Round 1 Promoting Australian Produce grant recipients

By Juan Nelson,2014-07-02 14:39
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Round 1 Promoting Australian Produce grant recipients

    Round 1 Promoting Australian Produce grant recipients

    (all figures are GST exclusive)

     $50,030 Australian Mussel Industry Association Inc

    To build industry marketing capability, and to conceive and test several promotional strategies for blue mussels.

Winemakers Federation of Australia $77,000

    To help implement the Australian Fortified Wines Strategy.

Seafood Services Australia $148,875

    To develop the capacity of the Australian seafood industry to market and promote its produce, leveraging off the Australian Made and Australian Grown promotional strategies.

Australian Pork Limited (shopper research project) $235,000

    To research the domestic pork market and identify key consumer motivations/triggers that drive pork purchases.

Australian Pork Limited (Leverage) $175,000

    To build on the results of its shopper research project by conceiving and testing a range of promotional strategies for increasing awareness and demand for Australian pork.

Australian Mushroom Growers Association Ltd $200,000

    To develop and test new promotional strategies for fresh Australian mushrooms.

Australian Olive Association $200,000

    To build the olive industry’s capacity to promote and market Australian extra virgin,

    olive oil and table olives to Australian consumers.

Vegetables WA $31,705

    To develop a marketing and promotional plan for the Western Australian vegetable industry.

Western Australian Fishing Industry Council $100,000

    The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council’s project involves developing a seafood export marketing strategy for the Western Australian seafood industry.

Australian Pork Limited (the ‘Australian-ness’ of Pork) — $125,000

    To research, develop and test a new branding marque that clearly identifies Australian pork products to consumers.

Seafood Experience Australia Ltd $36,000

    To identify and adopt innovative marketing and promotional strategies that will develop the industry’s capacity to better promote and market Australian seafood to domestic and export markets.

Good Food Kangaroo Island $23,000

    To develop the capability to promote and market Kangaroo Island’s produce to local

    and domestic markets.

Kangaroo Industries Association of Aust $215,677

    To develop strategies and concepts for promoting and marketing kangaroo meat in Australia and China.

Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) $68,500

    To develop a marketing strategy for promoting Queensland seafood, and to establish an industry marketing/promotions unit to implement the strategy.

Grain Growers Association $350,000

    To undertake a detailed market assessment of Australian wheat consumers, to build the industry’s capacity to promote Australian wheat.

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