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Teacher: Ms. Cecelia Johnson

    School: Westlake High School

    Address: 2400 Union Road SW ? Atlanta, GA ? 30331

    Telephone: (404)346-6400

    Email: Website:

    Classroom: 211

    Prerequisites: Business Essentials

    Credit: One Carnegie Unit

    Tutorial: Daily


    This course is designed to develop all students’ basic knowledge of our legal system and how business law impacts commerce

    domestically and internationally. The areas of study will include sources of the law and structure of the court system; ethics and the law; procedural law and substantive law; contract law, law of sales and consumer law; agency law and employment law; personal property and real property; commercial paper, insurance, secured transactions and bankruptcy; wills and trusts; impact of technology; and environmental law and energy regulation.

Pathway: Small Business Development

     thTEXTBOOK: Law for Business and Personal Use 17 Ed, ThomsonSouthwestern Learning, 2006 thLaw for Business and Personal Use Workbook 17 Ed, ThomsonSouthwestern Learning, 2006

     Replacement Cost: $55.75-Textbook $16.50 -Workbook


    Units Objectives Pacing Procedural Law and ? Analyze the relationship between ethics and the law and describe sources of the 10 Days Substantive Law law, the structure of the court system, different classifications of procedural law,

    and different classifications of substantive law.

    Contract Law of Sales and ? Analyze the relationships between contract law, law of sales, and consumer law. 25 Days Consumer Law

    Source of Law and Structure of ? Explain the legal rules that apply to marriage, divorce, and child custody. 14 Days the Court System

    Ethics and the Law ? Explain the relationship between ethics and law. 15 Days Agency Law and Employment ? Analyze the role and importance of agency law and employment law as they 40 Days Law relate to the conduct of business in the national and international marketplaces. Personal Property and Real ? Explain the legal rules that apply to personal property and real property. 10 Days Property

    Commercial Paper, Insurance, ? Analyze the functions of commercial paper, insurance, secured transactions, and 25 Days Secured Transaction and bankruptcy.


    Wills and Trusts ? Determine the appropriateness of wills and trusts in estate planning. 15 Days Impact on Technology ? Explain how advances in computer technology impact such areas as property law, 7 Days

    contract law, criminal law, and international law.

    Environmental Law and ? Explain the legal rules that apply to the environment and energy regulation. 14 Days Emergency Regulation

    Professional and Leadership ? Describe the major types of business organizations operating within the 5 Days

    socioeconomic arena of the national and international marketplace.

Instructional Class lecture/discussion/demonstration, audio-visual aids, individualized instruction, guest

    Methodologies: speakers, field trips by grade level (if applicable).

Parent/Teacher Communication with parents about academic progress, behavior and attendance will be handled

    Communication: via progress reports, e-mail, phone contact, conference, or a combination of these methods. Please visit the

    school to register for Parent Connect to check on your child’s progress via the Internet.

Career Opportunities: Court Reporter, Attorney, Judge, Police Officer, Paralegal, Legal Assistant

Tech Prep Articulation:

     Daily Work 30% 100-90 A Grading Evaluation: Grading Scale: Test/Quizzes 25% 89-80 B Performance Assessments 10% 79-70 C

    Work Ethic/Class Participation 5% Below 70 F

    Homework 10% Final Exam 15%

    Key Train 5%

    Legal Environment in Business (06.41500)

    Syllabus Signature Sheet

    Student Name _____________________________________________

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    Student Signature Date

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    My home phone number is: ( ) ____________-__________________

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    4. A reply from me will be confirmation that I received your e-mail and your child has received

    the Extra-Credit points.

    5. Please feel free to contact me at the e-mail address above, anytime during the school year.

Westlake High School, 2007-2008

6. If you do not have an e-mail account, please complete (print) the above information and

have your child return this sheet to me.

Westlake High School, 2007-2008

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