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    Period 1

    Teaching content:Section A (1a-1c)

    Teaching aims:

    1) Words and phrases: train, take, by and some numbers, by bus /train

    take the bus /train…

    2) Target language:

    Conversation 1 A: How do you/they/we get to school?

    B: I take t he bus/train…to get to school.

    Conversation 2 A: How does he/she get to school

    B: He/She get to school by bus/train.

    Teaching methods:

    1) Let students work in pairs to learn the cooperative learning. 2) Task-based teaching approach.

    3) Autonomous learning and cooperative investigation. Teaching aids:tape recorder and the chart which made by the teacher .

    Teaching important points:

    1) New words : train, subway ,take,by

    2) Sentences structure:A: How do you get to school? B: I .

    Teaching difficult points:句型转换1) I take the subway to school.=I get/go to school by subway.2)I take a bus to school.=I get/go to school by bus.3) take a

    taxi=go toby taxi;ride a bike=go to by bike; walk=go to on foot.

    Teaching procedure:


I. Warm up

    1. T: Hi! Everyone. Nice to see you again. How are you today?

    2. T: Do you want to listen to an English song? 3. T: Ok. Let's listen to a song "Lemon Tree". II. Teaching the new lesson


    Task1. Read new words and remember them. T: Let's learn our new lesson.Shall we begin at the new words?;让我们来学习



     take the subway


     take the train


    take the taxi

    Task2. According to the picture and finish Section A ,1a .

    First ask students to look at the picture. And read the sample sentences to them.

    Ask them to repeat.

    T: Hey, Dave. How do you get to school?... Then let Ss say how other Ss in the picture get to school. Give them some help if



Let students find out some phrases about transportation.(work in groups )

    Task3. Check the answers

    Then read the phrases to them and ask them to repeat. Then ask them to write

    them in the box and add other ways to get to school. Step2:Practice

    Task1. Work in pairs to talk about transportation.

    How do you get to school?

     take the bus

     take the train

    I to school. take the subway


    ride a bike

    参考句型, A: How do you get to school?

     B: I take the bus /ride my bike /walk/… to school.

    Step 3: 1b

     1. First ask Ss to say what each person is doing. Write the phrases on

     the board.




    taking the train

    taking the subway


taking the bus

    2. Then tell Ss to listen to a recording. Two people are talking about some Ss get to school.


    3. Point out the names of the Ss in the box. Read the names to the class.

    4. T: Now listen to the conversation. Please write the number of the name in the white box next to the student. One of them has already been done.

    5. Then play the recording for the first time. Ss only listen.;放一遍录


    6. Play the recording a second time. This time ask the Ss to write the number of the name next to the correct Ss.;放第二遍录音?这次让同学


    7. Ask Ss to complete the activity individually.

    8. Then check the answers.

Step 4: 1c Pairwork

    1. Ask the Ss to read the dialogue in the speech bubbles of 1c to the class. ;让学生读出1c方框里面的对话?


    2. Have Ss work with a partner. Let them make their own conversation about how the people in the picture get to school.;让学生两人一组做对话。谈论图


How does Bob/... get to school? How do they get to school?

    Bob Paul and

    Yanglan John


    3. Ask the Ss to work in pairs. Ask and answer how Ss get to school in the picture.

    4. As they talk, move around the room, offering language or pronunciation support their as needed.;当学生做对话的时候?老师四处巡视?看是否有需


    5. Ask some pairs of the Ss to present their conversation to the class. ;让几组同学到班级前做对话?


    1. Learn the new words and phrases by heart.

    2. 8 Ss in a goup .Making a suvey.Fill in the chart.



    How does Bob/... get to school? How do they get to school? Liming He takes the bus to Paul They walk.

    school. and ...

    Yanglan Mary She ...

    ... ... ...

    Layout design:

    Unit 4 How do you get to school?

    Section A (1a-1c)

    subway How do you get to school? take the subway I ride my bike. train How does he get to school? take the

    take the train He walks to school. taxi How do they get to school? take the taxi They take the train.


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