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     Spring Festival

    As the Christmas in western countries, Spring Festival is the most important Festival in a year for Chinese. It means the New Year in the lunar calendar, but in common people, we

    rdthusually spend Spring Festival from December 23 to the 15 day

    in the New Year. And of course, the wave is on New Years Eve

    and the beginning of New Year.

     To be a famous and influential festival in the world, Spring

    Festival has a long history for over 4000 years, and the date

    stdecided on January 1 in the Han dynasty. There are many legends of Spring Festival; one of them is about a monster.

    A long time ago, there was a scary monster called nian

    who likes to eat people. It always appeared at the end of the year. To dodge Nian, people locked the doors and ate dinner together and worship to get the wishes. Many years later, Nian disappeared, but the habits still existed.

    Chinese people have rich traditional events in Spring Festival. I’ve talked about two, family reunion dinner and the worship. We dont worship now, but the dinner is the most important thing on New Years Eve. In the dinner, fish,

    chafing dish, dumplings are all necessaries. In the old days, it is the most sumptuous meal in a year, and it means the

luckiness and happiness in the New Year.

    Another famous event is couplets and New Year Pictures. The color of them is red, and they were all from Door-god. Originally, people use them to frighten the monsters but now, we always put them on the wall as an adornment. Its a symbol

    of merriness.

    After that, blowing firecrackers is also an interesting event. On the morning of Spring Festival, people like to blow firecrackers to welcome the New Year and make loud noise. This is called Open-Door Firecrackers. After setting of

    firecrackers, red pieces of paper are all around the ground and they look very beautiful.

    Of course, they are just a part of the events; we also have others such as the money, wish a happy New Year and to stay up late on New Years Eve. Spring Festival is meaningful and important for us, and it always brings us a lot of joy. We all like this special festival.

     the one that I admire most

     If someone ask me who is the one that I admire most,I will say without any hesitation,the one is Bill Gates.My reasons are as follows.

    Up to now,he is the one that owns the most world

    records.Firstly,he is the first one that earn about ten million dollars in the short twenty years,all by himself.Secondly,he is the world's richest man at the smallest age.Thirdly,he is the first one that achieve the top with his great concept,intelligence and thinking.In addition,he is the father of the software,on which he depend to gain the most wealth.

    Therefore,I will regard him as my spiritual

    leader,reminding me making every efforts to well done my studies even jobs no matter where and when I am.

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