12 October 2005 - Item No - Planning Committee - 12 October 2005

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12 October 2005 - Item No - Planning Committee - 12 October 2005



APPLN. NO.: : 05/00879/MIS Beales, The Centre, Walton On Thames

    VALID DATE : 30/08/2005

    CTTEE DATE : 12/10/2005(SG) Redevelopment to provide three storey

    TARGET : N/A building comprising ground and first floor

     retail and food and drink uses (Classes A1

     A3), second floor library (Class D1) and

     health and fitness (Class D2) together with

     associated servicing areas, plant and bin

     stores following demolition of existing

     buildings for O & H Properties Ltd

WARD: Adjoining Shepperton Town

    It is understood that this application will not be reported to Elmbridge Borough Committee Meeting until late October 2005.

    1. Relevant Planning History

    1.1 There have been 5 planning applications in recent years for the redevelopment of

    ‘The Centre’. The first of these in 1997, proposed a redevelopment totalling 12,400 sq

    m floor space, and included a single food retail unit of 5,800 sq m, offices, health and

    fitness club and a library (Outline). This Council resolved to raise NO OBJECTION on

    the 28/05/97 when consulted on this application (SP/97/MISC/07).

    1.2 The second application, in 1998, proposed a total of 22,333 sq m floor space and

    included a single storey food retail unit of 5,800 sq m, offices, health and fitness club

    and a library (Outline). This Council also raised NO OBJECTION on the 14/10/98

    when consulted on this application (SP/98/MISC/28).

    1.3 The third application was granted full planning permission in February 2000 for a food

    store of 6,511 sq m with a multi storey car park. This Council also raised NO

    OBJECTION on the 27/08/99 when consulted on this application (MISC/99/0034).

    This permission has since been implemented and is occupied by Sainsburys. 1.4 The fourth application was granted Outline planning permission in July 2002 for

    redevelopment to provide buildings accommodating retail/retail related uses, health

    and fitness facilities, library, management suite, 67 one/two affordable flats, 201

    one/two bed flats together with parking, servicing and access. This Council raised NO

    OBJECTION on the 20/06/01 when consulted on this application (MISC/01/0010). 1.5 The fifth application was granted Full planning permission for 2 seven storey

    buildings comprising ground floor retail/retail related uses, 279 private and 100

    affordable flats with associated parking. The permission also included Outline

    planning permission for the siting and design of a two to three storey extension to

    Beales comprising retail/retail related uses (Class A1 and Class A3), library (Class

    D1) and health and fitness (Class D2) following demolition of Beales Annexe and

    Beales Department Store (first floor only) Outline permission was also given for siting

    and design of four storey building comprising ground floor retail/retail related uses

    (Classes A1 and A3) and 12 flats and 6 affordable flats on upper floors. This Council

    raised No Objection on the 29/04/04 when consulted on this application


    - D1 -

2. Description of Current Proposal

    2.1 This planning application will be determined by the Borough of Elmbridge and this

    Council has been consulted on the basis of the proximity of the proposal to our

    Borough boundary.

    2.2 The site is situated within Walton on Thames town centre and occupies an area of

    0.39 hectares. The site is irregular in shape and is bounded to the east by

    commercial premises in New Zealand Avenue, to the west by Sainsbury’s and a

    multi-storey car park, and to the north by Hepworth Way.

    2.3 The proposal is for a comprehensive redevelopment of the existing Beales store

    following demolition of the existing building. A new 3-storey building would be erected

    on the site. The proposed building will comprise a gross floor area of 5885 square

    metres, which would be a reduction from floor space of 6035 square metres

    previously approved in 2004. The proposal will contain retail and food drink uses

    (Class A1 and A3) at ground and first floor level, and library (Class D1) and health

    and fitness (Class D2) at second floor level.

    3. Consultations

    3.1 None.

    4. Third Party Representations

    4.1 None.

    5. Issues

    - Retail impact on this Borough

6. Planning Considerations

    6.1 The site is approximately 500 metres away from the boundary with Spelthorne and

    will be largely screened by other existing buildings. Consequently, there will be no

    significant visual impact, and any noise or general activity deriving from the site will

    not affect the borough.

    6.2 In considering the previous applications for the redevelopment of The Centre in

    Walton on Thames, the main issues have been retail policy and the potential impact

    upon retail centres in this Borough, particularly Shepperton Town Centre. In respect

    of the former, the development is located within Walton Town Centre and

    consequently is in accordance with Government advice in PPG6 (Town Centres and

    Retail Development), which identifies town centres as the preferred location for

    developments that generate many trips.

    6.3 With regard to retail impact upon this Borough, the view taken regarding the previous

    applications was that the redevelopment of The Centre was unlikely to have a

    significant impact on the retail centres of this Borough. As, stated above, in para 1.6

    of this report, an Outline application has been approved by the Elmbridge Council for

    a similar development at Beales in 2004 and No Objection was raised by this Council

    at that time. It is therefore considered that with the reduction in the floor space from

    what was previously approved, the proposed development will have no adverse

    impact on the retail centres in Spelthorne.

    - D2 -

7. Recommendation

    7.1 That Elmbridge Borough Council be informed that this Council raises NO

    OBJECTION to the proposed development.

    - D3 -

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