The problems and countermeasures in Small and medium

By Derrick Weaver,2014-07-02 17:59
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    The problems and countermeasures in Small and

    medium-sized enterprise talents crisis management

    Abstract Along with the development of science and technology progress, humans entered the era of knowledge economy and the global economy integration , the key competition between enterprises is the talent competition, With the arrival of the new era, the development of small and medium-sized enterprises facing many challenges, the challenge of elements are changing from material input for leading to talents and management for leading transformation ,it seriously restrict the functions and the goal of human resources management in the small and medium enterprise, through analyze the problem and the reason in the Chinese small and medium enterprises talents crisis management, we bring up some measures , on the one hand, strengthen the consciousness of the talents crisis, on the other hand, strengthen the construction of institutions which mainly including establish the crisis pre-warning system, perfect performance management system and perfecting the incentive system, the studies of this paper will provide some realistic values and meanings in crisis prevention, crisis management ,crisis assessment and feedback reference. Improve the diagnosis in advance, concurrent control, the function of afterwards adjustment. Key words small and medium-sized enterprisetalents crisis management

    crisis preventioncrisis managementcrisis assessment and feedback reference

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