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I am wendy from China Health Care Nutrition Council.On the 7th-9th,May,2011, we will hold 2011 the 11th China International Green & Organic Food Expo in China International Exhibition Center. We believe that it will be an effective exhibition,because there are 30,000 agents and 50,000 consumption organizations in the world,We plan to invite 1500 exhibitors and 50,0000 professional visitor attending this expo. we have invited 800 exhibitors and 90,000 visitors who have attended 2011 the11th Green&Organic Food Expo. Meanwhile,as exhibitors request, we will also hold The 12thChina(Shanghai)International Organic Food & Green Food Expo on 22th-24th August, 2011 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. According to market research in Beijing and Shanghai,about 95% family often purchase different types of organic and green food. We sincerely invite you to attend our expo,and hope we have chance to cooperate to expand your market .

    Invitation Letter

    To( From(Miss wei 15810310934

    thThe 11 China(Beijing) International Organic Food & Green Food Expo

    ththDates: 7-9 May, 2011 Venue: China International Exhibition Center

    thThe 12 China(Shanghai)International Organic Food & Green Food Expo

    ththDates: 22-24 August, 2011 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

    Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

    Sponsors: China Health Care Nutrition Council

    Green Industry International Association

    National Organic Industry Alliance

    China Green Industry Association

    China Old Age Nutrition and Food Specialized Committee

    Co-organizer: Germany CERESShanghaiAuthentication Co., Ltd

    Beijing ECOCERT Certification Center Co., Ltd

    Organizer: Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd

    Official website:

? Review:

    The 10th China International Green Food&Organic Food Exposition have attracted around 800 exhibitors from 16 different countries and areas, such as Philippine Ministry of Agriculture PavilionTaiwai Pavilion

    Agriculture Bureau of Embassy of Malaysia Japan ZhenmingEcological Share companyHong Kong

    Jingfeng FoodHess-china Asia snack food Foods Tianjin Boatgem Qingdao Pioneer Zibo Hengrun

    Green Dot DotHaerxinBeidahuang agriculture Chen En food Hongshou BiologyHengshui Shanzhi

    Hebei Baifeng Shengye foodZhejiang xiaowangzi foodChina Western Organic Food Base etc. Especially

    in Taiwan, the exhibitors had reached 67 companies. The grand scale of this exhibition is more than 30 thousand square meters, creating the previous record.23 embassies and the relevant institutions and 36423 audiences from 27 countries (including 34873 Chinese viewers and 1550 foreigners) witness the unprecedented in this exhibition. The collective effort of domestic independent brand will be a force to be reckoned with Independent brand and foreign brands tied in the area, and introducing each new product. The organizer also pays great attention to improving the exhibition's quality during expanding the scale in order to improve the service quality and the management level and also pays attention to highlighting the specialization, internationalization, the branding of the exhibition. Making “Organic green food exhibition” into “powerful Organic green food

    exhibition” has been a new exhibition concept of “The international level A organic green food exposition”. In the communication of the exhibitors, we hear most is “we will attend the next scheduled booth and book a hall

    especially in Taiwan Taichung world trade center. At present, the bidding has fully started and the 11th China International Green Food &Organic Food Exposition is an international trade platform for organic and green food industry market to show and promote brand and use forum.

    ? Investment in Beijing&Shanghai, exhibition& promotion exploding the whole nation

    At exhibitors’ request, green food exhibition will be held in Beijing for the first half year and in Shanghai for the last half year, so we will establish the exhibition platform of covering the country and build bridges for every exhibitor to enter into china market. According to market research in Beijing and Shanghai, about 95% family often purchase different types of organic and green food, so spending money on health has become consumptive habit. In the whole world, green and organic food is the focus of the market. rapid development of organic and green food settle the request and consumption for high-end healthy food, The two biggest cities in China --Beijing and Shanghai, in which will date the friends from every country all over the world in 2011.Health exhibition will conduct vigorous propaganda in the seven areas of China, and combine popularityfortune and the market's demands to get the commercial opportunity for the clients. To create a perfect business environment, all staffs will provide the best service with unique experience. Regardless of booth’s size, you can enjoy our comfortable exhibition environment and the best service.

    ? Participating the bonuses issuing, winning market glory, expanding product sales

    All guests who participate in the exposition are entitled to take part in the bonuses issuing activity, which set Gold award, Best-Ten Brand, Good Faith model; “Appointed ProductRecommended product” award;

    (For more information, refer to organizer committee)

    ? Professional Visitors

    1Dealers, agents, clients, application service providers, logistic warehouses and green food suppliers with

    good ratings;

    2Wholesale markets for agricultural products, large supermarkets, green food chain stores, chain

    supermarkets etc;

    3Foreign purchasers located in China, Import and Export trade Companies, Commercial Sections of more

    than 130 countries, food production companies, food procession companies, technologists and managers; 4Hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment places, western restaurants, clubs, resorts, etc; 5Industry associations, more than 50 provincial liaison offices in Beijing, kindergartens, colleges and

    institutes etc.

    ? If you are one of the following providers, please reserve your booth:

    1. Organic and green food

    Fruits and vegetables, farm products ,rice, miscellaneous grain crops, vegetable oil, meat and eggs, sea food ,fast food, Leisure food, frozen food, children's food , farm and sideline local special products, aquatic product, fungus products, new resources food, national characteristic food and local special food, sea organic products,, trace elemental products

    2. Organic and green drinks

    Coffee, fruit juice, vegetable drinks, tea drinks, organic tea and tea products, green nutrients healthcare drinks, vegetable protein drinks, mineral water, honey, instant drinks. various edible sugar, wine, red wine, alcoholic cardial, white spirit, yellow wine and so on, tea, milk and dairy products, powdered milk and soy

    milk products, vegetable extractives;

    3. Organic and green condiment

    Soy sauce and vinegar, gourmet powder and chicken Powderoniongingergarlicpowdercondiment

    oilcondiment sakecomposite condiment series.

    4. Technology and equipments of food and beverage production

    Technology and device in food refrigeration, cleaning, sterilization, refreshment, machining and packing

    technology and equipments

    Exhibition Service Price List I: Booth Price

    Choose Beijing Exhibition:

    Area Dimension Fee Fee

    (Abroad) (Abroad) Extra

    Area T 3m×3m 3500 260/?

    3m×3m 3200 Floor 200/? Area A

     Luxury 3m×3m 3800 36? is the baseline to rent as raw space Booth

    Choose Shanghai Exhibition:

    Area Dimension Fee Fee

    (Abroad) (Abroad) Extra

    Area T 3m×3m 3500 260/?

    3m×3m 3200 200/? Floor Area A

     Luxury 3m×3m 3800 36? is the baseline to rent as raw space Booth

    Choose Beijing and Shanghai:

    Area Dimension Fee Fee Extra

    (Abroad) (Abroad)

    Floor Area T 3m×3m 5800 200/?

    36?(at 3m×3m 5200 150/? Area A least)


    A.10% surcharge for two opening boothB. Standard Booth(9?exhibition space,2.5m wallboard, lintel plate, a desk,

    two chairs, a 220V power socket, two daylight lamps, security and cleaning serviceC. Raw space only (area)Fee includes(exhibition space, security and cleaning service; D.36? is the baseline to rent as raw spacenot including the installation fee.

    E. Booth arranges order: paid first, served first. F.US dollars need to be converted to the corresponding RMB according to the

    US dollar index of the exact day.

    II( Forum Price

    Within3 Forum Free service: $2000 hours(half a day) 1.A conference hall for more than 150 people; Forum Within 2 hours $1500 2.Power socket, projector, stereo, microphone; Technology 3.Guide in the exhibition center and Ads board Within 1 hour $1000 communication position; Attract investment Within 1 hour $1000 4.Broadcasting service and audience organization; Within half an Products Introduction $600 hour

III(Advertisement Price

    Catalog Catalog Cover Color Pages Black and white Catalog Color Page

    Cover (the second, inside of Catalog Pages of Catalog Spread Back Cover

    third page)

    $3800 $3200 $3000 $2500 $2000 $1000

    Ticket Invitation Letter Visit Ticket Handbag Stair Banner Color door

    $800/10,000pcs $1000/1000pcs $3000/10,000pcs $1200/1000pcs USD1000/1piece $4500

    Balloon (Diameter 3m) Lantern Rome Pillar Banner Wall Banner Flag

    Banner 15mX1.4m (Diameter5m) 20mX10m 24mx3m 1.5mx0.45m

    Banner 15mX1.4m

    $3000/1 $3000/1 $2000/1 $3000/1 $4000/1

    ? Participation Procedure and Explanation

    1Exhibitors must have valid hygienic license, business license and products approval documents; 2Exhibitors should firstly contact the organizing committee to choose their ideal booth position, then fill in

    the exhibition application form and agreement form. Mail or fax the forms with your signatures to the

    organizing committee. This contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Faxes or copies

    are valid.

    3Booth Distribution Principle:Paid first, served first.

? Organizing Committee(Shibowei International Exposition Co.,Ltd

    Address: Room 904, Cell 4, Building 1, No 69(Fortune street tower), Chaoyang District, Chaoyang Road, Beijing

    Post Code:100023



    Contact: wendy 86-0-15810310934


More business opportunities by being our sponsors

    The advantage of being a sponsor

    A. Enterprises are entitled to enjoy the synchronized advertising

    B. Enjoy the best cognitive effect from the professional spectators with those organizations which attend the exposition when arriving the exposition.

    C. Gain the best advantage of overall impressive advertisement with a least investment.

    Sponsors would enjoy the following benefits from us:

    A. Special treatment B. Promotion on the opening ceremony C .Exhibition Advertisement D. Advertisement on the Invitation letter E. Catalogue advertisement F. Promotion on the website G. Media Advertisement H. Forum I. Visit Ticket or Visit Card Advertisment. J. The best booth for sponsors

    For more details, please inquire the organizing committee.

    Application Form and Agreement If you need ,please sign “?” in “?”

    th? We are willing to participate The 11 International Organic& Green Food Expo” at China International Exhibition Center on 7th-9th May,2011

    ? We are willing to participate “The 12th China(Shanghai)International Organic Food & Green Food

    Expo” at Shanghai New International Expo Center on 22th-24th August, 2011 ? We are willing to participate exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai and assure that pay all charges off and comply with unified arrangement and management of the organizing committee

    Your name on riggle is subject to Company In English:

    this Name

    Address Post Code

    Telephone Fax E-mail

    Contact post Mobile


    Professional visitors you expect:

    Apply to rent : use “?”

    ?Shell Scheme: ____m×____m=____ m?____section, No______/ fee_________

    ?Indoor space Only : ____m×____m=____ m?__________ No______/ fee_________

    ?Communication Seminar:______________________ session/fee_________

    ?Catalogue page:______________________________ /fee_________

    ?Other advertisement: __________________________ /fee_________

    Payment date( USD:______; We paid the rent before______(Date),and mailed the remittance voucher

    to the organizer.

    Account Name: Shibowei International Exposition Co.,Ltd(Beijing)

    Account 137 181 516 010 006 159


    Bank: Jingguang Sub-branch, Beijing Branch, Guangdong Development Bank


    1.Exhibitors should abide by the regulations, no fake products and no infringements, no sublease, and no

    revocation in advance.

    2.The exhibitors must remit money to the designated account by the sponsors within 7 days. Or the sponsors

    are entitled to adjust some booth on the condition that the exhibitors agree with that.

    3 This agreement is formally confirmed when exhibitors sign the agreement and pay the fees. Organizer is entitled to adjust

    certain booth when necessary, yet the exhibitors’ opinion are also needed.

    4. The exhibitors need to cancel the contract because something happened, they must inform the organizing company of it,

    and pay the fee until the contract is canceled according to the item speculated in the contract.

    5The contract will be valid from the day it was signed to the end of the exhibition. Both parties must fulfill

    respective rights and obligations, except for irresistible factors, any party mustn’t violate the agreement.

    6.This agreement is in two copies, both party have a copy.(Faxed sealed copy is also valid for both party)

    Organizer(Seal): Exhibitor: Shibowei International Exposition Co.,Ltd (Seal) Contact: Wendy Phone: 86-10-85785006-628 Contact: Fax: 86-10-51413308 Date: Date:

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