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Composition (6A) 1. Be friends of the Earth We all want to be friends of the earth. Friends of the earth help to keep the environment clean. Sometimes people pollute the environment. We must ask them not to do so. We help to pick up litter. We have only one earth. We live on the earth. The earth is our home. So we must look after our home. ..

     Composition (6A)

    1. Be friends of the Earth

    We all want to be friends of the earth. Friends of the earth help to keep the environment clean.

    Sometimes people pollute the environment. We must ask them not to do so. We help to pick

    up litter. We have only one earth. We live on the earth. The earth is our home. So we must

    look after our home.

2. A hardworking student

    I have many hardworking classmates in my class. Jack is one of them. He is our monitor. He

    comes to school early. He works hard at all the subjects when he cant work out a maths

    problem, he always thinks hard first and then asks the teacher. His hard work makes him get

    good marks he is friendly and helpful. Everyone likes him.

3. My birthday

    Last Sunday was my birthday. We had a birthday party at home. Many friends came to the

    party. I received many presents. We sang, danced, played games and ate nice food. At last we

    shared a birthday cake. We had a good time that day.

4. YLE (P24)

    Ben, kitty and Alice are in the classroom. They are showing their photographs to the class.

    Ben has been to the beach with Dad. This is a photo of it. They are playing volleyball. Kitty

    has been to the shopping mall with Mum. This is a photo of it. They are doing shopping. Alice

    has been to the park with her classmates. This is a photo of it. They are having a picic.They

    have a good time.

5. YLE (P40)

    After the interview, I know something about Linda Smiths job. Linda Smith is twenty-five

    years old. She doesnt like her job because she is too busy and has no time to travel. She starts

    work at 9:00 in the moring. She finishes work at 6:00 in the evening. Shed like to be a

    teacher because she likes to teach children. The children are so lovely.

6. YLE (P48)

    Dear Miss Li,

     Please come to the party in Classroom 103 on the morning of June1. its our Childrens

    Day. At the party, we will sing, dance and so on. Please come and join us. It will start at 8:30

    a.m. it will finish at 10:30a.m.



    7. Class rules

    a) In our class, we have many class rules. We must obey the rules. We mustnt run in the

    classroom. We must listen to the teacher carefully. We mustnt eat or drink in class. We

    must help each each other. We cant break our rules. (By He xin yi )

    b) There are many rules in our class. Don’t leave rubbish. Dont draw on the desk. You

    mustnt talk loudly. Dont run in the classroom. You mustnt chase each other. You must

    listen to the teacher carefully. We must obey the class rules. (By Mao jia jing)

Composition (6B)

    1; YLE (P64) School rules

    We must have a good environment for study. So every study must obey school rules. We must keep quiet and listen to the teachers carefully. We must put up our hands when we want to answer the questions. We must turn off the lights when we leave our classroom. We mustnt talk in class.

    We mustnt eat or drink in the classroom.

2.YLE(P72) A Page of My Diary

     Today is Sunday. In the morning, I finished my homework first. After lunch, my parents and I went to Century Park. It was sunny. There were many people in it. We sat on the grass, rode bicycles and took photos. We felt very happy. When we came back, it was already six oclock.

    What a wonderful afternoon we had!

3. YLE (P80) My healthy diet

     I am strong and healthy because I have a healthy diet. My favourite food is fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Fish makes me clever. Eggs makes me clever, too. But too many eggs are not good for people, so one or two eggs everyday is enough.. Less meat, more vegetables and fruit make one feel good. It can also make people healthy and beautiful.

4.YLE (P88) Last Sundays picnic

     Last Sunday, I went for a barbecue with some friends. It was hot. There was no rain. It was a good day for barbecues. We chose a good place. After making a fire, we began to eat the food we brought along. It was a lot of fun that day.

5.YLE (P96) Kittys and Kens eating habit

     Kitty is a lovely girl. She has good eating habits. She always washes her hands before eating. She has a lot of water and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit every day. She works hard and has a happy life. But Ken is unhappy. He is getting fatter than before. He likes sweet food very much. Every morning he gets up very late and hurries to school without breakfast. He doesnt like to

    have sports. He must change his bad habits.

6. YLE (P104) How to make a pizza

     First, mix two cups of flour, two spoons of butter and one cup of milk together. Secondly, open a small can of tomato paste. Spread the tomato paste on the pastry. Next, open a can tuna and slice a green pepper and a few sausages. Then put the green pepper, sausage and tuna on top of the tomato paste. After that, grate some cheese. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top of the green pepper, sausage and tuna. Finally, bake the pizza in a hot oven for two minutes.

7. YLE (P112) A good eating habit

     What a good eating habit? We should eat more rice, vegetables and fruit. We should eat less meat, salt and sugar. We need milk and eggs every day. We should eat all kinds of food every day. We shouldnt go to the fast food restaurant too often. I think this is a good eating habit.

8. YLE (P137) Shopping

     Nowadays people like to do shopping at the supermarkets. My mother and I often go shopping there. There are many kinds of things at a supermarket. Usually, the things are cheaper. We often write a shopping list before shopping. Its easy to do shopping with a list. It can save time as well

    as money.

9. YLE (P149) A visit to

     I like travelling very much. Last Sunday I went to visit a village. It is 30 miles far away. I started with some friends early in the morning. When we got there, the beautiful environment made us happy. We ate several special dishes cooked by a woman famer. We had a good time. I will never forget that trip.

Composition (7A)

    1. My favourite animal

     My favourite animal is dog. Because dogs are clever, useful and lovely . They are the best friends of people. Dogs can help the police to catch thieves. They can help the blind people to cross the road safely. They can also guard our homes and play with us. When I am sad, it can make me happy. I like dogs very much. Dogs are our friends. They are very helpful. We should be kind to them.

2. My ideal flat

    I need a new flat because my old flat hasnt enough space for all my things. Id like a flat with

    three big bedrooms, two bathrooms, one big kitchen and a big balcony. I want to live in the suburbs, because the flats there are very quiet. The city center is too noisy. I want to live far away from the noisy streets and near my school. This is my ideal flat.My ideal flat is very beautiful. Id

    like to live in this kind of flat.I will work hard for my dream.

3. I want to have a pet

     Of all the animals, I like dogs best. I want to have a dog as my pet, because it is very lovely and clever. It can help people in many different ways. The dog can help the policemen catch thieves and find missing people.It can also help the blind people cross the road safely. So dogs are very useful in our daily life.If I have a dog, I will play with it and take it out for a walk every day. Id

    like to give it the favourite food to eat. The dog can make me happy and I will never feel lonely. I will take good care of my pet.

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