I was terrible at the math

By Lloyd Wells,2014-12-09 11:57
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I was terrible at the math

    I was terrible at the math. I had(have) just failed a test. And my little cat had(has) just died. I was in low spirit. My math teacher saw this and pulls(pulled) me aside. He told me a time in his life when everything were(was) going wrong. He thought, "That's it! It's over! I'm a loser!" But all that he discovered late(later) was,No. Though life is a river, (it's) always moving. When you have a lot of bad stuff happened(happen), remember that doesn't mean you will ever(never) succeed. Life is not a dirt(dirty) pond. Fresh water is flowing down from the source and on their(its) way.

    Thank you very much for (inviting) me to stay with you in Shanghai during the vacation.I have been looking forward to (seeing) you again so that I need (加入to) get more help from you in my English learning. (But) I am afraid I can not go to your home (去掉in) this summer with them,

    because I have (promised) my grandparents, (who) live in the countryside, to spend the summer with them. They miss me (so) much that I find (

    it) difficult to refuse their request. I plan to visit you in winter if it (

    is) convenient to you .

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