October 15, 2004 - MIS Faculty Meeting Agenda

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October 15, 2004 - MIS Faculty Meeting Agenda


    MIS Faculty Meeting

    October 15, 2004, 1:00 2:30 p.m., Schneider 221

    Present: Tom Hilton, Tony Keys, Bruce Lo, John Melrose, Joline Morrison, Mike Morrison, Ruidong Zhang Excused: Dale Johnson

o The minutes of the 8/23/04 faculty retreat (available at were approved.

    o The next faculty meeting will be Friday, December 3, from 1:30-3:00 pm in SSS 221.


    Information Item, ABET Accreditation Update

    Tom gave a quick ABET Accreditation update noting that Fred Kohun, of Robert Morris University, is willing to share his self study report with us. Fred has indicated that he will respond positively if he is asked to serve on the site visit committee.

Action Item, CS Request for Joint Programs Postponed

    Mike Wick, CS Department chair, asked to meet with the MIS Department to develop joint programs. Tom Hilton suggested postponing such meetings until current MIS personnel issues are settled. The consensus of the MIS faculty was to support the postponement.

Information Item, FYE Section of MIS 240

    Debbie Gough, director of UWEC advising, suggests that the MIS Department offer a First-Year Experience section of MIS 240 to get more exposure for the MIS major. The consensus of the faculty was that this is a good idea and should be pursued. Tom Hilton noted, however, that Tom Dock had elsewhere expressed to him the reservation that such a course would incur unreimbursable additional costs.


    Information Item, College Advising Proposal

    Tom Dock proposes to relieve the advising load of faculty in the larger majors by having centralized advising in the Dean’s office for lower-division students. Students admitted to the College will be advised by faculty in their major department. The present proposal also requires PAC codes for all business students rather than for only lower-division students as is presently the case. The decision will ultimately be made by vote of the College faculty. Tom Hilton will circulate the text of the proposal to the MIS faculty.

Information Item, Required Core Semester

    It has been proposed to make five BUSCORE courses (BSAD 305, FIN 320, MKTG 330, MGMT 340, and MGMT 341 prerequisite to most 400-level courses in the College. This is to keep students from entering senior-level courses without BUSCORE knowledge. The departments can exempt 400-level courses from this where appropriate, e.g., internship and independent study courses. Mike Morrison noted that this could hamper efforts to form joint programs with CS since CS majors might want 400-level MIS courses but not have taken the 300-level BUSCORE courses.


    Information Item, College Grant Proposals

    Tom Hilton reminded the faculty that College of Business Research Grant proposals for summer support are due at noon on November 8. He also noted that Curricular-Focused Technology Development Grant proposals are due at noon on November 22.

Information Item, MBAA 2005

    Tom Hilton will represent the MIS Department at MBAA in 2005 (3/16-18 at the Palmer House in Chicago). Tom reminded the faculty that at least one and preferably two MIS faculty members should attend MBAA each year, at Tom Dock’s request. He will ask for two volunteers for 2006 at the next faculty meeting.


    Action Item, Office Furniture Upgrade

    Schneider 414 (Ruidong Zhang’s office) will be refurnished this year in keeping with the office upgrade program started last year with the refurnishing of Schneider 401, 406, 411, and 415. At Ruidong’s request, Room 414 will be

    refurnished the same as Room 415. Connie Stafford will coordinate the purchase with the Dean’s Office and Badger

    State Industries, the supplier. At Bruce Lo’s request, Room 409 (Bruce’s office) will not be refurnished this year.

Information Item, Room 203 Whiteboard

    Dale Johnson has ordered replacement Whiteboard material for Room 203 because the present material is impossible to erase cleanly. He has a swatch of the new material in his office for inspection.

Action Item, Homework space

    MIS students are presently forbidden by College policy from doing homework in SSS 204 without an instructor present. During the day this is an issue, but Room 203 is available at night. The faculty who teach in Room 203 agreed to let MIS students quietly do homework during class at any open workstation. They also agreed to arrange their classes so empty workstations are nearest the door.


    Information Item, Annual Meeting with the Provost’s Office

    Tom Hilton reported that the annual meeting with the Provost’s Office went very well. He reported that the primary

    issues this year will be building enrollment and hiring new faculty. He reported that the Provost’s staff are all very supportive of the MIS Department.

Action Item, Sedona

    MIS faculty will finish entering their information into Sedona by December 15 since Sedona will be used to do the annual faculty reviews.


    Information Item, Fall Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

    Joline Morrison is preparing the Fall Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes.

Action Item, CIS Conference

    The annual CIS Conference will be held March 10-11, 2005 at the Plaza Hotel & Suites. We have a verbal agreement only with the Plaza. John Melrose will check on the written contract. Tom requested topic suggestions from the faculty. All MIS faculty agreed to participate as needed for a successful conference.

Action Item, Recruiting New Majors

    Tom Hilton has met with Jacqueline Bonneville (advising director) and Kris Anderson (student recruiting director) regarding recruitment of new majors for MIS. Both were very supportive. Jacqueline invited Tom to present to the monthly meeting of Advising Office staff which he did on October 14, and Kris invited Tom to participate in Saturday question-answer sessions for high school students and their parents who are interested in UWEau Claire.

    Kris also suggested that we email all undeclared majors on campus. In addition, Tom made a presentation to the October meeting of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) and the Advising Staff Meeting on October 14. The faculty agreed to the advantage of the following opportunities to recruit:

    ; GEN 250 on Oct 20 at 3:00 pm where Tom will present the virtues of the MIS field to undeclared majors ; A 30-minute ―MIS Major Blitz by MIS Faculty on October 21, from 4:30-5:00 pm in the Schneider Lobby

    ; Participation in the Major Fair on October 28

    ; GEN 102 where Tom will present the virtues of the MIS field to undeclared majors

    ; PBL presentation where Tom will present the virtues of the MIS field

    ; Milwaukee IT Leadership Forum on November 9 at 3:00 pm where Tom will present the virtues of the MIS

    field to about 20 CIO’s

    ; MIS careers presentation by Cargill in MIS 240

    ; The ―other‖ MIS Web Site ( it a Fun‖ web site run by the students

    ; The following other ideas were brainstormed: Write recruitment letters to the better MIS 240 students; have

    Gretchen and Kou make the letter less stodgy. Have MIS faculty promote the major to their students in class.

    Meet with Chuck Tomkovick to begin formulating an MIS marketing plan.

    All faculty agreed to get Tom more ideas on promoting the MIS major.

Action Item, SIM/AITP

    Ruidong presented an update on SIM/AITP. He asked for Department support in organizing a Chippewa Valley professional chapter; all faculty agreed to help. An organizational meeting is scheduled for November 4 at 11:30am at the Green Mill Restaurant. Tom & Ruidong will plan and publicize it, and all other available MIS faculty will attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Connie Jo Stafford, PA

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