Time is money1

By Joanne Clark,2014-09-20 22:41
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what time is it time is over the time is now life is show time time is money it is time time is up time is it is time that it is high time

    Time is money. Time is knowledge. Time is everything for us. A working man has to work hard for money to support his family. The working time brings him money. In the street you can hardly see that a man walks slowly. They walk very fast. In fact, they are running. They love money and they even love time more because time can bring them money and a lot of things. But sometimes people dont

    value time. They waste a lot of time in doing meaningless things. If you want to make success, the first thing is plan your time. Remember: time always flies. And we should

    understand that and try to form a hobit of saving time. A famous scientist said,"It's important for success to speak less and do more." So we should spend time on more important things.In this way, when we have only a minute time left, we will find that we have a wonderful time in this world.

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