a good read

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a good read

    A Good Read


    1. Speaking: What kind of books do you like to read? Fictions, or nonfictions? 2. Do you know the following words in English:

    小说 科幻小说 鬼故事 侦探小说

    儿童书 漫画 诗歌 诗人

    情节 风格 教材 字典

    人物 主题 自传 百科全书

    3. Translate the following sentences:







    Gracie: what are you reading?

    Devin: Im just reading an old book called The Monkey King.

    Gracie: do you mean the famous Chinese story?

    Devin: No, it’s based on the Chinese story. This is a piece of fiction by Tomothy Mo. Gracie: who is Timothy Mo? Ive never heard of him before.

    Devin: He is an amazing British author from Oxford.

    Gracie: so, hes not Chinese?

    Devin: well, sort of. His father is Cantonese and his mother is British. Gracie: has he written any other books?

    Devin: yeas, he wrote An Insular Possession (岛民所有权)and Sour Sweet (酸甜).

    Gracie: whats The Monkey King about?

    Devin: it’s a novel about domestic tyranny and revolt. The protagonist goes from being very wealthy to having next to nothing, but like the Monkey King from Chinese

    legend, he manages to survive.

    Gracie: that sounds interesting. Where does the story take place? Devin: mostly in Honk Kong.

    Gracie: would you recommend it to me?

    Devin: so far, I would, but I havent read the ending yet. I find that the last few chapters usually make or break a good book.

Gracie: well, let me know when you finish. I’m always on the lookout for a good

    book to read.

    Devin: sure thing.


    1. What is The Monkey King about?

    2. What is the role of the last chapters of a book?

    3. Will Gracie recommend The Monkey King to Devin?

    4. Can you describe one of your favorite books?


    You want to recommend your favorite book to your friend, but she is a little bit lazy and doesnt like reading. Please persuade her to accept your recommendation. Listening:

    Listen to the monologue and try to fill in the blanks:

    Jules Verne was not an ___________ and he was not a ________, but he read a great many difficult books. He had a very strong ________ and he loved adventure although he did not have many great adventures himself. He wrote a number of ______ books about the things which he thought that scientists and inventors would one day be able to do. At the time, his stories seemed like ______ stories! Monologue:

    The following is about Jules Verne and his stories.

    Jules Verne was not an inventor and he was not a scientist, but he read a great many difficult books. He had a very strong imagination and he loved adventure although he did not have many great adventures himself. He wrote a number of exciting books about the things which he thought that scientists and inventors would one day be able to do. At the time, his stories seemed like fairy stories!

    Many of Jules Verne attempts to look into the future, however, were surprisingly accurate. For example, one book was called From Earth to Moon. in this book, three

    man and a dog made a journey around the moon. They did this in a hollow ship

    fired from a gun. After going around the moon, they returned to the earth and splashed down into the sea not far from where the first real moon travelers landed in July 1969, about a hundred years later!

    In all his books Jules Verne used his scientific knowledge as well as his imagination in describing future inventions. Sometimes he was wrong, of course, but often the

accuracy of his descriptions is very surprising.


    1. What was Jules Verne?

    2. Why did Jules Vernes stories seem like fairy stories during his time? 3. Why is the book From Earth to Moon surprisingly accurate?

    4. What did Jules Verne base his stories on?


    Describe one of your favorite authors and the reasons your like him/her.

New words:

    capacity 能力?才能

    capability 才能?本领

    authentically 真实地?真正地

    trustworthy 值得信任的

    genuine 真诚的?坦率的

    pretence 虚饰?伪装

    knowledgeable 有知识的?有见识的

    demolish 推翻?驳倒

    appropriately 适宜的

    dignity 尊严

    enhance 增加?加强

    compassionate 富于同情心的

    commit to 承诺

    Practice: use the following words to fill in blanks:

capacity enhance dignity demolish pretence

1. Terry Street was __________ a few years ago.

    2. Their reasoning __________ must be developed.

    3. The growth of a city often _________ the value of land close to it. 4. He didn’t like the food, but he made a ________ of eating some of it as he was a


    5. The real _______ of a man lies in what he is, not in what he has. Reading:

    Born to Win

    Muriel James & Dorothy Jongeward

    Each human being is born as something new, something that never existed before. Each is born with the capacity to win at life. Each person has a unique way of seeing,

    hearing, touching, tasting, and thinking. Each has his or her own unique potentials1)---capabilities and limitations. Each can be a significant, thinking, aware,

and creative being---a productive person, a winner.

    The words “winner” and “loser” have many meaningsWhen we refer to a

    person as a winnerwe do not mean one who makes someone else loseTo us, a

    winner is one who responds authentically by being credible, trustworthy, responsive, and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of a society.

     Winners do not dedicate their lives to a concept of what they imagine they should be; rather, they are themselves and as such do not use their energy putting on a performance, maintaining pretence and manipulating others. They are aware that there is a difference between being loving and acting loving, between being stupid and acting stupid, between being knowledgeable and acting knowledgeable. Winners do not need to hide behind a mask.

    Winners are not afraid to do his own thinking and use his own knowledge. He can separate facts from opinion and doesn't pretend to have all the answers. He listens to others, evaluates what they say, but comes to his own conclusions. Although winners can admire and respect other people, there is not totally defined, demolished2), bound, or awed by them.

     Winners do not play “helpless”, nor do they play the blaming game. Instead, they assume responsibility for their own lives. They don’t give others a false authority over them. Winners are their others a false authority over them. Winners are their own bosses and know it.

     A winner’s timing is right. Winners respond appropriately to the situation. Their responses are related to the message sent and preserve the significance, worth, well-being, and dignity of the people involved. Winners know that for everything there is a season and for every activity a time.

    Although winners can freely enjoy themselves, they can also postpone enjoyment, can discipline himself in the present to enhance his enjoyment in the future. A winner is not afraid to go after what he wants but does so in appropriate ways. Winners are not afraid to go after what he wants, but they do so in proper ways. Winners do not get their security by controlling others. They do not set themselves up to lose.

    A winner cares about the world and its people. A winner is not isolated from the general problems of society, but is concerned, compassionate3) and committed to improving the quality of life. Even in the face of national and international adversity, a winner’s self-image is not one of a powerless individual. A winner works to make the world a better place.

    T or F

    1. A winner is who makes others lose.

    2. A winner is authentic to others.

    3. A winner has the capacity of thinking independently.

    4. A winner is punctually.

    5. A winner is a caring person.


    In your opinion, what is a winner?


    1. You are the HR manager of a company. One employee made a mistake and let company lose some money. Will you fire him or her immediately? Or you have some other solutions?

    2. If your boss is opposite with you on the above case, how will you persuade her? Speaking

    1. 你的同事;朋友和家人是怎么评价你的?

    2. 描述你最喜欢的一个地方。

    3. 你最大的优点是什么?

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