What is the NICIE Statement of Principles

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What is the NICIE Statement of Principles ...

    Review of

    NICIE Statement of Principles

    Consultation Process

    September 2007 March 2008

What is the NICIE Statement of Principles?

    The Statement of Principles is a document outlining what it means to be an integrated school.

When was it written?

    The Statement of Principles was produced in 1991. There were 12 integrated schools at that time, all of which had been established as a result of parental initiatives. These schools, along with a number of integrated education Trusts came together, under the auspices of the newly formed Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education to write the Statement of Principles.

Why was there a need for a Statement of Principles?

    In 1989 the Education Reform Order (N.I.) created a new type of school

    Grant Maintained Integrated. The Order however did not define what an integrated school should be like. It was up to the integrated movement at the time to define the meaning of Integrated Education and to express the beliefs and ideals that constitute the integrated ethos. The result was the NICIE Statement of Principles.

Why is NICIE leading a review of the Statement of Principles?

    NICIE is responding to feedback from a growing, more diverse integrated movement which now comprises 62 schools, 20 of which have transformed to integrated status. Recognising that Transformation schools represent ? of

    the Sector, there is a need to have a statement which reflects all integrated schools. Furthermore the political and educational contexts in which integrated schools operate have undergone, and will continue to undergo significant change. It seems appropriate therefore that the integrated movement should now ask itself if the Statement of Principles still accurately

    streflects the meaning of integrated education in 21 century Northern Ireland.

    Who will decide what changes may be made to the Statement of Principles?

    NICIE hopes that all integrated schools and associated bodies will participate in the debate. The consultation process will include open meetings which schools will be invited to attend. Any proposed changes to the Statement of Principles will be put to all schools and can only be agreed at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the NICIE Council.

How does my school get involved?

    ? The consultation is open to all stakeholders in the integrated

    sector including governors, staff, parents and pupils.

    ? It can be responded to individually or as part of a


? The consultation is open until Friday 16th November 2007.

    ? It is suggested that schools make a collective response after

    consulting with their stakeholder groups through the forum of a

    focus group.

    ? Ideally the focus group should include representatives from

    senior management, teaching staff, ancillary and auxiliary staff,

    governors, parents and (where appropriate) pupils.

    ? When setting up the focus group schools should take into

    consideration religious and gender balance.

    ? Each school has responsibility to inform the various stake-

    holding groups of this process and seek their support.

    ? It is imperative that this process is as far reaching as possible in

    order to have a Statement of Principles which reflects the

    integrated sector today and how it will be in the future.

For further information please contact Cliodhna Scott-Wills,

    Development Officer at NICIE 02890 236200.

Time line for consultation process

September 2007:

All schools and stakeholders will receive the consultation documentation

    from NICIE.

    A member of NICIE staff will contact schools to see if they require any

    assistance in the process.

    Schools will establish their Focus groups as laid out on the back of this leaflet.

October 2007:

Members of the school community will be invited to read the Statement of

    Principles and make comment.

    Comments will be fed back to relevant member of the Focus group.

    Focus group will meet several times to discuss comments and complete the

    response booklet.

November 2007:

Schools will submit their completed consultation booklet by 16th November.

    December 2007January 2008:

Drafting of a revised Statement of Principles

    January 2008 February 2008:

NICIE will host a series of consultation cluster meetings to present a draft

    and to give people a further opportunity to contribute to the process.

Draft document sent out to schools for final consultation

March April 2008:

Extraordinary General Meeting of NICIE Council to adopt revised

    Statement of Principles.

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