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Institutionalization: an illustration of socialization.

Socialization, re-socialization, socialization failure

1. socialization :

born to be innocent: don’t know what is wrong or right , good or bad

    ?social structure ,social interaction , social regulations to rule the individuals ?sacrifice the inherited lust , get the knowledge of critical standard , self-control ?qualified to attend the society ,communicate with others , run the daily life etc.

2. re-socialization

aka socialization again

    reason: disobey the social rules , perpetrate a crime , have no knowledge about the society

     eg: juvenile delinquency

     ?review the qualifications the society acquire

    Two outcomes of re-socialization

    (1) Succeed: back to the society and continue the daily life

    (2) Fail: eliminated by society (e.g. : Brook)

3. Socialization failure: just as mentioned before, one couldn’t fit the society and gradually

    isolated by it.

WHY should we undergo the process of socialization?

1. Two assumptions

    (1) Individuals come first, then the society. it means that the society is just a collection of people

    nothing more. The individual define the rules and standards.

    (2) The society precedes the persons: once constructed, the society acquired sth that beyond

    the simple communities of people. For example, as the classical sociological theory of

    Spenser goes: the society is just like an organism person, it contains some specific features

    that beyond the collection of single cells.

Well. The later one is accepted by most of the sociologists.


    In our daily life , the clothes (as the society) is made by ourselves to fit the body(the individuals)

    st——the 1 assumption

    nd In accordance with the 2assumption ,the body is designed to fit the clothes.

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