MIS Faculty Meeting Agenda

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MIS Faculty Meeting Agenda

    MIS Faculty Retreat

    August 22, 2005, 1:30-6:30

    Matt & Liz Germonprez Home

Present: Matt Germonprez, Tom Hilton, Tony Keys, Bruce Lo, Ruidong Zhang

    Excused: Amy Bauer, Jean Pratt

    Guest: Dawna Drum

; The meeting was called to order at 1:30 pm.

    ; The minutes from the faculty meeting of April 15, 2005, were approved without correction. ; The minutes from the MIS Industry Advisory Committee meeting of April 29, 2005, were approved without



Information Item: New Department Members

    Matt Germonprez was welcomed to the MIS Department. Amy Bauer, to start on October 1, and Jean Pratt, to start on January 1, were welcomed in absentia. Frances “FrannyMeyer-Briggs’ hiring as the MIS academic department

    assistant (formerly known as a program assistant) was announced; Franny will start on September 6, with Yvonne Mc Carty filling in until then and training Franny as needed.

Action Item: Academic Department Assistant Position Description

    To assure optimal integration of Franee into the Department, the position description used in her hiring was reviewed. All faculty agreed to work with her according to the position description.


Action Item: Fall 2005 Calendar

    The following events in which MIS Department members are to participate during the fall semester were reviewed: 8/25-26 AACSB Ethics Workshop (faculty will attend)

    9/2 New Freshman Orientation (faculty will attend)

    9/23 MIS Advisory Committee Meeting, Tietz Room Dedication (faculty will participate)

    10/5 Evening Recruiter Reception (faculty will attend and encourage students to attend) 10/6 Career Fair (classes will be dismissed so students can attend; faculty will also attend) 10/7 MBAA Submissions Due (Ruidong and Bruce will represent the MIS Department in 2006) 10/5-8 IACIS Conference (Tom H. and Bruce will attend)

    10/21 MIS Faculty Meeting, 4:00-5:00 p.m., SSS 114 (changed from 10/14; faculty will attend) 10/17-21 Explore Your Possibilities Week (MIS & CS will do a faculty/employer panel on careers in IT) 10/20 Minneapolis Alumni Event (at Champs; faculty will attend)

    10/24-28 MIS Major Blitz (faculty will participate as assigned)

    10/27 Major Fair (faculty and female seniors will participate as assigned)

    12/9 College Scholarship & Awards Luncheon (faculty will attend)

    12/2 MIS Faculty Meeting, 4:00-5:00 p.m., SSS 114 (faculty will attend)

    12/8 AITP Graduation Banquet (each faculty member and his/her partner will attend)

    All faculty agreed to participate as noted above.

Information Item: Department Mission and Vision

    The Department mission and vision were reviewed. The following proposed change to the mission was discussed: “…provide excellent instruction to undergraduate MIS majors and minors and to other qualified undergraduate and graduate students. The words “first” and “second” were deleted to reflect a partial mission shift toward providing

    more service courses to other departments as requested by the dean. The proposed change was received positively by the faculty; it will be voted on at the 10/21 faculty meeting.

Information Item: ABET Accreditation

    In connection with significant faculty turnover and curriculum revisions, Tom H. and the dean agreed to postpone the ABET accreditation site visit to give time to enhance the Department’s stability and to prepare the Department’s self study report.

MIS Faculty Retreat Minutes 22 August 2005 Page 2

Information Item: Assessment Plan

    The Department assessment plan was reviewed briefly, and faculty were invited to review it carefully outside the

    meeting. Reasons why the assessment plan is important were discussed.


Action Item: AITP Support

    All faculty agreed to attend at least one AITP student chapter meeting during the fall semester so that at least one

    faculty member is at each general meeting. All faculty also agreed to attend the AITP graduation banquet with a partner. It was noted that Brad Beilke, 2005-06 AITP student chapter president, has made faculty involvement a priority of his administration.

    Action Item: CIS Conference ndAll faculty agreed to sponsor the 22 annual CIS Conference for information technology instructors in the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) next March 9-10, 2006. Tom H. and Franee will coordinate the conference with Mike Tokheim of WTCS; the MIS faculty will attend the evening reception and some of the sessions and will make presentations in the sessions as needed.

Action Item: High School Relations

    All faculty agreed to visit high schools to make recruiting presentations to students and teachers and to meet with

    guidance counselors. Tom H. will solicit invitations.

Information Item: Recruiter Relations

    Recruiters are presently plentiful, so we simply need to continue doing what we’re doing in recruiter relations.

Information Item: Advisory Committee Composition

    The members of the Advisory Committee have changed a bit since our spring meeting:

    Dave Elsen John Mason Jim Stephani

     Product Manager Executive Vice President IS Manager

     Schneider National, Inc. Efunds Federated Mutual Insurance Co.

    Andy Feest Bernie McGarrigle Bob Sutton

     Consulting System Engineer Vice Pres., Enterprise Arch. Associate Dean

     Cisco, Inc. EcoLab UWEC College of Business

    Dave Grassl Pete Nassios Mike Tokheim

     Director of Technology Director of Info. Systems Bus./Info. Tech. Ed. Dir.

     Roehl Transport, Inc. The Turkey Store Office of Instruction

     WI Technical College System

    Kyle Hammer Brenda Nault Brent Willi

     IT Tech. Services and Intranet Services President and CEO

     3M Corporation 3M Corporation Strategy1 Consulting

    Mark Hosmann Tim Peterson Tom Winter

     IT Applications Analysis & Vice President, Tech. Ops. IT Applications Manager

     Support Supervisor Ingenix P&H Mining Equipment

     Cargill Animal Nutrition

    Robin Johengen Neil Prom Terri Witak

     Career/Employment Coord. Manager, Consumer Bus. Systems Systems Integration Manager

     UWEC Career Services Office Kimberly-Clark Corporation CUNA Mutual Group

    John Kring Dave Staloch

     Vice President of Technology Client Services Account Manager

     Skyline Technologies, Inc. Accenture

Information Item: College and Department Web Sites and College Intranet

    The faculty offered their sincere thanks to Gretchen Hutterli for the much improved College and Department Web sites including the just-launched College Intranet.

MIS Faculty Retreat Minutes 22 August 2005 Page 3

Action Item: MIS Student Web Presence

    Ruidong Z. agreed to help MIS students develop and operate an MIS Student Web site, possibly including an Internet radio station and podcasting service. Erik Hendrickson, chair of the Physics & Astronomy Department, helps his students operate an Internet radio station and has offered to help MIS get started as well.


Action Item: Peer Teaching Evaluations

    The MIS faculty agreed to invite each other into their classes to observe each other’s teaching and write peer

    teaching evaluations. These evaluations will be submitted as part of the annual performance review materials.

Action Item: Course Revisions

    The following were approved unanimously by the MIS faculty:

    BSAD 101 Tom H. will prepare a course change form for submission to the College Curriculum Committee to

    change the title and course description of BSAD 101. The proposed title is Business Concepts for Technical

    Professionals. See the April 15, 2005, faculty meeting minutes for more details. This is in preparation to teach it

    spring semester to Computer Science students per an agreement worked out at Tom Dock’s request between

    Tom H. and Mike Wick, CS Department chair.

    BTEL 345 Ruidong Z. will modify the BTEL 345 syllabus to show treatment of computer hardware and operating

    systems and hardware concepts. Hardware: Basic PC Architecture (RAM, CPU, HD, NIC, BUS, chipset, etc.),

    PC Disassembly & Reassembly (including students actually disassembling and reassembling PCs so they POST

    successfully), PC Troubleshooting and Performance (including students actually repairing hardware problems in

    lab PCs), Remote Assistance, and Network Hardware Monitoring and Troubleshooting. OS-related topics: the

    OS concept, OS types, Windows OS versions, disk and file management, active directory concept, domain

    concept, group policy, and network security. He will spend at least three full class periods on this content. BTEL 410 Ruidong Z. will prepare a course change form for submission to the college Curriculum Committee to

    change the title and course description of BTEL 410. The proposed course title is Business Data Security

    Management. This is in response to the need to change the course subsequent to Dale Johnson’s retirement.

    MIS 240 Tom H. and Amy B. will develop a prototype syllabus to field test in one section of MIS 240 spring

    2006. This section of MIS 240 will be scheduled at the same time as MIS 460 on a MWF schedule; 240 will be

    organized around the System Development Life Cycle and the MIS 460 content around project management,

    and make Friday a lab where the MIS 460 students lead the MIS 240 students in lab exercises. Tom and Amy

    will present an overview of the project, including rationale statement, text book, draft syllabus, and results of a

    CoB Computing & Information Literacy survey in a faculty forum November 16.

    MIS 315 Tony K. will prepare a course change form to create a new course in Information Systems Security

    Policy Development. It is tentatively numbered 315, but this could change. Tony will develop the title, course

    description, and prototype syllabus for MIS faculty review and approval before submitting it to the College

    Curriculum Committee for approval.

    MIS 350 Tony K. will prepare a course change form to create a new course in Information Systems Project

    Management. It is tentatively numbered 350, but this could change. Tony will develop the title, course