Riverview Park Elementary

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Riverview Park Elementary

    Riverview Park Elementary

    PAC Meeting Minutes

    Monday Feb 8, 2010


    Attendees: Melinda Blakely, Yvan Lomas, Dawn Chan, Carol Chan, Brenda Gilby, Mabel Law, Tanya, Mraze, Linh Leung, Shirly Bawa ,

Regrets : Pam Cowan

1: Welcome by Vice Chairperson Yvan Lomas

    Welcome to attendees.

2: Approval of last meetings minutes

    Forwarded by Melinda Blakely and Seconded by Dawn Chan subjected to amendment “The projected cash balance at end of school term is $10K.”

3: Reports and New Business:

a) Principals report Shirly Bawa

    - Kindergarten registration was lower than expected this year - 24 kindergarten students. One of the premise of the full day kindergarten is that is should not displace programs already in place such as Daycare and Strong Start Program. With space constraint, portables on grounds may need to be considered. For this year cross catchment is not done at the school level, and our school will only know the kindergarten enrolment numbers in early March.

    - Jump Rope for Heart Month is February. The students are skipping at recess and lunch. The donation forms have been circulated.

    - Early dismissal will take place on Feb 11 to facilitate student led conferences. Staff and students are preparing for the conferences.

    - Sue Sands who is a basketball coach and parent of the school will be facilitating basketball sessions starting this week., which has a good participation by students. On Monday this week, there were about 70 students in the gym participating in this activity.

    - Articulation for Grade 5. Plans are being made which will include school visitation. - Skylight work was done over Christmas and the construction work is progressing well. Currently the work is done at the gym area. Construction is scheduled to end March 31.

    - The carnival was a great community event. There were 4 other PACs that came by to observe. $250 was raised for Haiti through the Silly String event.

    - The school mission statement is being revisited at this time. The current mission statement was done 14 years ago. It reads, “ To create an inclusive, safe and respectful community of learners, that enable students to maximize their intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional development in a cooperative, collaborative environment.” A mission statement should define purpose, should not have jargon in it and

    should be easy to understand. This will be tabled as an agenda item for the next PAC meeting, so that feedback can be obtained from parents. Feedback will also be obtained from Grade 4/5s, and perhaps the younger students.

    - Principal commented that students at Riverview Parke Elementary are amazing. Earlier today, an announcement was made over the PA that it was sad to see litter around on school grounds. Later in the

    day, the younger students could be seen picking up their litter outside, running back to pick their litter and in some cases being reminded by fellow peers to pick their litter.

    - School Budget (from September allotment) is facing cutbacks - 14% cutback as district is projected to be deficit for about $2 Million. On average, this translated to about $10-$14K reduction per school, which is something schools have to manage within.

b) Treasurer - Mabel Law

    - The statement of revenue and expenditures has been updated. The current cash balance is about $13K At this time the projected cash balance at the school year end is about $10K,

    - There was some discussion to purchase a used Smart Board from Meadowbrook Elementary (which was brought up through conversations with Mrs. Coutts.) As the used Smart board was likely about 2 years old, there were concerns raised that the technology had changed or was old, or would be compatible with our current equipment/systems. Also, school would need to get approval before taking over a used Smart Board from another school. A new Smart Board is estimated to cost about $3,000 to $4,000. This is to be explored further. June 15 is the last day to order, which is the deadline so that the Smart Board can be installed in time for the upcoming September school term.

c) Hot Lunch/Gift Cards-Sharla Stenner

    - Thrifty Gift Card - Sharla had conveyed earlier through email to see if someone could help promote the Thrifty Gift card fundraiser. It was explained that $3,000 is the maximum the school could earn based on a 5% return on these giftcards. PAC has todate earned about $1000+. so there was potential to increase this to $3,000 since the deadline to earn this 5% was in May this year. Melinda volunteered to send a reminder/distribution to generate awareness of this fundraiser.

d) Fundraising Melinda Blakely

    - Next event will be held on Mar 5 - Bingo Night. Flyer will be sent home soon. Each class has been invited to create a theme basket (through donating/bringing items for the basket) where the basket would be a silent auction item. (examples of themes are Webkinz, lunchbox special, car, music, night at movies themes). It was clarified that student participation for these theme baskets was optional. Pizza order forms for the Bingo Night will likely be distributed after February 14.

    - Olympic Souvenir booklets will be arriving in next few days. $222 was raised.

    - Carnival generated net profit of $1128.24.

4: Other business/questions/comments:

    - Community board. Question was raised regarding who were posting on the community board. The businesses posted on the community board are from parents of students in school.

    - Teacher appreciation lunch. Date to be advised later.

Meeting ended at 7:55pm

5: Next meetings:

    Monday, Mar. 1, 9 am (multipurpose room)

    Monday, Apr. 5, 7 pm (library)

    Monday, May 5, 9 am (multipurpose room)

    Monday, June 7, 7 pm (library)

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