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By Diane Washington,2014-07-10 22:03
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VISION 2020 -- St ...


    VISION 2020 -- St. Peter's Episcopal Church

    DRAFT How do we see St. Peter's in 2020?

    ? Our Values

    o Dedicated to open-mindedness, inclusiveness, intellectual stimulation

    and engaged spirituality

    ? Adjust/conduct our educational programs to acknowledge and

    embody our values of open-mindedness, inclusiveness,

    intellectual stimulation, engaged spirituality

    ? Youth development level: Let's be of service

    ? Tolerant of the intolerant

    ? View change as opportunity

    ? Respect/embrace our uniqueness -- it is valuable

    o Embrace a variety of ways to express our piety

    ? Retain Anglican heritage of inclusivity, intellectual and

    spiritual stimulation

    ? Retain traditional liturgy as touchstone for other options, AND

    focus on the present and future, not the past

    ? Encourage Fr. Jeff to keep bringing his uniqueness/charisma

    ? Keep telling the truth about our flaws and gifts

    o We learn from spiritual challenges and we

    embrace the sacred silence

    ? Engage with a variety of images of God

    o Individual's relationship is sovereign

    ? Playfully engage; embrace the presence of children ? Ample church leadership team (ordained/lay) assisting Rector

    ? Aim for diversity in leadership team, recruit if necessary

    o Active, engaged and energized parishioners with a healthy

    congregational self-esteem

    ? Claiming our gifts; welcoming, teaching, meaningful

    community; open hearts; inclusive

    ? Ensure ample variety of ways for parishioners to be of

    service helping others --- not all resonate to educational

    programs; facilitate visiting, fixing, reading, caring,

    cooking and other hands-on ways to serve and contribute

    to the greater good.

    ? A gift of our "graying" population is ample free time to

    be of service --- harness it.

    ? Make sure to take care of ourselves, e.g. Sabbath and other

    renewal activities to avoid burnout and remember why we are


    ? Working together; avoid "we" vs. "you" attitude

    ? Take our Hospitality efforts to the next level

    ? Continue to ensure friendly, welcoming faces not just to visitors,

    but to "lonely" or "introverted" members o Solid, joyful, integral, high-quality musical program

    ? Music is food for the soul -- how can we support our music


    ? Financial stability and abundant support

    o Educate, communicate, donate!

    o Successful capital building campaign

    ? Endowment of the building

    ? Goal of $1 Million to be able to address: Church building,

    rectory and its uses, drainage, trees, etc.

    ? We need a Master Plan and Long Range Plan

    ? We will need a separate campaign for any expansion plans o Successful stewardship program

    ? Courageously and unapologetically engage our parish o Successful planned giving program

    ? Assist persons who desire to remember St. Peter's in their trusts

    and wills; St. Peter's might pay for will to be redone if ethical

    ? Barbara D'Anneo, Ruth Edsall, Steve Reynolds, George Allison o Doubled membership with a healthy percentage of young families

    (See Expanded)

    o Fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities

    o Thoughtful, prayerful stewardship of our resources at each stage of

    our development

    ? Possible self-sustaining uses for Rectory Building now:

    ? Coffee shop for young adults (St. Peter's Grounds)

    ? Nurturing services: Nail shop; pedicures; massage parlor;

    vibrating chairs for relief of stress; tattoo parlor; mobile

    car detailing and animal grooming, etc.

    ? Revitalized historic church property with a beautiful addition,

    developed landscape; (See Expanded)

    o Expanded building that reflects the beauty of God's creation

    o Outreach and mission are independent of any limitations our

    historic building might present

    ? Excellent communications/visibility;

    o Recognized community leaders/spiritual movers and shakers

    ? St.Peter's continues to participate in community affairs and

    engage political leaders

    o The public sees us clearly for what we are and offer (See Expanded)

    ? Historic building/modern spirituality

    ? We are different from "white and uptight" stereotype

    o Our internal communications with our members is excellent

    ? Newsletter

    ? Website fully developed

    ? Phone trees

    o Our mission statement has been adjusted to describe our


    ? Engaged fully and proactively in the St. Peter's family and in the

    wider community, serving a variety of communities

    o Significant, self-sustaining outreach programs (See Expanded)

    o Sufficient, energetic programs to nourish the variety of

    constituencies that make up St. Peter's family, i.e. men, youth,

    adult, singles, seniors, etc.

    ? How do we reach out to men and young families and the 30-


    ? How do we mentor our members in their spiritual walk?

    ? TO DO: Continue working to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - Barbara D'Anneo offered to facilitate this

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