fly with the wing of dream

By Larry Stephens,2014-07-19 10:18
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fly with the wing of dream

    Fly with the wing of dream

    Hello everyone,my name is Xu Liangyuan.Im from the school of

    Education.Im now majoring in Applied Psychology.Today Im

    very happy standing here to share something about dream with you!

    ‘I hava a dream,I have a dream that one day I can enter into

    Zheng Zhou University!’This is the dream when I was in High

    School.And now,It has come true.

     When Iwas a High School student,I always dream of studying in Zheng Zhou University.What nice things of sitting in the classroom ,walking on the road of the university I had dreamt of for a long time.I know,to realise my dream,I must work hard instead of daydream I work from dawn to night.Sometimes,Ifelt tired, frustratedd and didn’t want to

    do anything.At this time,I said to myself,’Do you forget you

    dream?Don’t you want to enter into the university you have dreamt of?What are you doing now?Cheer up girl ,struggle for you dream.fighting!’Then I would forget the tired and bad

    mood,because I had dream,I must work hard to realise it! A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. A man who have dream will naturally spear no effort to reach the star-his

    dream . A life without a dream is like a bird with broken wings, confined to a cage and oblivious of what lies beyond the range of its vision. On the contrary, a man with a dream is like a warrior armed with ambition, daring to step into an unknown ground to make a journey of adventure. It is dream that adds fullness, variety, and spice to our life and makes it worth living.

    Living without an dream is like sailing without a compass.I now this deeply.I’m now majoring in Applied Psychology.So,my dream now is to be a Psychotherapist.I want to help the people who are puzzled with mental problems.And I want to help the people who don’t have a dream to build up their dreams and ask

    them to strive for their dreams.

     To be a Psychotherapist,I must make great effort to learn knowledge of psychology and accumulate

    experience.Although,there will be many difficulties to be an excellent psychotherapist.I won’t be afraid of them.Because

    I have dream.I will fly with the wing of dream.

     Come on every body,let’s fly with the wing of dream!

     That’s all.Thank you!

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