To think from another direction

By Kristen Williams,2014-10-09 20:21
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To think from another direction

To think from another direction

    1, good afternoon ,everyone. It is my pleasure to stand here . I am the only boy of our group . Except me , they are all very beautiful girls . they are nana beibei and liulin. My name is shishoushuo.

    2, ok ,our topic is to think from another

    direction. First ,we do a test . there are six cups . this three is full , this three is empty . how to only move one cup , make a full cup next to a empty one . like this -------- Yes ,the answer is pour the water of second cup into the fifth cup . just we think from another direction , the question become so simple .

    3, to think from another direction is very

    important . when we reach an impass in our thinking ,to change our point of view , we can find the answer and solve the problem . we should be good at discovering, and be able to break the conventions.

4, who is he ?

     Yes , he is si ma guang . we all know him because he was a very clever boy in our history .one day,si ma Guang and his friends were playing in the garden.Suddenly a boy fell into a water vat.

     The vat was so large that the children didn’t know what to do. Si Ma Guang thought he should help the boy.He hurried towards the large vat ,and broke it wieh a big stone,the water come out of the vat at once.

     Finally,the boy was saved.

    5,Who know him?

     Yes,he is Han Han.He has written many books.The views of his book are all very strang.He left school at 17,and didin’t go to college,but his articles are very good.

     He is good at thingking for himself.

     Maybe he isn’t the typical example of

    Latersl Thinking but he is my idol,so I want to introduce him to you.

    6,People thinking in the same way,the society

lack of the power of progress.

     The front is a dead-end,hope around the corner.As a student in the twenty-first century.We should learn to think from another direction.For example,our English teacher is very beautiful,we should think,why is she so beautiful?Because she teaches English.So,we should learn English well,If you want to be more beautiful!

    7,Thank you for your listening!

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