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    Laura, Sue: peddlers.

    Jessie:, Candy: The foreigners friends

    Jay, Mark: The foreigners.

L: Talking about shopping in Beijing, people always think about famous shopping places and

    things to buy.

    C: But today, we are not going to introduce any of them to you.

    Je: Instead, we are going to give you some shopping tips.

L, S: Chinese crafts! Chinese art works! Lowest price! Come and see!

    J, M: That sounds good. Lets go and have a look!

    S: Good morning! May I help you?

    J: Morning! We are just looking.

    M: This looks nice. What is it?

    L: Well, its a kind of jade pillow.

    S: Its made of jade, you know!

    L: Yeah. In the old days, rich people slept on this to keep themselves healthy. All the emperors,

    queens and princesses used this..

    M,J: Oh, it sounds wonderful!

    J: How much is it?

    L,S: Um, 1000 dollars.

    M,J: 1000? That expensive?

    S: Expensive? No, I dont think so.

    L: Its really worth it! You see, its made of pure jade.

    M: Well, well buy it then.

Je: There they are:

    Je,C: Hi, Mark! Hi, Jay!

    M,J: Hello!

    C: Where have you been?

    M: Weve been to Xiushui market. Look, weve bought this real treasure. Je: Jade pillow? Thats very well known in China!

    C: Yes, let us see it! Oh, its really beautiful!

    Je: And so smooth! How much money did you spend? J: (hand)

    C: A hundred?

    J: No! A thousand!

    Je,C: A thousand? Thats impossible.

    Je: A jade pillow like this only costs about a hundred. How come you spent so much?

    M: They asked for a thousand and so we gave them. Je,C: Pardon?

    M,J: They asked for a thousand.

Je,C: (couldnt believe their ears)

    C: You are Crazy!

    Je: Did you ever try to bargain with them? M: Could you do that there?

    Je: Of course. And you should bargain real hard! If they ask for 100, you should at least half it!

    M: Oh, my God. Why didnt you tell me earlier? Anyway, its never too late to learn.

L,S: Famous Chinese paintings, lowest price! Marvelous calligraphies! Come and see!

    S: Hello, do you like Chinese paintings?

    L: Here you can find all the precious and famous paintings at the lowest price!

    S: You see, this one is by Xubeihong, the Eight Horses. M,J: Wow!

    L: This one is by Wangxizhi, Lantintxu.

    M,J: How much are they?

    S: The Eight horse is $1200

    L: And Lantinxu is $1500.

    J: Ok, heres the

    M: Remember, Bargain!

    J: Oh, thats too expensive. What about 800 for the Eight Horse? L: Are you kidding? 800?? Impossible!

    M: You see, if you sell it at 800, well buy Lantingxu as well!

    Sue: Oh, well, what about 900?

    J: Ok. And how about 1000 for Lantingxu?

    L: 1100.

    M: All right, 1100.

J: Hey, you know what? Ive learnt to bargain!

    C: Really?

    J: You see, I bought this The Eight Horses for $900 and Wangxishis Lantingxu for $1100. Je: What! Can I have a look?

    M: Here you are.

    C: Let me have a close look. Um, I dont think they are real.

    J: You mean they are fake? I cant believe it!

    Je: Use you brain. Do you think its possible to buy such wonderful things at these prices?

    M,J: Oh,well

    C: You know, sometimes you shouldnt believe the peddlers so easily. Je: And remember, when you are buying something in Beijing, if it looks too good to be true, its

    probably fake!

    M: Oh, what a lesson to learn!

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