Jonathan Livingston Seagull

By Kelly Cook,2014-07-03 17:51
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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

     Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    This book leaves me a deep impression, and I am totally touched by Jonathan Seagull. In fact, Jonathan is not only just an image of an animal, but also a reflection of a human being who never stops pursuing his dreams. From the story, I can see the excellent virtues which make a big difference in realizing ones ambitions.

    First, it is Jonathans perseverence, which is also the most impressive

    virtue, that enables him to realize his dreams.

    In the eyes of commen seagull, it is eating that matters, not flying. But, Jonathan holds a opposite opinion. I wants to know what I can do in the air,

    and what I cant. He says to his parents. In his deepest heart, he wants to fly high. His fellows laugh at him, even his parents cant understand his thoughts,

    either. However, he never gives his dream up. After a long time of practising, he makes it, flying higher and higher, and sets a world record for seagulls. He turns out to be a great seagull.

    Though he satisfys his desire, according to the rules of seagullscouncil, he is

    dirven out of the Flock for his irresponsibility. Even under this condition, he

    doesnt forget his dream. He continues to practise until one day, several seagull angels lead him into another world, a world that is perfect compared with the original one. In this world, he studys much deeper on how to fly high with teachers guidance.

    Second, the story of a seagull to learn to fly high reflects the story of human beings to lift themselves out of ignorance.

    Human beings should be creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. There are some similarities between seagulls and human beings. Jonathan wants to fly; human beings wants to be free. Jonathan once says that the most important thing in living is to reach out and touch perfection, which also applys to human beings.

    As for perfection, what comes to my mind first is the doctrine of Christian religion that man should pursue perfection. Christianity and this book both believe that human beings choose their next world through what they learn in this world. They both tell people they should do good and endure torture and that only in this way can they go to the next world where people live a perfect life, otherwise, next world would be as ordinary as this one or even worse than

    this one. Jonathan insists practising his fly skills no matter what others think of him. In this story, after Jonathan is driven out of his Flock, he endures scorns from his fellows. Because of what he has experienced, he goes into a better world.

    Third, I find the importance of guidance from a good teacher.

    No matter what we learn, sometimes guidance helps us study faster and better. When Jonathan goes into another world, he receives guidance from a knowledgable teacher--Chiang. Chiang is qualified enough to go into a further world or we can call it Heaven. Before he leaves, he teaches Jonathan a new way of flying. You can go to any place and to any time that you wish to go.

    Though it sounds unresonable, but Jonathan succeeds in doing so. The Elder also delivers some truths to Jonathan. Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time.

    Heaven is being perfect. His worlds let Jonathan see the world where he lives

    in much clearer. At the same time, Jonathan knows that there is no limitaion of being perfect.

    Forth, the power of a big ambition is unimaginable.

    When Jonathan still lives with his parents, he has his own dream which is so distinctive that his fellows can not understand. He wants to learn to fly high just for the purpose of flying, not for eating. His ambition endows him with the power to fight against rumors bravely and to practise continuously. He is eager to dig out his potentials, which deserves our respect. Through his eagerness and bravery, we can see the pioneering spirits of European settlers who exploited the continent of America. When they decided to settle down in this wonderful land, they went through a lot of difficluties. I think the virtues and spirits of Jonathan are the reflection of American pioneers.

    When he goes to another world, at the beginning, he wants to learn to fly higher as usual. Later, he changes his plan into bigger one. Instead of following Chiang and entering another world, he wants to go back to teach his fellows what he has mastered. He deeply believes there must be seagulls like him who also want to learn to fly high. Acturally, he is right, other seagulls want and will to learn these skills. Jonathan does as what he has thought. He makes a success, more seagulls eagering to learn something different. He helps ordinary seagulls to become extraordinary.

    Right after I have finished reading this book, I cannot find appropriate

    words to express my feelings. I have a strong sense of happiness. I feel happy because Jonathan realizes what he has dreamed about for a long time, and because ordinary seagulls follow Jonathans step to lift themselves out of

    common and ignorance.

    I really like this book. On the one hand, it is easy to understand. Of all the stories I have read, this one may be the easiest to understand. On the other hand, it is meaningful to know the story. At least, it has given us the courage and confidence to pursue our dreams.

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