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    Look at. ……

    Teaching aims:

    1. Knowledge objects.

    Words: fat. Woman. Thin. Short .dirty. Clean .hot cold old. young

    busy , lazy

    2. Ability object

    Train the SS speaking and reading ability. 3. Moral object

    How to speak with the others in a polite way. Important point.

    1. Train the SS speaking ability

    2. Master the new phrase and sentences pattern and make the SS be free

    talk in this situation.

    Difficult point.

    How to improve the Ss reading and speaking ability. Teaching methods.

    1.listening ,reading, practicing

    2. Individual pair or group work to make every Ss work in class.

    Teaching aids.

    The blackboard, teaching procedures

    Step1.General remarks (Revision)

    1. Greet the class as usual (good morning/good afternoon/ evening).

    2. Review the last lesson

    How are you? /how is Tony?

    Fine, thanks. And you?

    Step2. Listening.

    Listen to the tape and do the exercises.

    Picture 1.Pattern: A: is that man fat or thin?

    B: the man is fat. He is not thin


Step3. New words

    Words:1.fat. 肥大的2.Woman女人,. 3.Thin. 瘦的 4.Short. 矮的5.tall6.Dirty肮脏的. 7.Clean. 干净的8.Hot 热的9.Cold 寒冷10.Old11.. Young年轻的.12.Busy忙碌的13.lazy懒惰的

    Step4. Practice

    Get individual students to ask each other questions and make their own

    dialogue in the following way. A: is that man fat or thin? B: the man is fat. He is not thin Step5 Exercises. (Lesson 10) Page51

    1. Write the correct question in this dialogue. (Part 1)

    2. Fill in he’s, she’s or it’s. (Part 2)

    3. Look at the situation what do you say. (Part3)


    1. Learn the words and phrases. 2. Recite the dialogue.

    3. Do the rest of the exercises


    Lead in with questions homework New words

    1. 1. 1.



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