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To ensure that Children Looked After have service plans that relate to their identified needs. This may also require the support of other resources both


    Job Description


    Post Title: Social Worker Children & Family Post No: 61791

     Services/Looked After Team

    Grade: QSW

    Responsible to: Team Manager

    Reporting to this post:


    Under the general supervision of a Team Manager or Assistant Team Manager

    to assess, plan and implement the needs of Looked After Children.

    To ensure that Children Looked After have service plans that relate to their

    identified needs. This may also require the support of other resources both

    within Social Services and also with other agencies, especially Health and



    a) To carry out duties and responsibilities in accordance with the

    requirements of the Children Act 1989, the Adoption and Children Act

    2002, the Children Act 2004, the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000 and

    other relevant legislation.

    b) To assess the needs of Children Looked After and to develop and

    implement permanency plans in accordance with local and national


    c) To establish a good working relationship with children and young people,

    and their parents and carers to actively promote their participation in care


    d) To manage a caseload which will include children with complex

    therapeutic needs and which will require multi-agency co-ordination.

    e) To maintain manual and electronic case records in accordance with

    national and departmental procedures and with particular reference to

    the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act. Updated 08.06.06 Mary Reville

    f) To contribute to Team Plans and the achievement of agreed targets for

    Looked After Children.

    g) To participate in training and staff development in accordance with

    Personal Development Plans agreed during Performance Review.

    h) To adhere to and promote B&NES Equal Opportunities Policy and adopt

    practices which are inclusive and anti-discriminatory.

    i) To maximise life chances for Children Looked After with reference to the

    five outcomes.


    a) Social Work qualification

    Degree/Diploma in Social Work, CQSW.

    b) GSCC Registration

    c) 3 years experience of working with children and families in a statutory



    This job description only contains principal duties to this post and does not

    describe in detail all the tasks required to carry them out.

    The postholder may be expected to work/be available outside normal office


Date effective…………1 April 2001…………...

Date checked……………………………………

Updated 08.06.06 Mary Reville




    This Employee Specification is to include the essential or desirable qualities which candidates should possess in order to satisfy the performance requirements of the job and be part of the organisation as described in the approved job specification. It should not

    include personal references which are not directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the post and care must be taken to avoid any conflict with the Authority’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

Job Title: Social Worker Children & Family Services/ Looked After Team

    Grade: QSW

Personal Qualities

    The ability to cope with the duties and responsibilities of the post and with the associated working environment in accordance with the terms of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Access Policy. External candidates to be subject to a satisfactory report from the Senior Occupational Health Physician.



    GSCC Registration N/A


    ; A qualification in social work, ; Educational attainment to Degree

    Degree/Diploma in Social Work, standard.

    CQSW or equivalent. ; PTA

    ; PQCCA

    ; Therapeutic qualifications

    ; IT qualifications

Updated 08.06.06 Mary Reville


    ; Experience in working within a child ; Direct experience of working within a

    and family setting. Looked After service setting ; Experience of Adoption work ; Experience of working therapeutically

    with children and young people ; Experience of Child Protection work

    ; Experience of the Needs Assessment


Special Knowledge:

    ; A working knowledge of legislation ; Data Protection

    relevant to the Looked After Children ; Freedom of Information Act

    Team, in particular The Children Act ; Human Rights Act

    1989, the Adoption and Children Act ; Race Relations

    2002, the Children Act 2004, the ; Crime and Disorder Act 1998

    Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000, ; Trauma theories Every Child Matters.

    ; LAC processes

    ; A knowledge and awareness of the

    Integrated Children’s System.

    ; A working knowledge of attachment


    ; A working knowledge and

    understanding of child development

    and family relationships

    ; To be able to demonstrate a thorough

    working knowledge of B&NES Equal

    Opportunities Policies and related



    ; Skills in effective assessment and ; Preparation of adoption reports

    analysis of the needs of Looked

    After Children ; Skills in working therapeutically

    ; Skills in development and with children and young people

    implementation of permanency


    ; Skills in direct work with children

    and young people.

    ; Skills in engaging and promoting

    the participation of children and

    young people in the care planning


    ; Good communication skills to

    establish and maintain good

    working relationships with other

    professionals and carers

    ; Excellent report writing skills

    ; Skills in time management.

    ; Skills in the use of computer Updated 08.06.06 Mary Reville

    information systems


    ; Ability to work under pressure to ; To be able to evidence an

    balance competing demands. understanding of the importance of

    financial management in regard to ; Ability to prioritise

    care/service planning. ; Ability to empathise with service


    ; Ability to work as a member of a

    team and play an active part in

    team planning.

    ; Ability to form and maintain good

    working relationships both with

    service users and member of

    other agencies.

    ; Ability to demonstrate initiative

    and self reliance.

    ; Ability to work in a changing



    To be able to engage effectively with N/A

    children and young people.

    To be able to engage effectively with team colleagues, other social work colleagues, and other agencies.

Circumstances / other (see note 4):


    To be able and willing to work outside the normal office hours.

    A clean driving licence and access to own transport.

Notes for people preparing employee specification: 1. The same standard format should be used for all posts to ensure consistency. You do not have to use all of the headings 2. The general wording should be applied except where there are very special requirements or the job requires physical qualities of applicants to be taken into account 3. This section must only be used when validated tests are used in conjunction with Personnel Department 4. This section will only be relevant where the candidate’s personal circumstances might affect his/her ability to meet a specific job requirement, e.g. Residential, shift work, etc.

Updated 08.06.06 Mary Reville

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