I Want to Change the situation about the World

By Jerry Cole,2014-09-20 22:05
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    I Want to Change the World about the situation

    The economy of the world is developing more and more quickly, and our lives are better and better. However, although the world is very big, the world is not very peaceful. You can hear news that the war happened in some areas every day. As we all know wars are evil and bad for our lives. Most of us hate wars. Therefore, I want to change the evil world into a peaceful world. There are some reasons for my thoughts.

    First, cruel wars produce threat to peoples lives and development. In the World

    War, about 15.4million people were loss and over 38 million people died. In the World War, 55 million to 60milion died and more than 130 million people were injured. The number of death is up to 300 thousand. From these figures we can come to that wars devastate human deeply. Because of the cruel war, many children become homeless, and most of them loss their parents. The Iraq War in 2003 destroyed many Iraqi childrens happy childhood, which make 1.3 billion Iraqi children face the threats of hungerdiseaseviolence and death. Therefore, its very important to stop

    wars to protect human beings, and more people can survive and live a happy and peaceful life.

     Second, wars bring damage to the environment. In Gulf War in 1990, because of oil spill, gulf waters float a number of oil and a large oil of slick seal up the sea surface, which make about 35 thousand seabird die from choking, 40 kinds of birdsbeetles and mammalian [mæ'meljən] (哺乳类动物的) died out. The thi

    ck smoke burned in oil well influenced Asian monsoon [mɒn'suːn]( 季风,?印度等地的?

    雨季,季候风) , and lead to severe [sɪ'vɪə] (严峻的,严厉的,剧烈的,苛刻的) drought[draʊt] (干旱,缺

    )in India and Southeast Asian. The ecosystem in surrounding areas were destroyed seriously, which caused catastrophic [,kætə'strɑfɪk] (灾难的,悲惨的)losses to local

    agriculture. The wars are polluting the earth we need live on.

     Third, according to the statistic, from BC 3200 to over 5000 years today more than 14500 large and small wars which cause 3.64 billion people died happened. If we change fortune we losses in the wars into gold, we can make a big golden ring that is 150 kilometers wide, 10 meters thick, and can form a circle around the globe. The money can make many people live a rich life. So we can know war seriously damage the world economy.

     From above reasons we can draw a conclusion that the peace is very important for everyone. Maintaining the peace of world, and refusing wars is common wish of the world people.

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