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     ROYAL NAVY TRIATHLON Interservice Duathlon

    This event will be hosted by the Army and take E-NEWSLETTER Nov 11 place in Hullavington, Wiltshire on 25 Apr 12. If

    you are interested in representing the service please make yourself known to a member of the


     Intro Freak events discount Hopefully you are all managing to get through the dark are pleased to offer all and dreary winter months in good shape and getting in service personnel 20% discount up until 4 weeks some good base training in preparation to improve on before the event is due to take place. Please pass 2011’s performances. The association is planning to this offer to as many service personnel as you can. further develop on last year’s results and hopefully emerge as IS Olympic distance tri champions and stdefend the titles of 1 male at the IS Olympic and long

    course champ’s and winning team at the long course

    event. If you wish to help the RN achieve these goals please forward your interest (with some results) to the team captain on

    Zone6 Coaching is a Portsmouth based Triathlon Key dates

    and Endurance Coaching company run by Trevor 25/26 Feb Training weekend - HMS Collingwood

    30 Mar RN Duathlon Champ’s - RNAS Yevilton Payne, who is a Biomechanics and Tri Coach. He 31 Mar Training day - RNAS Yevilton has twenty years experience coaching all aspects 25 Apr Interservice Duathlon - Hullavington of multi discipline sports, from Novice to Elite 3-13 May Warm weather training camp - RAF Akrotiri athletes, as well as the odd Polar Explorer! With 23 May RN Sprint Champ’s - HMS Raleigh the main emphasis on Biomechanics, getting your 11 Jul (TBC) Interservice Olympic Tri TBC

    4 Aug Olympic games Female tri Hyde park Pelvis and Spine into the best position possible to 7 Aug Olympic games Male tri Hyde park tackle a Sprint Distance all the way to Ironman 8 Sep IS long course tri - Rutland Water and beyond. He is pleased to offer members of the RN Tri Major Charlie Pennington was honoured to receive the team a discount of 30% on Biomechanical Royal Marines 2010-11 Sportsman of the Year Award

    Screenings and 15% on coaching packages. For at the inaugural RM Sport Association awards

    dinner. Some 200 Royal Marines and a few notable more details, contact Trevor on: sporting guests were present at the dinner with RM Tri or 07854135352 being represented by Charlie, Capt Stevie Lewis and Cpl Garry Gerrard. Charlie had a successful 2011

    triathlon season, winning both the Standard and

    Middle Distance IS Titles. He has also been

    nominated for the Royal Navy Sportsman of the Year,

    results in March. His latest race report is below.

February Training Weekend

    Will take place at HMS Collingwood in the last weekend of Feb. Admin’ order will be on the web site Ironman 70.3 Austin Oct 11 - Charlie Pennington in the near future. Contact Steve Fitzjohn (/ FDS-HQ- WOD / ( if attending. A good start saw me quickly break away from the Saturday pack and I soon started to catch traffic from 0900-1000 Run (SARC does not open until 1000, previous waves so spent the rest of the swim tharrive in run kit). trying to dodge people. I exited the water in 4 1015-1145 Swim. place with a time of 26:34 for the 1900mtrs. The 1200-1300 Vankru cycling presentation. bike leg was much the same as the swim plus the 1300-1500 Cycle / Spin session (weather dependant). road conditions were horrendous in 1500-1600 AGM. places. Coupled with a strong wind, it made it Sunday very hard to overtake in places and thus my bike 1015-1145 Swim. split was not as fast as hoped for. I finished the rd1200-1300 Tri sport massage brief. bike with a time of 2:17:52, the 3 fastest non-pro 1300-1500 Cycle / Spin session (weather dependant). bike split of the day. The run started badly and I 1515-1600 Running drill / running pace set. thought I was going to cramp almost immediately. Although I was struggling to breathe

deeply for some reason, I kept calm and kept ride…ever! I got into a groove, ignoring my HRM

    running. On the 3 run laps I used each of the 6 which confirmed I was above my target HR. The aid stations to cool myself off and ease the out-and-back course allowed the chance to gauge stdiscomfort. I finished the run in a time of 1:25:44, turn-round I had passed the competition, at the 1

    some 10mins slower than my run time at the a couple of guys but could see the lead trio were Vitruvian not that many weeks previous. However caning it. Meanwhile, Mark was a couple of ndit was the 2 fastest non-pro split giving an minutes down on me, and starting to get a bit indication of how difficult the conditions were! concerned about this (relatively) young upstart stThis gave an overall time of 4:14:22, 1 place in who had never raced middle-distance before! thmy Age Group by 4 ? mins and placed me 11 I had learnt that these endurance events are all overall and fastest non-professional. It was a about who can eat the most! so was mowing great result from what was a frustrating race and it through bars, gels and fluids. At half-way the tail achieved my aim: to qualify for the world wind had helped me to hold the gap between the championships. It was also a great way to end riders behind, the weather had held and I was what has been a highly successful race year for towards the front of the field. During the second me. lap, I could feel myself losing power and feeling

     very saddle sore. I had no one ahead to focus on Ball Buster Duathlon - LPT Stevie Young catching, and felt lonely and daunted by the A gloomy, foggy, peaceful morning in Surrey was amount of the race left. With 10km to go, Mark the beginning of what was going to be misery for breezed past me without even a word or a pat on racing over an 8 mile/24 mile/8 mile run/bike/run the back, he was hot on the heels of an Army course incorporating the infamous Box Hill on time-trialist who recorded a 2:20 bike split to put each lap. A quick start saw him leading the first 3 his relay team into the mix.

    miles of the race working with the eventual winner As I entered T2, Mark was heading out, there was with a plan to stretch the lead pack running at sub no sign of relaxed, long transitions, with 5.45 min mile pace. This plan worked well as only massages on offer as I had expected. I settled 8 followed into T1 after 43 mins with the chasing into a good pace and felt strong doing 2 laps in pack 3mins back. Attacking each hill and corner 45mins and was on for a 13.1 mile PB if I could with the intent to stay on the big ring led to a bit of keep it up. Somewhere in the distance, Mark was fatigue and meant changing strategy as he had clawing back the deficit to the only 2 individuals thnow dropped into 7 place with the leaders ahead of him in the race. Through a mixture of flat

    Coke, salty snacks and zipping up my mansuit?, I spaced out over a few minutes. Holding this

    position into T2 with a 1hr 13 min bike split Steve was picking off several athletes who had nothing then set out on the final leg planning to hold a sub left. I was elated to cross the line in 4:46, getting rd6.30 min mile pace and close the gap. 2 miles that run PB, and finding out that I had come 3 thlater he caught and passed 6 and running alone. behind 2 Cypriots because Mark was in the old-th2 miles to go saw the last climb of Box Hill and 5 mans Veterans category! Mark posted 4:40, just thand 4 in sight, unfortunately they did not falter 90 seconds behind first. I was emotional, battered enough to allow Steve to move up the placings. A and cramping, but most importantly not put off second run split of 49mins and a total time of 2hr longer distance racing. st49 mins saw him finish 1 in the 25-29 age cat The race was fantastically organized by the thand place 6 overall. friendly K1 club, with travel and accom a cinch.

     The race continues to go from strength to strength, K1-Man Akrotiri Half-IM Race Nov 11 Lt Thorpe and although late in the season, it would be Now in its third year, a strong field had been brilliant to get more members there next year; who attracted, with over 50 individuals and 21 teams can turn down a week of November sunshine? racing, representing 10 Nations. A flat and fast Roll on the Cyprus training camp.

    course, the only issue was what the weather Gods

    had in store for us. Huge, dark clouds were

     building over the sea, with thundery showers

    forecast. Not racing since July and never going

    longer than standard distance before this was

    going to be an interesting and challenging way to

    finish the season.

    The swim was 2 laps in unusually choppy waters.

    I paced myself well and was pleased to exit the thsea in around 5. CSgt Mark Goodridge was

    lounging around somewhere further back,

    probably wishing he’d taken more lessons on

    technique from his wife!

I had a great start on the bike, my weakest

    discipline, on what would be my longest

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