8A Unit 2 School life

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8A Unit 2 School life

    8A Unit 2 School life


    British dustbin lift fall garbage hall movie soccer mixed together subject myself tasty meal

    twice softball practice senior hero close article admire geography history language PE science

    useful unimportant boring useless unpopular least alike notebook timetable


    1. mixed adj. 混合的 mixed double 混合双打 mix v.混合

    This is a mixed school where boys and girls have lessons together. Oil can not be mixed with water.= Oil and water can not mix. Mix the paint with water.

2. together adv. 一起

    Millie, together with her mother is coming to see us. We often go to the park together on Sunday.

3. 反身代词myself yourself himself herself itself yourselves themselves ourselves

    Help yourself to some apples.

    They enjoyed themselves yesterday.

    by oneself= alone

    I can do it (by) myself/ alone.

    You can’t leave her by herself/alone.

4. as well =too

    My sister likes playing football as well/, too.

    He sent his parent a letter and some money as well/, too. =He sent his parent a letter as well as some money. We study English and Chinese as well.

    =We study English as well as Chinese.

    He as well as his friends is going to spend a holiday at the seaside.

5. tasty adj. = delicious 味道好的 taste v.品尝

    The mooncake is tasty.

    He tasted the soup and find it tasty.

    This kind of food tastes good.

6. twice 两次?两倍once three times many times

    He goes fishing twice a month.

    This box is twice bigger than that one.

    I have been there many times.

7. practise v. 练习


You must practise your English.

    practise doing sth.

    She practises playing badminton once a week. practice n. v.(美国英语中=practise)

    Practice makes perfect.

    She needs more practice in playing the piano.

8. close adj. 亲密的?紧靠的

    He is my close friend.

    Tim is close to his uncle.

    He lives close to me.

9. have a great/ wonderful/ hard/… time doing sth.做某事很开心/困难

    They had a great time dancing at the party. They had a hard time bringing up the four children.

10. admire v.敬佩?羡慕

    Who do you admire most in your class? admire sb. for sth.

    I admire you for your handwriting.

    admiring adj.

    He gave me an admiring look.

11. like/ alike 像?like 通常作介词用?alike 通常作形容词。

    Your coat is like mine = Your coat and my coat is alike.

12. the same as/ different from与…相同/不同

    Daniel’s tie is the same as John’s.

    I have the same bike as he (does).=My bike is the same as his.

    You made the same mistake as I did. School life here is quite different from that in Britain.

    He has a different temper from his brother.

13. more/ less/ fewer …than…比…多/

    more manymuch 的比较级?manymuch 的最高级是most.

    less little的比较级?其最高级为 least

    fewer few的比较级?其最高级为 fewest

    He has more disks than I(do /have). We study fewer subjects than they (do). I made less money than he (did).



    1. ______ most students, he never comes to school late.


A. Like B. As C. For D. To

    2. Please do it _____ I told you.

    A. like B. as C. according D. for

    3. A lot of people tried their best, but ______ people won the price.

    A. a few B. few C. little D. a little

    4. Why is there ______ traffic on the street in February than in May?

    A. less B. fewer C. few D. little

    5. Everyone lives _____ now.

    A. a happy life B. happy life C. happy lives D. happy living 6. It will be ______ before he gets better.

    A. sometimes B. some time C. some times D. sometime 7. This ruler is _____ length as that one.

    A. as B. same C. as same D. the same

     答案,1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. B 7. D



    1. 家政

    2. 烧健康美味的饭菜


    4. 花很多时间练习开车

    5. 相互交谈

    6. 在十六岁时

    7. 和……一样

    8. 与……不同


    1. Ann didn’t leave here before her mother came back.(同义句转换)

    Ann ______ leave here ______ her mother came back. 2. Meimei dances best of all the girls. (同义句转换)

    Meimei dances _______ than ______ _____ ______. 3. The old house isn’t there any longer. (同义句转换)

    The old house ______ _______ ______ there.

    4. I spent a lot of time practising English. (同义句转换)

    It _____ _____ ______ time_____ ______ English.


    1. John is a ______(Britain) student, he comes from London. 2. My mother cooks very ______ (taste) meals. 3. You wear your hair in the 1980s style today. It’s ______(popular).

    4. I have _______(little) homework than you. 5. You should listen to your teacher ______(careful) and work ______(hard) than before if you

    want to get the______ (high) points in your class. 6. If you want to be ______, you should cook ______ food and eat ______(health).


    7. Our school has the ______(many) students in our city. 8. We have a great time ______(play) softball after school. 9. There is ______(few) water in my bottle than in yours. 10. They were the ______(hero) of the World War II.

    11. There are many _____(different) between the two countries. 12. His money is ______(two) more than I.


    1. 他们一星期见一次面?相互开心地交谈。

    They meet ______ _______ ______ , and ______ ______ ______ ______ _____. 2. Kate的毛衣和Helen 是一样的。

    Kate _____ _____ ______ ______ _____ Helen.

    Kate’s ______ ______ ______ ______ _____ Helen’s.

    Kate’s ______ _____ _____ Helen’s.

    3. 他的答案与你的不同。

    His answer is _____ _____ yours.

    4. 我们应该用较少的人力与财力把工作做得更好。

    We should use ______ people and ______ money to do the work _____.


    一、1. home Economics

    2. cook healthy and tasty meals

    3. as well

    4. spend a lot of time practising driving

    5. talk with each other

    6. at (the age of) 16

    7. (be) the same as…

    8. be different from…

    二、1. didn’t, until 2. better, any other girl 3. is no longer 4. took me much, to practise

    三、1. British 2. tasty 3. unpopular 4. less 5. more carefully , harder, highest 6. healthy ,

    healthy, healthily 7. most 8. playing 9. less 10. heroes 11. differences 12. twice

    四、1. once a week, have a great time talking

    2. has the same sweater as , sweater is the same as, sweater is like 3. different from

    4. fewer , less, better


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