On the reverse psychology of positive significance in the moral_5234

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On the reverse psychology of positive significance in the moral_5234

    On the reverse psychology of positive significance in the moral

     Paper Keywords: moral Education, reverse psychology, positive role Abstract: On the youth's rebellious. Academia, there has been a different understanding. And the negatives are most common. This paper argues that the practice of moral Education, for the rebellious young people from the two levels of negative and positive understanding. its positive aspects should be given particular attention to youth Education workers. to take full advantage of its positive role.

    constantly enhance the effectiveness of moral Education. "Reverse psychology" as early as 80 years in the 20th century theorists had caused concern. Many scholars from different angles, which were studied. Young people to "reverse

    psychology" to the ideological and moral Education of the larger problem is caused by obstacles educators of young people's attention. I believe that the practice of moral education among young people, the "reverse psychology" can play a positive role. First, the meaning of different interpretations of psychological reactance Because of the different perspective of their different scholars, the definition of reverse psychology mixed. For example, someone from a sociological perspective. Be defined as individuals

    affected by social pressure groups or other individuals, after which their values are not judged shown by discontent or disgust. Yuanyin not even consider the consequences of actions taken by the confrontation. This view will not only comes down

    to a rebellious attitude. Ye attributed to an antagonistic behavior. The definition of reverse psychology and confirmed the existence of antagonistic behavior close contact, which is correct, but has not effectively distinguish the two. wrong to

    equate them. driven in reverse psychology. Parties may have antagonistic behavior, but may not show significant out rebellious acts. Reverse psychology is to generate the internal mechanisms of antagonistic behavior, rebellious behavior is the outward manifestation of psychological

    reactance, the two are not identical, it does not necessarily simultaneously. such as personality introvert type of person, even had a reverse psychology, it does not necessarily explicit rebellious behavior. Another academic study

    from the perspective of thinking. The role that reverse psychology is the same thing at the individuals, more than the

    acceptable limits of individual sensory generated a contrary experience, is an individual from the habit of consciously thinking track, in the opposite direction of thinking to explore. This view tend to boil down to Converse Thinking reverse psychology. This view recognizes the reverse psychology of the individual in the thinking of thinking when there is an active role in Converse, correctly reveals the

    reverse psychology is one of the causes of rebellious thinking. However, between There is no causal link. In most cases, the rebellious people thinking just a way of thinking. it does not necessarily result from reverse psychology, the

    two areas exist in different areas, but not necessarily linked to contact. If When scientists to explore new knowledge, often the rebellious thought, but he is for something not in conflict caused by the rebellious generated, but an effective way of thinking to explore new knowledge. Another scholar from the perspective of developmental psychology, the reverse psychology is defined as "certain stages of life, because of physical and mental immaturity, lack of coordination or recessionary, shown by some be considered a

    violation conventional psychology and behavior, "and even some scholars attributed directly to the rebellious adolescent-

    specific phenomenon, that its essence is the socialization of young people in the long process of evolving a stable tendency

    of reverse psychology. This view that a rebellious mentality surface of the main distribution. Mostly young people, this is correct, but this is just to understand reverse psychology reverse psychology have emphasized the subjective factors.

    While ignoring the rebellious mentality adverse social reasons or objective factors such as education, is a rebellious one-

    sided understanding. This understanding is therefore biased. In the discourse of moral education, the rebellious mainly

    refers to the control of an anti-social and psychological

    state. Is under certain conditions, the educated have some subjective desire of educators with opposite emotions and behavior. That cause a negative behavior to the requirements and is educated on educational content, forms of education, educational methods, educational environment, educators have bored. Resentment, antagonism. Even refused to education and the corresponding emotional experience and behavioral tendencies. From the foregoing. Whether the academic

    point of view or the other ideological and moral education. Almost without exception, will be defined in negative psychological reactance level, held a negative attitude. And I

believe that reverse psychology in addition to negative

    effects, as well as its positive role. And the latter's position in the moral education of young people is especially important. Therefore, the "reverse psychology" is defined, should be two levels of negative and positive. From a negative perspective, rebellious mainly refers to the individual in the stimulated when the stimulus does not have any judgments and evaluation, reflection on the conditions of conflict and confrontation Psychological Side. stimulating themselves do not care about this kind of psychological or groups of their

    own beneficial or harmful. Just blindly deny, and confrontation, to meet their own particular psychological needs. Often manifested in behavior. Were asked to east, and he west side. Regardless of the east is correct, just keep

    the requirements to do the opposite. From a positive perspective, the reverse psychology mainly refers to the individuals subject to value judgments and their own right, or inconsistent with the reality of the situation from the contrary from the stimulation , in order to stick to their principled stand conflict and confrontation resulting from psychological. This psychology is not blind. But first carried out on the stimulus itself, value judgments. Only when the individual is recognized stimulus itself is wrong or

    unreasonable, when it produced a backlash. The purpose is often in order to cause irritation to the attention of those to correct the error. Or show his dissatisfaction with the content of the stimulus. Thus making the content want to be

    changed to stimulate or further improved. Second, the positive aspects of adolescent psychological reactance We do not deny that there are a lot of reverse psychology really a negative role. Even the ideological and political education is invalid or the crux of the failure of one. All things are divided into two. Reverse psychology is no exception, in the moral education of young, rebellious also played an active role. (A) of the young people to pursue an independent and innovative When educators are still to young children as a naive view of the time, unaware of their self-awareness has

    been quietly began to change. Many parents and teachers seems to be suddenly felt a sudden these kids or students to become obedient. when they did not like the child, parents and

    teachers, then obedience to begin do not understand, things go wrong to think independently. No matter how adults look at them, they already have their own strong adult sense of hope that their views can be respected, and when this demand are

    not met, they will have a reverse psychology, or even explicit as a rebellious act to get attention. In a sense, this reflects the rebellious the young people a strong sense of independence, they began to demand a separate identity of the individual to participate in social life, and has formed a self-evaluation and evaluation of social standards on others. This is for young people to pursue independence a necessary stage of maturity, so they are thus shown for the reverse psychology, if guided correctly educators, no doubt contribute to its growth. In addition, young people with a strong sense of curiosity is a significant characteristics. They like new things and new knowledge, against the excessive interference and restraint of adult, showing a strong desire to desire is

    different and innovative. in the creation, driven by desire, they will oppose the practice, the role of the rebellious, they will reverse thinking, when educators should recognize that this breakthrough in the conventional and traditional,

    classical and authority of the challenge and dare to be thinking the opposite direction of courage, creative thinking often lead to inspiration. Therefore, from this perspective , as long as educators to correctly understand this and to guide

    young people as the pursuit of innovation is different and unconventional arising reverse psychology. Undoubtedly become useful for their important and positive meaning, because each educators understand that creativity has always been a fundamental feature of all the talents. (B youth

    discontent of social evils We have ideological and political education for young people, often only the good side of propaganda. Intentionally or unintentionally, exaggerate the bright side even to shelter some of the dark side of society

    and the ugly phenomenon. However, the youth has a considerable cognitive ability, and the value of the initial set up their own criteria. They had initially learned to observe the social, When they found themselves observed is not consistent

    with being educated, Youwei fact, it will have resistance, and induce reverse psychology. For example, when we promote the fine tradition of hard struggle when. Happens in their surroundings to the existence of leading cadres in particular eating and drinking, pomp and other evils of extravagance. So, they receive education, they will by the resentment of the evils, instead of the suspected ideological and political education , resulting in reverse psychology. However, through careful analysis, we find that they are not antagonistic against the substance of this fine tradition of hard work

    itself. But to stand with the fine tradition of the expression of the social evils of discontent. Because of their weak power, although the strong resentment and hate, but could

    do nothing, so the positive publicity and education on the rebellious, they become their way of venting. Therefore, From this perspective, that reverse psychology is a positive sense, it reinforces a certain extent, young people and political

    sensitivity, strengthen their dark side and the evils of social justice position, prompting them to seek truth from facts approach to observe and understand social reality. that is, the existence of reverse psychology is not only the ideological and political barriers to education, and under the guidance of Bi in the right help train high quality of the younger generation, thereby reversing the social

    irregularities . Links to Research Papers Download http:// (out of three young people questioned the actual bias problem

    Although cognitive abilities in young people is also difficult to reach the issue of bias from the actual height of a profound criticism, but this time they also have begun to have a certain ability to understand the world, because they

    accepted the theory and practice discrepancies and suspicious. Even negative, resulting in resistance, produced an objective tendency on the positive role Dizhi. Therefore, Zhezhong psychological reactance is positive, it is worthwhile to promote. For instance, young people under the theory of knowledge, his personal Shenghuo experience and observation of social reality, on the practical content of education, the efficiency of the educational methods do not speak and so easy to produce rebellious and explicit as the rebellious behavior, prompting educators reflect on ways and means of continuous improvement of education, then promote the ideological and moral education of scientific and modern. In another example, the end of the century, it was an open forum at the University

    of abuses of communism, Marxism, collectivism, and reporting process, some students walked out and later gave the letter the Party Central Committee , causing the central leadership's attention. Propaganda promote the theme of education made the

    decision to allow young people do not get lost political direction. can not be denied, it is such an active rebellious, and antagonistic behavior explicit in order to objectively strengthened the ideology of the right stick. regardless of

    whether this adolescent psychological reactance to achieve this understanding is highly subjective results, but undeniably an objective to generate a positive role.

    Third, the positive lead young rebellious Although the existence of the rebellious youth of the positive factors, but

    can not deny that this positive factor is spontaneous. For young people from immature to mature in which the special stage, this spontaneous behavior is difficult to increase their self-conscious behavior . so. If not promptly reverse

    psychology on them to actively guide, they will inevitably be many ways because of their immaturity, so that those who should have played a positive role to play a positive role in rebellious or difficult to reverse. If not actively guide their preference wrong resistance, it may make them gradually from the error on the tendentious ideological and moral education of the rebellious. Into the ideological and moral education of the whole rebellious, if not in time to guide them to the dark side and the evils of social discontent and rebellious generation. Is easy to make them lose confidence in moral education, of social reality despair impede their healthy growth, if not properly guide their independence and the pursuit of innovation is different and is easy to make it

    difficult for them to correctly understand and maintain their self-esteem , the necessary criticism and education as the damage of their own dignity, refused to accept, do not recognize their own problems to see the extreme and one-sided.

    Therefore, education of young people who have to actively guide the rebellious. This positive level of reverse psychology can play a positive role. (A) analyze the problem properly educated inspired Young people active in their thinking, already have a certain amount of observation and analysis of problems. But. The lack of social experience and easily make them difficult to analyze properly aware of his own problems. At this time, educators must grasp the opportunity of education and guide them to correctly

    understand and analyze the problem. For example, when young people found that out of education serious problems in the real bias against the rebellious students, the educators to inspire young people adopt a pragmatic approach to analyze the

    reasons for their emotions have to resist. Allow them to raise their own problems found. And, for they have made reasonable opinions and ideas should be given positive recognition, but also so that they learn to face these issues objectively, harden their positions, and use the right words to promote education and action to correct their own mistakes. Of course, education in the boot at the same time, but also to the defects of education to reflect on their own, more

communication with young people, as soon as possible to

    correct the error, minimize the loss and damage. In this way, young people can re-establish the trust of ideological and

    political education. (Ii) the positive convince the educated Educators must adhere to positive persuasion,

    reason with the facts and methods to make educated believe the truth. Learn to look at the problem. Such as when the dark side of youth and the evils of social discontent and the positive publicity generated for reverse psychology, the educator must be patient and positive persuasion, with a positive example to young people why the information the content is correct, is that they must accept. at the same time guide them to learn to use analysis of major and minor conflicts. Recognizing the mainstream of society is good, not

    because of individual evils and negative on the whole community. You can also use some of the party and the government against corruption, building a harmonious society examples to explain that these evils will eventually be met with legal sanctions to enable them to clear the confusion, discontent to vent. In the process, their strong sense of justice and social responsibility, and concern for the fate of the mission, full recognition should be given to further help them to establish the correct world, life and values. (C) give the full trust and understanding educated Educators in education should give full play to democracy, to give full trust and understanding, educated, and on this basis, guide them to learn the method of dialectical thinking. Adolescents

    creative divergent thinking, such as strong, do not want in accordance with the conventional way of thinking to think about problems, and even in the opposite direction of thinking to grasp the problem, then education should be to analyze

    specific issues and should not blindly adopt simple and crude way to suppress this kind of thinking, the correct principle in the direction of a large the premise. May wish to encourage them to go their own way to think independently. At

    the same time, neither of them drift, timely and guide them to grasp the dialectic method of understanding the world do to prevent them as too radical. Deviated from the innovative thinking and makes the right direction. (D) sense of respect for the independence of the educated The

    independence requirements of young people is very strong. This is one of them towards maturity. Education should fully respect their independence, and guide them to establish the correct value of non-standard and evaluation system to help

    them early completion of the social, grow into a truly independent members of society. Education should not be like the education of children, as to tell young people what not to do, but should teach them to judge for yourself what is right

    and what is wrong, do not do, guide them to learn on their own correct evaluation of behavior and learn to self-reflection

    and self-education. This not only eliminated because they had brought about the independence of the pursuit of reverse psychology, but also through the respect of their independence and to meet the aims of education to achieve the same, so to better help them to mature early, grow a useful talent for the community. further also said that through a lot of intensive work, we will also greatly encourage young people to maintain and innovative spirit and ability, so that they can grow into the modern society needs creative talents. reposted elsewhere in the Research Papers Download http://

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