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By Peggy Webb,2014-03-09 10:22
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Service ends on time, one houror less Fewor no announcements Emphasis on filling out card, gift Guest-focused 10 minutes after service

Christ the King Worship Center Evaluation Form

     NA = not applicable Feedback: Location: DK = don’t know 1 = Poor 2 = Okay Date: 3 = Good 4 = Excellent Comments Evaluator: 5 = Outstanding

    Outside Signage From main road? Enough, good placement? Highly visible? Easy to follow? Professional looking, with logo? Parking Clear directions? Good traffic flow? Enough parking? Clean lot? Spaces up front for guests? Main entry obvious? Inside signage Highly visible? Easily understood? Directions for kids, bathrooms, auditorium? Greeters In place 15 minutes early? Identifiable with CTK lanyard with name tag? Welcoming and friendly? Convey a positive image? Multiple locations? Helpful to newcomers? Programs Distributed well? Formatting good with no typos? Good information, well presented? Teaching outline, with group questions? Response card inserted? Not more than one additional insert? Coffee In place 15 minutes early? Easy to find? Well stocked with creamers, enough pots? Variety, well labeled? (reg, decaf, hot water)? CTK cups out? Clean? Coffee hot? Good taste?

    - 1 - 06-23-05

Christ the King Worship Center Evaluation Form

    Information Table Highly visible and accessible? Good layout of signage and brochures? Mug or gift well-presented? Small group info? Friendly, helpful staff (15 min before, after)? Auditorium Comfortable chairs? Chairs well arranged? Easy seating for guests? Offering collected well after 1 minute pause? Temperature, fresh air? Ushers Identifiable with CTK lanyard, name tag? Available and helpful with seating (15 min.)? Ready with additional seating for latecomers? Dealing with distractions? Offering collected well after 1 minute pause? Children’s ministry Clean, fun appearance? Appropriate check in (15 min. early)? Staff communication with parents? Adequately staffed? Number or pager system employed? Children engaged in activity? Worship Service Upbeat, welcoming atmosphere? Cool pre-service music? On screen welcome as people arrive? Service starts on time? Welcome from Worship Leader or Pastor? Audio quality and sound level? Lighting quality? Projection quality and consistency? Music is contemporary in style? Heartfelt, honest expression from leaders? Participation in worship, without weirdness? Relevant, biblical, interesting teaching? Service had impact? Service ends on time, one hour or less? Few or no announcements? Emphasis on filling out card, gift? Guest-focused 10 minutes after service? Pastor availability after service? Atmosphere after service?

    - 2 - 06-23-05

Christ the King Worship Center Evaluation Form

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Questions that are not on this form that you think should be….

    - 3 - 06-23-05

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