area about twelve miles away where the fishing was very good. Then Paolo helped his father with the big net. As they threw the net into the water, it caught Paolos foot, and he was pulled into the water. Help! he cried. “I’m caught in the net! his father

    was afraid that if he jumped in to save his son, he would get caught in the net himself, and they would both drown (淹死). It was too big a risk (冒险) to take. He quickly saw what he must do. He grasped (抓住) the sides of the

    net and pulled Paolo out of the water like a big fish.

    Paolo had been very frightened and swallowed (吞下) a lot of water, but he was soon laughing with his father

    about his first real adventure (冒险).

    31. One day Paolo went fishing with his father ___.


    A. in a river B. in a lake C. on the sea D. in a pool 32. It was ___ when they left for fishing.

    A. early morning B. afternoon C. late morning D. evening 33. Paolo ___ into the water.

    A. was pushed by his father B. was pulled by the net

    C. jumped D. was thrown by his father

    34. It was ___ for his father to jump into the water to save Paolo.

    A. useful B. nice C. an easy thing D. dangerous 35. In the end Paolo ___.

    A. climbed up the boat by himself B. lost his life

    C. was saved by his father D. was pulled out of the water with a big fish

    A frog (青蛙) is born in a small river. When he is young, the river is his home. He doesn’t know his parents, but he has hundreds of brothers and sisters. He swims about and plays all day with them. At that time, he doesnt

    look like his parents. He has no legs, but he has a long tail. So he looks like a fish.

    Then his tail gets shorter and shorter. And he has four legs and a very short tail. He looks like his parents now.

    Then hes going to eat a lot of insects a lot of bad insects.

    36. A frog is born ___.

    A. in a hole B. on the land C. on a tree D. in a river 37. What does a baby frog look like? He ___.

    A. looks like his parents, but he doesnt know them

    B. looks like a fish and he doesnt know his parents

    C. looks like a fish and he has hundreds of brothers and sisters

    D. has a long tail and four legs

    38. Whom does a baby frog play with? A baby frog ___.

    A. plays all day with his parents

    B. plays all day on the land

    C. swims around and plays all day by himself

    D. plays all day with his brothers and sisters in the river 39. What does a mother frog look like?

    A. Its legs are short but its tail is long. B. It has four legs and a very short tail.

    C. It has no tail or legs D. It has two legs and a long tail 40. Which of the following sentences is true? A frog, ___.

    A. like his parents, cant eat a lot of insects

    B. unlike his parents, can eat a lot of insects

    C. like his parents, can eat a lot of bad insects

    D. like his parents, can eat a lot of flies

    . 完成句子20%


    We must stop ______ ______ ______ ______ wild animals.



    Most of the parents ______ ______ their children ______ ______ food and clothes. 3,所有游客整夜为走失的小孩担心思。

    All the ______ are worried about the ______ kid ______ ______ . 4,作为本俱乐部的成员?你应该知道扎龙是观察鸟类活动的好场所。

    As ______ ______ of the club, you should know its a good ______ to go ______ in Zhalong. 5,在这条河的其它地方有许多鱼?丹顶鹤可以自由觅食。

    There are many fish in ___ ___ of the river, and _____ cranes can catch them for food _____ .


    part A

    make space for , snowstorm, arrive at, a long stay, too

    much 1. Therere ______ old men and women on the bus.

     2. Its impolite for a man not to ______ women and children. 3. Theres going to be a ______. Youd better take care of your sheep.

    4. Tom is so weak after ______ in hospital that he can talk only a little. 5. Miss Luo is ______ Beijing Airport at 2 P.M.

    part B

    6. It is a ______ brave action for him to save the kid. (true) 7. His ______manner made his teachers not trust him any more. (honest) 8. Im not feeling well. My heartbeats are ______. (regular) 9. How ______ boring the book is! (terrible)

    10. Unless bad weather stops her, she ______ for a walk every day. (go) 六,改错!10

    1. India is one of the countries with the larger population. 2. Studying Zhalong help us learn more about the wild.

    3. Tom will borrow the library book till the end of this month. 4. He will deads in a few days because of the heart trouble. 5. Golden eagles have wide wings, and their beaks look like hooked. 6. There will be less and less people on the street when its dark in winter.

    7. They simple cant wait to have the party next week.

     Pieces of paper and other things that people leave on the ground are called letter. 8.

    9. This means there are much more people in China than in any other country. 10. He learned look up the new words in the dictionary.


    1. He told his little son not to walk fast. He told his little son not to frighten the birds, either.


    2. The twins are going there for Chinese New Year. (划线部分提问)

    3. We do a bird count each year. (改为同义句)


We _______________________ a year.

    4. He speaks beautiful French. (运用 adv. 改写同义句)___________________________ 5. In a reserve, nobody is able to hunt or fish there. (改为同义句)

    In a ______ ______, ______ ______for anybody to hunt or fish there.


    1. BDBCA 6. BCDCB 11. CBCDD 16. BADDA




    We must stop hunters from killing rare wild animals.

    Most of the parents enjoy providing their children with nice food and clothes.

    All the tourists are worried about the lost kid all night .

    As a member of the club, you should know it’s a good place to go birdwatching in Zhalong.

    There are many fish in other parts of the river, and red-crowned cranes can catch them for food freely.


    1 too many 2 make space for 3 snowstorm 4 a long stay 5 arriving at

    6 truly 7 dishonest 8 irregular 9 terribly 10 goes 改错!

    1. larger? largest 2. help? helps 3. borrow? keep 4. deads? die 5. like 删除 or hooked?

    hooks 6. less and less ? fewer and fewer 7. simple? simply 8. letter? litter 9. much ? many 10. look? to look


    1. He told his little son not to walk fast and not to frighten the birds. ( He told his little son not to walk fast

    or frighten the birds.)

    2. Why are the twins going there? What are the twins going there for?

    3. We count the birds once a year.

    4. He speaks French beautifully.

    5.In a protected area, its incorrect for anybody to hunt or fish there.


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