Industrial application of voice direction and alarm

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Industrial application of voice direction and alarm

    Industrial application of voice direction and alarm

    Jinrong Zhao

    Shanghai institute of technology Abstract Displa)and alarm play an important role jn

    the industrial control system In some casesit -401 ks more eriectively if the

    operator directed or alarmed by、,,oice Thispaperfully describeshowto addthe01‘e

    direction and alarm function to the oil sending out control system iii the railwa)7 transportation by the !echnolog)of voice anal2,'sis and synthesisincluding the

    hardwaresoftware design and the interface and tOmmunication of host PLC The function of voice direction and alarm can be implemented by voice analysis md

    synthesis device made up of siqgle chip microcon puterCompared with the common

    single chip microcomputer systemthe device is a mixture of several advanced

    techniques Due to the language library of bulk memory,8 super high addresslinesAl

    6A23are addedtothe system by the technique of I(0 addressing nelnor2,page

    expanding Applying this techniquethe total memoD’reaches 16MB and the memoD

    breaks the ilnltation of 64KBTo strengthen the capability of the anti-jammingthe

    device also has the anti-jamming iecbnique of Sleep WakeuD When there is no

    requirement of voice directions the device 1s in the state of Sleep md lt can smoothly work against an)interruption Atier receiving the command of the voicing direction from !he{10the device goes into the state of Wake-uD and running the working program Automatically?l back to !he state of sleep after running the program of voicing the direction All the specifications of this sstem are in high level due to the

    interfaces made by photoisolator coupling components

    Keyword voice directionvoice anal2,’sis and synthesismemoD page


0 Introduction

    The application ofvoice analysis and synthesis carl be widely seen and make the work more cffectivesuch as stop voice direction of busfloor voice direction of

    elevator,price voice direction of tollgateAs to the industrial control systemthe unit

    of display and alarm is also indispensable beside the computer and related controlling interfaceTraditional display and alarm unitwhich is made up of flasher and

    buzzer,only awoke the operator of certain malfunctionThe device of voice direction

    and alarm not only awoke the operator the property and position of malfunction but also direct which measures should be taken to deal with the realfunctionSo the

    system call run under safe condition

    Basides the voice analysis and synthesisthe necessities of voice direction and

alarm devicein industrial control system also coverstrong^ill-jamming capability and

    stability,large memory to store the language library,intelligent device constituted by single chip microcomputerThe intelligent device not only can communicate with

    host to receive the controlling command but also link the voice in accord with the directions sentence

    ?er has all these The voice direction and alarm device introduced in this

    functions and Successfully applied in the oil sending out control system in the railway

    the device will voice to the operator the transportation in shanghai While controlling

    current working status and what should pay attention toaccording to command

    received from the host rOMRON PLC) When malfunction appearsit wih voice the

    property and position of malfunction to the operator ao({direct the operator which measure should be taken

    1 Hardware structure of voice direction and alarm device

    1;1 Block diagram ofhardware structure

    The entire system is constituted by single chip microcomputer,VO of isolated discrete signalinterface ofvoice analysis and synthesis and audio amplificationsuper

    high address latch regi ster,page decoder,memory expandingSLEEP WAKE-UP

    Block diagram ofhardware structure are showed in Figurel controlling circuit

1;2 Functions of each part

    121 Single chip microcomputer

    Single chip microcomputer is the core part of the entire systemAfler powered


    ‘vstcm {nitiates itself and goes into the sleep status to wait for the discrete signal from host (OMRON PLC)After receiving the signal of directions and alarm commandthe

    single chip microcomputer leave SLEEP status and voice the corresponding direction and alarm sentence 1 hell it sends the ACK signal answer back to host PLC and retums to SUEEP status to wait for the next command

    122 I/O of discrete signal

    The direction and alarm device should communicate with host(OMRON PLC)Both sides egat'd 1 second ofpulse signal(ON(OFFl as their signal

    mediaWhen there’s no requirement of direction and alarmthe discrete signal of 00H

    will be sent out bv PLCOn the contrary, PLC 、;ill send out the discrete signal of

    01HFFH which respectively stand for 255 controlling (ommands to voice different direction and alarm sentencesAtier the completion of voicing the direction and alarm sentencethe voice device should send a 1 second of pulse signal ACK as f!ISX:。

    er back to PLCThe I(O of discrete signal is isolated by the photo-isolator coupling (omponents so as to increase the anti-jamming capility remarkably

    1_23 VOice analysis and synthesis and Audio amplifier

    The function of voice analysis and synthesis is implemented by private IC chip UM51 00 +I his UM5lOO is a CMOS large scale integration circuit for voice analysis and synthesis and it (on duct the A(D conversion by delta modulationThe

    entire circuit is composed of RC oscillator, add Jess busdata busseries to

    parallel(and vice versa)convener and delta modulatorFigure 2 shox、!s how jt works

    In factthe single chip microcomputer replaces SRAM or EPRoM and prox ides the language library and controls the whole synthesis processDoing like that not only

    increase the memory capacity of language library but also upgrade the intelligence level ofvoice device

124 Super high address latch register and page decoder

    There are 1 6 bit in address bus of single chip microcomputerso the addressable

    memory sp tce is 64KB Obxiouslyit is far less than how much is needed to store the janguage library The solution is adopting the page addressing to increase the memory spaceIn the part of hal dware super high address latch register is added to store the page address According to the requirelnentwe USe 3 bitsA16Al?A1

    8and number of addressable page is 8(00H-07H)OOH js prograal memory and

    01H07H are data memories A piece of EPROM 27512 is selected at ralldom through page decoder

    125 Memory expanding

    EPROM 27512(64K38bit)is used as the memory ofthis devicewhich stores the

    working pr(gram and large language libraryEach 27512 serves one pagetotals 8

    pagesaddressed by A1 n’A"andAl8TotaImemory capacityis 512KB

    126 SLEEPVKEUP controlling circuit

    This circuit is the characteristic 9art of this device and also is the most effective ami-jamming partIts process is similar to interrupt but difierent from interrupt in essence Si EEP status is the reset status of single chip microcomputerIn this status

    any jam signal callnot control CPUso it has strong anti-jamming capability Atier receiving any command of 0 1 14FFH from hostthe single chip microcomputer are

    awoken by the circuitThen it goes from SL EEP status to?AKEUP status and

    starts to voice the alarm and direction sentenceTo ensure the integrality of the

    different length sentencethe whole WAKEUP status can be controlled by sel P35

It is until the completion of voicing the sentence that P35 will be reset and the single

    chip microcomputer return to SLEEP status automatically

    2 Software design

    2;1 Process ofthe system

    When the device is powered onit goes into the working statusAtier its initial

    processthe system goes into SLEEP status to wait for'the discrete signal from host PLcAfter receiving the discrete signal(01HFFH)which means alarming is in

    needthe system goes into WAKEUP stalus automatically and set P35Then the

    device of voice select the corresponding sentence according to the received commandand link the voice by softwareThe sentence{s sent by the Single chip

    microcomputer as one byte by one byte and accord to the timing of the voice IC AfTer voicingP35 should be resetThe system sends back ACK signal to host

    PLCand return to SLEEP status to wait next command

    2,2 Flow block diagram of control program

    The flow block diagram&control program is showed as Figure3

    3 Forecasting the technology of voice direction and alarm

    Language is all important medium of human being’s communicationIf we apply

    the voice synthesis technology to the industrial control systemthe operator call be

    alarmed and directed by different signals spoken by mandarin or even the foreign language so as to make proper and !mmediate actions As a resultthe industrial

    system can be run under a proper and safe condition rhs kind oftechnology can be

    also applied in other field ifWe make a little change ofcommand input interface of the voice device For exampleif the interface is changed into edge triggered way,the device is able to be applied in the floor voice direction of elevator1f changed intc

    key boardit also can be applied in the stop voice direction of busIt is believed that

    the application ofvoice alam and direction has a bright future

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