ICT Skill

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ICT Skill

    Suggested I am able to… ICT Skill Software (Tick the box)


    Nelson Park

    ICT Staff Skill Audit 2004

    The purpose of this exercise is to identify staff skills and develop a targeted Professional Development Programme. Please assist us by recording your name.

Thank you.

    Research use technology to locate information from various sources, eg web

    favourites, web links, library catalogue, Internet

    CD ROM menus Explorer use menus and icons to locate relevant information from familiar sources, eg ROMs Can collect information from an internet

     site and talk about it send email to students and experts

     around the world with assistance suggest words required to effectively search electronic sources, eg library

     catalogue, conduct simple searches employing various search engines and using

     single or combined key words

     locate book marked or linked web sites use appropriate technology tools and resources to accomplish research

     tasks skim electronic sources for relevant

     keywords and graphics

    Suggested I am able to… ICT Skill Software (Tick the box) Word Processing save work on hardrive, desktop, disk Microsoft Word use full stop, caps lock, shift & delete use capital letters select and highlight text change size, style, colour and font add to saved text proof read and edit using delete, cursor

    & mouse print work find saved work change page setup type a paragraph of 3 sentences using two hands use columns cut, copy and paste composes and sends messages (emails) Publishing

    Microsoft draw a picture using a tool bar Publisher insert text insert picture from gallery use and manipulate text boxes

    Suggested I am able to… ICT Skill Software (Tick the box) add borders & backgrounds change size & shape of graphics add colour to drawn shapes use layout guides Database

    Microsoft find database software Access collect appropriate information type in information create own fields

     perform simple finds perform simple filters print out selected information save work retrieve work Spreadsheet find spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel insert information into appropriate columns & rows save work retrieve work create simple bar charts

    Suggested I am able to… ICT Skill Software (Tick the box) create simple pie charts create simple line graphs perform simple addition perform simple subtraction perform simple multiplication perform simple division Multimedia

    Microsoft add new slide PowerPoint. insert text insert graphics insert backgrounds create borders insert sound narration, sound effects insert music set timing for music insert movie clips add hyperlinks add action buttons add custom animation set rehearsed timing

    Hardware pick or record their own voice use video camera to record create a series of slides that will link together add transitions add digital images from a library

     Digital camera

     Scanned images

     Movies press pause, eject tape, insert in VCR to view, use tripod locate video clip on tape by using forward & reverse. Pause play focus, view pictures, locate software focus, wind on film prepare a fax for sending, dial in fax number and use under supervision make a presentation using

    transparencies insert tape, forward, rewind, play &

    record. Insert and eject tape. Turn tape over. use a telephone book, receive a message, can use speaker phones place original correctly in machine, select number of copies, press start..

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