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    Children from all classes Kinder Grade 6 wear our school uniform. Our primary colours are blue and maroon.


    Girls: Riverside blue and white check dress

     Blue socks

     Black shoes or sandals

Boys: Grey drill shorts

     Blue short sleeved shirt

     Grey socks

     Black shoes

    Girls and Boys: Maroon school jumper or windcheater

     embroidered with Riverside Primary School Logo


    Girls: Grey pleated skirt with bib (bib removable for

     older students); or navy blue track pants

     Grey trousers

     Blue shirt or skivvy

     Grey tights or blue socks

     Black shoes

    Boys: Grey trousers or navy track pants

     Blue shirt or blue skivvy

     Grey socks

     Black shoes

    Girls & Boys: Maroon school jumper or windcheater

     Embroidered with Riverside Primary School logo


Girls: Maroon sports polo top or a T-shirt

     Blue netball skirt or royal blue sports shorts

     Royal blue sports briefs

     Sport shoes or joggers with non-marking soles

Boys: Maroon sports polo top or a T-shirt

     Royal blue shorts

     Sport shoes or joggers with non-marking soles

Girls and Boys: Navy blue track and field pants


     Burgundy slouch hat/bucket hat available from the

     Riverside Primary School Wear Shop.


    The Riverside Primary School Wear Shop opens on a Thursday

     9.00am - 11.30am for both new and second-hand clothing items. Days and times will sometimes vary; these changes will be advised through the school newsletter.

    Uniform Price List 2011

    ARTICLE SIZE PRICE School Windcheaters Sizes 4-6-8 $29.00 School Windcheaters Sizes 10-12-14 $30.00 School Windcheaters Size 16 (XS) $34.00 Woollen Jumpers Sizes 6-9 (60-70cms) $70.00 Woollen Jumpers Sizes 10-14 (80-90cms) $80.00 Summer Dresses Sizes 4-5-6-8 $55.00 Summer Dresses Sizes 10-12-14 $57.00 Summer Dresses Size 16 $63.00 Girls Winter Uniforms (With Bib) Sizes 4-6 $70.00 Girls Winter Uniforms Sizes 8-12 $75.00 Girls Winter Uniforms (Without Bib) Size 14 $80.00 Boys Short Sleeve Shirts All Sizes $16.00 Boys Long Sleeve Shirts Sizes 5-6-7 $16.00 Boys Long Sleeve Shirts Sizes 8-10-12-14 $19.00 Girls Long Sleeve Shirts Sizes 6-8 $17.00 Girls Long Sleeve Shirts Sizes 10-12-14 $19.00 Sports Polo Tops Sizes 6-8-10-12-14 $25.00

     Sports Polo Tops Size 16 $30.00

     Long Sleeve Polo (Blue) All Sizes $15.00

     Sports Briefs Pack 2 All Sizes $8.00

     Skivvies All Sizes $8.50

     Sports Shorts All Sizes $15.00

     Sports Skorts All Sizes $16.00

     Boys Pull On Trousers (Double Knee) Sizes 4-6-8 $30.00

     Boys Pull On Trousers Sizes 10-16 (to clear) $20.00 Cargo Trousers All Sizes $27.00

     All Sizes $15.00 Boys Grey Shorts Midford

    Grey Long Leg Shorts Trackwear All Sizes $25.00 Grey Long Leg Shorts - Cargo All Sizes $20.00 Trackpants Trackwear All Sizes $30.00 JB Trackpants All Sizes $24.00 Polar Fleece Jackets All Sizes $35.00 Jackets (Navy or Maroon) All Sizes $30.00 Polar Fleece Vests (Navy) All Sizes $14.00 Socks (Grey or Blue) Pack of 3 All Sizes $10.00 Tights (Grey or Blue) All Sizes $8.50 Hats (Bucket and Surf) All Sizes $9.00 Library Bag $10.00 Primary School Bag $40.00

     Senior School Bag $50.00 Sunscreen 75ml Roll On $10.00

     Beanies (Navy) 1 size fits all $3.50

     Scarf (Navy or Maroon) 1 size fits all $4.50

     Scarf/Beanie Set 1 size fits all $7.00


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