Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association

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Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association

    Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws




    Name of Organization: The name of the organization shall be Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association, Inc and/or HPNA (Referred to as “HPNA” in these Bylaws).

Section 2

Purpose: The purposes for which HPNA is organized are:

    a. To enhance the livability of the HPNA neighborhoods by establishing and maintaining

    open lies of communication and with various government agencies, businesses, and

    other organizations.

    b. To act as liaison for the HPNA neighborhoods with various government agencies,

    businesses and other organizations.

    c. To provide an open process by which all residents of the HPNA neighborhoods may

    involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhoods.

    d. To promote greater cooperation, communication, understanding, and mutual support

    among residents of the HPNA neighborhoods.

Section 3

    Membership: Membership in the HPNA shall be open to all residents, property owners, and business licensees location within the boundaries of HPNA as defined in Article VII of these Bylaws. To become a member, a membership application must be received by HPNA and annual dues must be paid in full.

    a. Non organizational membership is by household with each individual in a member

    household, age 18 or older, having one vote.

    b. Organizational membership (businesses and other eligible entities) shall entitle each

    member organization to one vote.

    c. Non-voting members are members who pay the membership dues but do not meet the

    residency requirements for membership.

Section 4

    Voting: All members, 18 years of age or older, shall have one vote each, to be cast during attendance at any general or special meeting.



Section 1

    Dues: Dues will be ten dollars per a calendar year per household or entity.

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    Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Section 2

Contributions: Voluntary contributions may be accepted.

Section 3

    Fundraising: Activities to raise funds for HPNA may be held subject to prior Board approval.



Section 1

    General Meetings: There shall be at least four quarterly membership meetings a year. The HPNA membership shall be notified of the time, location, and subjects of the meeting.

Section 2

    Annual Meeting: One membership meeting shall be designated as the annual meeting. At this meeting:

    a. The President shall provide a written and oral annual report on the state of the HPNA for

    the previous 12 months.

    b. The Treasurer shall provide a written and oral financial report.

    c. Elections for Members of the Board shall be held.

Section 3

    Special Meeting: A special meeting of the membership may be called by the Board President or by a majority of the Board as deemed necessary. The HPNA membership shall be notified of the time, place, and subjects of the meeting.

Section 4

    Agenda: Subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, the President shall prepare the agenda for general and special meetings of the membership. Any person may add an item to the agenda by submitting the item in writing to the Board of Directors at least two days in advance of the membership meeting. Any member of the HPNA may make a motion to add an item to the Board, general or special agenda at those respective meetings. Adoption of that motion requires a second and majority vote.

Section 5

    Quorum: A quorum for any general or special meeting of the HPNA shall be the number of members in attendance. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, decisions of the HPNA shall be made by a majority vote of those members present at any meeting.

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    Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Section 6

    Procedures: The HPNA shall rely on Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised), to resolve parliamentary issues.


Board of Directors (Hereinafter referred to as the “Board”)

Section 1

Composition of the Board: The Board shall be composed of 9 members.

Section 2

Duties of the Board:

    a. Management: The Board shall manage the affairs of the HPNA. The Board shall be

    accountable to the membership; shall seek the views of those affected in developing

    HPNA policy or procedures; and shall strictly comply with these bylaws.

    b. Regulations: The board may, in accordance with these Bylaws, create and

    implement the rules, policies, and procedures necessary to realize the purposes of


    c. Vacancies: The Board may fill any vacancy on the Board or a committee by majority

    vote of the Board. A member appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve the remainder of

    the unexpired term.

    d. Board Meetings:

    ; The Board shall meet at least once a month or at any other time the Board

    President may designate. These meetings shall be to the HPNA members;

    however, only Board members may vote.

    ; A quorum for Board meetings shall be five members if there are eight or nine

    Board members and four if there are less than eight Board members. Board

    decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the members present.

    ; The Board members shall be notified of Board meetings at least 24 hours in

    advance of any Board meeting. A majority of Board members, by signed

    petition, may call a Board, general, or special meeting.

    e. Emergency Powers: It the number of Board members is less than four, the Board

    may call for new elections at the next membership meeting. If, despite their best

    efforts, the Board cannot perform its duties or elect a new Board, the fate of the

    HPNA will be determined, in accordance with the HPNA Articles of Incorporation by a

    vote of the membership present at a membership meeting.

Section 3

    Officers: The Board shall elect from among its members a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the first Board meeting following the annual election.

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    Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Section 4

Duties of the Officers:

    a. President: The President shall be responsible for the preparation the agenda for an

    for chairing all meetings of the Board and membership; shall appoint and/or approve

    chairs of committee with majority approval of the Board. The President shall, at least

    once every 12 months, ensure a review of the HPNA’s financial status and


    b. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall assist the President and assume all duties

    of the President in the absence of the President.

    c. Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for the preparation and retention of the

    all the HPNA minutes and shall be responsible for the organization and retention of

    all HPNA records; shall be responsible for all correspondence for the HPNA; shall

    make records of the HPNA available for inspection for any proper purpose at a

    reasonable time and place.

    d. Treasurer: the Treasurer shall be held accountable for all funds and shall give an

    accounting at each general meeting; shall receive, safe keep safe and disburse the

    HPNA funds, but such disbursement shall require the signature of at least one other

    officer decided by majority vote of the Board.


Section 1

    Committees: The Board shall establish and/or dissolve committees as needed. Committees shall submit to the Board regular written reports of their activities including minutes. No committee shall make any obligation for the HPNA without prior written approval of the Board.


Election of Board Members

Section 1

    Eligibility: Only members shall be qualified to hold an elected position.

Section 2

    Term of the Board: Members of the Board shall be elected to serve for two years.

Section 3

    Numbering of Seats: The Board seats shall be numbered from one through nine, and these number designations shall remain and determine the year of election. Even numbered seats will be elected in even numbered years, and odd numbered seats will be elected in odd numbered years.

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    Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

    Special Circumstance: The first election of the Board, if in an even numbered year, will elect odd numbered seats for one year; or, if in an odd numbered year, will elect even numbered seats for one year. Subsequent to this election, all seats will be elected to two-year terms.

Section 4

    Method of Election: Elections shall be conducted by an Elections Committee composed of an odd number of members who have no marriage, blood or residential (do not reside at same address) relationship to the candidates for election. The Elections Committee shall submit an election plan to the Board for approval, modification or denial at least 60 days prior to the date of the election.


Adoption and Amendment of Bylaws

Section 1

    Adoption of the Bylaws: Adoption of these Bylaws shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members present at a membership meeting.

Section 2

    Amendment of the Bylaws: Amendment to the Bylaws shall be made at any general or special meeting after the members have been notified of all proposed amendments to the Bylaws. Adoption of amendments shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting membership present at a membership meeting.



The boundaries of HPNA shall be defined as follows:

    ; Fruitridge Road to the north

    ; Sutterville Road to the south

    ; Freeport Blvd. to the east

    ; Twenty-fourth Street to the west

Adapted July 2001

    Amended January 2002

    Amended February 2005

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