8A Unit One (Exercise Two)

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8A Unit One (Exercise Two)

    8AUnit One (Exercise Two)

    班级 姓名 得分



    ( )1.A. useful B. cheerful C. wonderful D. helpful ( )2.A. pretty B. handsome C. good-looking D. beautiful ( )3.A. CD player B. violin C. basketball D. radio ( )4.A. long B. short C. strong D. tall ( )5.A. lazy B. hard C. hard-working D. early 二、根据所听句子,选出符合其意的图画。?听一遍?5分?

    ( )6.

( )7.

( )8.

( )9.

( )10.



    ( )11. A. Mr Wang B. Mr Li C. Mr Zhang D. I dont know

    ( )12. A. Tina B. John C. Jack D. Nobody ( )13. A. 6:30 B. 6:00 C. 7:00 D. 7:30 ( )14. A. In the library B. in the shop C. In the classroom D. In a park

    ( )15. A. Tom B. Sam C. Jin D. I dont know


    ( )16.The parents bought a dog for Millie because_________.

     A. they like dogs very much

     B. there are few little children nearby

     C. they dont like their daughter to play with other children ( )17.The little girl is very happy now because_________.

     A. she has a lot of friends to play with

     B. there are two children in the house now

     C. she can play with her dog now

    ( )18. ________is easier to look after.

     A. The little boy B. Millie C. The dog ( )19.The family love_________.

     A. only the little girl

     B. only the dog

     C. both the little girl and the dog

    ( )20.Why are the family happy ? Because_________.

     A. there are more people in the family now

     B. the little girl became happier than before

     C. the family love the dog



    1.He is a good singer but not very p___________.

    2.She likes giving her money to the people in need. All her friends think she

    is g___________.

    3.Wu Dong always gives s__________ to the old people on the bus.

    4.David often comes to talk to me when something w__________ him.

    5.He is very clever, because he always answers the questions c__________.

    6.The film is very f_________. All the children keep their eyes closed.

    7.Tony is w______ to help others when they are in trouble.

    8.My elder sister is a little than me. (thin)

    9.Johns box is than Toms. (heavy)

    10.Shanghai is __________ city in China. (big)


    1.Max is good at __________ jokes. (tell)

    2.I have a wonderful friend _____ David. (name)

    3.Can you give me something ____________? (eat)


    4.I __________ very well yesterday. (not feel)

    5.What about ________ some milk? (drink)

    6.Summer __________ after spring. (come)

    7.We wont go to the park if it ____________ tomorrow. (rain)

    8.Lets go ____________. (dive)

    9.Its great ________ football. (play)

    10.Jim is glad to help me _______ English. (learn) 三、单项选择。?15分?

    ( )1.Her friend is _______ honest boy.

     A. a B. the C. an D. / ( )2.Tom is of the two boys.

    A. tallest B. taller C. the taller D. the tallest

    ( )3.The moon is _______ than the earth. The earth is _______ than the sun.

     The moon is ________ of the three.

    A. small, small, small B. small, smaller, smaller

    C. smaller, smaller, smallest D. smaller, smaller, the smallest

    ( )4.Mike likes the country _______ than the city.

     A. very much B. better C. best D. well ( )5.--- Can I read the book for you ?. ----________.

    A. You are welcome B. Thank you very much

    C. No problem D. Youll be OK

    ( )6.Tim never goes to the zoo on Sunday, _______ ?

     A. can he B. cant he C. does he D. doesnt he

    ( )7.Could you please _________ my mother about it ?

    A. didnt tell B. not tell C. wont tell D. not to tell

    ( )8.She died ______ a cold rainy night.

     A. at B. on C. in D. for ( )9.--Would you like ______ milk in your coffee? ---Yes, just_______.

    A. any, a few B. some, a little C. any, a little D. some, few

    ( )10.The Yellow River is ________ river in China.

     A. the longest B. the longer

    C. the second longer D. the second longest ( )11._______ important news it is !

    A. What B. What an C. What a D. How

    ( )12.They are very ___________ to see the _________ scenery(景色).

     A. pleased, pleased B. pleasant, pleasant

     C. pleased, pleasant D. pleasant, pleased ( )13. The smile on his face makes him _______ really ______.

    A. looks, kind B. look, kindly C. to look, kindly D. look, kind

    ( )14.Both Li Lei and Mike are thirteen years old. Li Lei is ________ Mike.

     A. older than B. younger than C. as old as D. not as old as ( )15.We didnt find ______ in the picture.


     A. unusual anything B. nothing unusual

     C. anything unusual D. unusual something 四、根据所给汉语完成下列句子。?20分?

    1. 你要保守秘密?否则这会使他不高兴。

    You should ________ _________ or this will _______him ________. 2. 我弟弟总是乐于帮助他人解决问题。

    My brother is ______ to _______ ________ ________ problems. 3. Sarah 常与别人分享她的快乐?因此我投票赞同她.

     I will ______ _______ Sarah because she often _____ ______ with others. 4. 我希望你能给我一些建议。

    I hope you can __________ me some ___________ .

    5. 他是一个相貌好看的男孩。他是我们班最好的男孩之一。

    He is a _________ boy. He is one _______ the best ______ in my class . 6. 滑雪和潜水一样危险。

    Skiing is __________ __________ ____________ diving. 五、下列各句中均有一处错误,选出并改正。?5分?

    ( )1.Is there a advertisement in todays newspaper? Yes, there is. _______

     A B C D

    ( )2.Chinese people are much friendly than I think. _________

     A B C D

    ( )3.His present made my little brother very happily. _________

     A B C D

    ( )4.----What grade are you in ? --- 8 Grade. _________

     A B C D

    ( )5.We must keep the classroom cleaning every day. _________

     A B C D


    Billy is a boy of fifteen. His parents died three years ago. One day when he was walking in the street, he 1 a wallet(钱包). He returned it to the owner, Mr Baker. He gave his 2 to the boy. As the boy had no job, Mr Baker made him work for him in his 3 . Billy worked so hard that Mr Baker were 4 with him.

    Mr baker loved planting 5 . The week before last , he brought a few trees home , planted them in the 6 himself and watered them every day. Several days 7 , he

    had to leave for another city . Before he started, he said to Billy, Take good

    care of the trees. Some boys near our house always want to steal(偷)them .”“Please

    dont 8 about them, sir.” answered Billy, “Ill try my best to watch them.” Six

    days passed and Mr Baker came back. He asked, Has 9 ever come to steal the

    trees ?” “No, sir.” said Billy, “To stop someone from stealing the trees, I 10

    them up six days ago. I have hidden(藏)them for almost a week ! ”

    ( )1. A. found B. bought C. carried D. wanted ( )2. A. wallet B. pity C. thanks D. excuses ( )3. A. factory B. office C. town D. home ( )4. A. pleased B. angry C. strict D. popular


    ( )5. A. flower B. grass C. vegetables D. trees ( )6. A. garden B. office C. city D. room ( )7. A. ago B. later C. before D. after ( )8. A. think B. talk C. learn D. worry ( )9. A. something B. one C. anyone D. someone

     )10.A. sent B. pulled C. put D. picked (


    Once an American was in an African(非洲的) village. He got a bus and the driver held out to him a yellow ticket.

    You had better buy a yellow ticket. said the driver. Its one dollar(

    ). I have two other kinds. The red one is fifty cents(美分), and the green one is ten cents.

    Green, please. said the man.

    The bus started. Now it was getting dark and the bus began to go up a hill. Suddenly

    it stopped. Yellow ticket passengers(乘客). The driver shouted, stay in the

    bus, please. Red ticket passengers, get out and walk. Green ticket passengers, get

    out, shut(关上) the door and push the bus!

    ( )1.The American was a student in Africa.

    ( )2.He bought a ticket after he got on the bus. ( )3.The driver had three kinds of tickets.

    ( )4.The American bought a red ticket.

    ( )5.The American had to push the bus.


    让我们一起来参加吧。 Learning English 正在征文“My best friend,

    要求?1.Who is your best friend ?

    2.Describe(描述) his/her appearance ,personality and ability.

    3.Describe his/her future plans.

    4.60-80 words.

     My best friend


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