Hybrid Media Launch - Star Track Express

By Alma Black,2014-07-02 14:46
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Hybrid Media Launch - Star Track Express


    Australias Largest Fleet of „Green‟ Trucks


Australia‟s largest fleet of „Green‟ trucks has been launched by the Minister for

    Resources, Energy and Tourism, the Hon Martin Ferguson.

Star Track Express, Australia‟s leading express freight and logistics company,

    is deploying 25 of the latest generation diesel electric hybrid trucks. These trucks set the standard in the logistics industry for an active approach to climate change. The Fuso Canter Eco-Hybrids use up to 30% less fuel in city driving leading to a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions. Braking energy is retained and fed back into the battery system, making the Hybrids even more efficient and less fuel dependent.

Officially launching the Star Track Express Green Hybrid Fleet, the Minister,

    Martin Ferguson said:

    Reducing fuel use will actually reduce operational costs, so this initiative is not only good for business, it is exceptionally good for the environment. By investing in hybrid trucks, Star Track Express is improving our energy efficiency and air quality while supporting sustainable economic growth, all of which are wonderful outcomes for the whole Australian community. All associated with this project are to be commended for their leadership. I applaud Star Track Express and their clients for being ahead of the game. On behalf of the government, it‟s smart to be associated with the smart Green initiative of the companies present here today.

Star Track Express CEO, Derek Lightfoot said: “This is a very positive step for

    us, making a real contribution to the problem of climate change. These Star Track Express „Green Hybrids‟ will make a difference and we hope that others in our industry follow our lead.”

Star Track Express‟ Diesel Eco-Hybrids can have the most immediate impact

    by reducing air pollution in the cities where it is most critical and by reducing

    climate change causes by using less oil resources.

Media Contact : Anthony McClellan AMC Media

     Mob: 0433 122 360



Diesel Hybrids can have the most immediate impact in Australia, they:

    Reduce air pollution in the cities where it is most critical

    Reduce Climate Change causes

    Uses less oil resources

    No infrastructure changes required

    Well suited to the highest volume area of the market

    Diesel Hybrids have a future beyond current technology

    Battery & electric power technology continually developing

    Can take advantage of future diesel technology improvements

Fuso Canter Eco-Hybrid

    The electric motor sits between the transmission and the engine and an automatic clutch is activated according to the driving conditions. The automatic clutch is the key to the success of the system. If the electric motor/generator remained connected with the engine while braking, part of the energy would be consumed by the friction of the engine, instead of being converted to electricity.

    The Hybrid system switches its operational model according to the driving situation. When moving off, the auto clutch disengages the diesel engine and allows the electric motor to get the vehicle going. By using the electric motor only, the Fuso Eco-Hybrid can greatly reduce emissions as a diesel engine

    when starting off requires significant fuel.

    When cruising, the clutch engages the diesel engine and disconnects the electric motor. When accelerating hard at low to medium speed, both diesel

    engine and electric motor contribute to the power. When slowing down, the engine disengages and the electric motor becomes a generator, feeding current back into the lithium battery.

    Recovers lost braking energy

    Uses conventional diesel but will use between 10 to 30% less

    diesel in city stop/start applications

    15% fuel saving = 15% CO2 emission reduction


    Electric motor / Generator

    Generates electricity under braking conditions

    Also assists in braking the vehicle

    This electricity is stored in the battery

    Provides additional power to the driver line under acceleration

Battery evolution Lithium Ion

    1st commercial vehicle to use higher power density, lighter,

    longer life battery

Regenerative Braking

    When slowing down / braking, the electric motor/generator

    functions as a generator to slow vehicle also improves life of

    brake components

    Generator converts brake energy into electric energy & stores it in

    the battery


    Automatic Clutch

    Idle Stop Start (ISS) System allows driver to quickly and easily

    turn engine off while stopped at traffic lights to further reduce fuel

    consumption & emissions.

    INOMAT-II (Automated Manual Transmission)

    Electric Motor/Generator

    Motor Type:

    Max. Output: 35kW

    Max. Torque: 200Nm

    Water Cooled

     Diesel Engine:

    ADR80/03 compliant

    3 litre, 95kW / 294Nm


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