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TRUSTS BINGO (Ramsay)-Cards & Instructionsdoc - Trusts Bingo ...

    Trusts bingo with D. peter ramsay, Q,C.

Have you yearned for a way to combine Law, Bingo and Drinking? Are you looking for a way to make

    Ramsay’s Trusts class tolerable…or even fun? Have you exhausted the Internet and need new

    distractions during lectures? If so, welcome to Trusts Bingo!

Following are an assortment of ready-made Bingo cards, as well as a blank template Bingo card that you

    can use to create your own cards.


    -2 or more players

    -1 bingo card per player

    -a highlighter (bingo “dabbers” are too obvious)

    -money for drinks after class


    The game starts as soon as Ramsay walks into class and continues until he finishes. Pay attention what

    he says, when he says it, and what he is wearing. If he fulfills any of the requirements of your squares, fill

    in that square. The centre square is a freebee.

When you have completed a five square line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) you have a Bingo. Email or

    otherwise signal the other players.

A player is welcome to ask questions of Ramsay during the lecture to guide him towards something that

    will fulfill the requirement of a particular square. To do so is not cheating.


    We are playing for drinks here. The first person to get Bingo gets one drink (of the winner’s choosing)

    from each of the losers. (We played in a group of three, so the most you could win was two drinks.)

If no one gets a Bingo then the person with the most squares filled in is the winner.

If no one gets Bingo and there are two people who have the same number of completed squares, then

    the loser(s) must by drinks for both of the winners.

If no one gets Bingo and all players have the same number of squares filled in, then just go to the bar and

    drink, which means that everyone wins!

You may keep playing after the first person gets Bingo, but only first Bingo is a winner; any subsequent

    Bingos are still losers.


If a player gets the first Bingo and he or she immediately stands up and shouts “Bingo!”, that person gets

a $20 cash bonus from the losers. (None of us ever had the nerve to do this, but perhaps someday

someone will.)


    P E T E R

    Refers to Draws an something Shares a Says arrow Says “died at a line maxim about “Nanaimo” on the intestate” between 1 “Equity” board & 10 (inclusive) Shares a Refers to Quotes a Personal an odd Latin Wears a Says Anecdote numbered maxim cardigan “Blackacre” from his paragraph (at least 3 sweater law in a case words) practice Asks the class a Shares a question Method of Refers to that has Says screwing 1absolutely “Form A” over stnothing to year your family do with the Property course.

    Refers to the Tells a story Writes a Says that a Estate Says about a Latin word judge was Administration “Rogue” former on the wrong Act student board

    Says Tells a story Mentions his something Wears Says about Mary “Succession” about the corduroy “fiduciary” Southin course “Law Society”


    P E T E R

    Reads Wears a directly Says Says Wears a sweater from any “Blackacre” “Court of jacket vest Act or Appeal” Statute

    Shares a Refers to Says Says Personal an even something Says “escheats Anecdote numbered that makes “the Island” to the from his paragraph the class Crown” law in a case laugh practice

    Asks the Refers to class a something Shares a question at Says method of that has An odd “Land Title screwing absolutely numbered Office” over your nothing to line spouse do with the course. Says Tells a Writes a anything story Refers to the Law Says case name about about a and Equity Act “rogue” on the “Lord former board Denning” student

    Shares a Refers to maxim 1about “Equity” Mentions any st year Says that a judge Does “air current Property was wrong quotes” UBC law professor by name



Tells a story Says Writes a Refers to Says about a “precatory number on a case not in “rogue” former language” the board the syllabus student Mentions Shares a any sitting Tells a story Personal Says Supreme Says about when Anecdote “Blackacre” Court “Squamish” he was in from his Justice by law school law name practice Refers to Shares a something Comments Says method of on an odd on class “tax screwing numbered attendance implications” over your line family Gets Announces Reads something a change directly wrong and Wears a Mentions to the from any is jacket the Jen Lau syllabus or Act or corrected CAN schedule Statute by a student Asks the class a question Refers to that has 1absolutely nothing to Stresses the Refers to Writes a do with the stthe Land year importance Latin word course. Title Act Property of on the “Registration” board


    P E T E R

    Draws a circle Shares a Refers to Says around Says “died maxim a line “Nanaimo” something intestate” about number on the “Equity” ending in board “een” Talks Refers to about an Talks Mentions any an odd Act or about one current UBC Says numbered Statute of his law professor “Blackacre” paragraph that no former by name in a case longer clients exists Asks a question that has Keeps the Refers to Does “air absolutely class past 1quotes” nothing to 12:25 (wall stdo with clock time) year the Property course.

    Tells a Disagrees Writes a Refers to the story Says with a number Wills Variation about a “old lady” judge’s on the Act former ruling board student

    Tells a story Says Calls on a about Tells a story Says his something male when he about Mary own last about the student was in law Southin name “Law school Society”


    P E T E R

    Says Announces Shares a donatio Wears a Quotes a change method of mortis sweater any Act or to the screwing causa vest Statute syllabus or over schedule your family Refers to an even Calls on a Says Mentions a Says numbered student by “the Island” case from “Rogue” paragraph name the 19th C in a case

    Refers to something Draws a Mentions a at circle class at A line Says around UBC law number “Land Title something other than between Office” on the Trusts or 35 & 45 board Property (inclusive)

    Says Keeps the Writes a anything Refers to the Says class past case name Law and about “Form A” 12:25 (wall on the Equity Act “Lord clock time) board Denning”

    Shares a Personal Says “The Says the Refers to a Discusses Anecdote Three name of case not on the dissent from his Certainties” any judge the syllabus in a case law practice


    P E T E R

    Refers to a Wears a Writes a Refers to Draws an subsection cardigan number on a case not in arrow on of any Act or sweater the board the syllabus the board Statue

    Mentions any sitting Stresses the Says Says “The Supreme Mentions importance “escheats Four Court current of to the Unities” Justice by events “Registration” Crown” name Refers to Offers something Comments advice for Refers to his on an odd on class when we “Succession” numbered attendance are in course line practice Gets something Says Says “inter Says wrong & is Says “House “fiduciary vivos “residue” corrected of Lords” duty” by a student

    Refers to Says something in Does “air “Lower the 3quotes” Mainland” Refers to the Statute Says rd of Frauds “historically” paragraph of a case.


    P E T E R

    Gets Says Says donatio Wears a something “individual Says mortis sweater wrong & is ascertainability “old lady” causa vest corrected test” by a student

    Ends the Says his own Refers to his Says “inter class before Says last name “Succession” vivos 12:20 (wall “Rogue” course clock time)

    Mentions Asks a any sitting Mentions a question that Supreme Draws an class at UBC has absolutely Court arrow on law other nothing to do Justice by the board than Trusts with the name or Property course.

    Mentions any Says Says current UBC Talks about Says “Form A” “Vancouver” law professor law reform “historically” by name

    Shares a Makes the Says the Refers to a Discusses the Personal class name of line number dissent in a Anecdote laugh any judge divisible by 5 case from his law practice


    P E T E R

     Refers to something Draws a circle Shares a at a line Does “air Says “The around maxim number quotes” Four Unities” something on about between the board “Equity” 15 & 25 (inclusive) Refers to Talks about Refers to Talks a page an Act or an even Says about one choses in number Statute that numbered of his action divisible no longer paragraph in a former by 25 exists case clients Refers to Writes a a case Refers to Says subsection name 1“the Island” of any Act on the st year or Statue board Property

    Talks about Mentions Refers to Refers to Refers to the a new the BC a case not the Law & Wills Variation development Law on the Equity Act Act in the law Institute syllabus

    Tells a story Talks about Says about when how the law in Calls on a something Wears a he was in BC is different student by about the jacket law school from that in name “Law Ontario Society”

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