Windhill C

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Windhill C

    Short Term Planning Sheet

     Class: Unit of work: Basketball Date

     Introduction Groupings

    Key Questions Learning Objectives


    To understand the What type of Game is Activities

    importance of a warm up. basketball? How do you Warm up: Everyone has a ball. Tell the group to travel

     travel around the court? around the room bouncing the ball. Stop and add teaching

    To introduce the “dribble” point: Use fingers, not palm of hand, bounce the ball at waist as a way of travelling with Vocab: Dribble, double height, and keep eyes up. Continue and on “whistle” or the ball. dribble, Illegal Dribble. “command” change direction (Repeat several times) This is


    To introduce the “jump Activity 1: Ball each, dribble around hall and whilst doing so stop” as a way of stopping Jump stop, Ready position. try to touch another person’s ball without losing possession.


     Activity 2: Dribble and try to use your other hand, swap

     hands, alternate. Keep ball at waist height. Cannot use two Briefly introduce a hands at once (Illegal Dribble) or dribble again once two shooting activity. hands are on ball (Double Dribble)

     What options do we have Activity 3: Into pairs on sideline of court. One ball between

     when we receive the ball? two, Dribble to other side, around a cone and back, when half

     (Shoot, pass or dribble) way, jump stop and bounce pass ball to partner. Repeat x 3.

    Incorporate these activities Activity 4: Split class into two halves, one facing each basket,

    into a game situation dribble down to basket and shoot. First team to score 5

    baskets. Teaching points: Bend knees, aim for above the ring

    into the square and it should go in.

    Game: 5v 5 Keep reinforcing dribbling technique and non-


Resources Plenary

    Basketball each Basketball posts. Recap on points in lesson.

    Cones Double dribble, Illegal Dribble

    Bibs Non-contact.

Other Activities / Differentiation Assessment / Evaluation

Ball handling skills: Always hold ball tightly, although

    non-contact game the ball can be stolen.

    Make a “W” shape with hands on the ball. Called the ready position, knees bent eyes up.

    Roll ball around parts of body feet, knees, waist, off back

    of head.

    Steal the tail: If group are sensible enough, give them a band to put down back of trousers (waistband). Dribble

    around hall and try to take someone else’s tail. Do not protect your own. Do not lose control of your ball. Person at end with most tails wins. Repeat.

    Steal the Ball: Dribble around the hall, which is coned off. Try to knock someone else’s ball out of the area without losing control of your ball. When out stay out, see who is left. Repeat.

    Shooting Competition. Split group into 4 , two groups at

    each basket . First Team to score 3 or 4 baskets. Move on one place (rotate clockwise). End up with 4 competitions.

    Short Term Planning Sheet

     Class: Unit of work: Basketball wk2 Date

     Introduction Groupings

    Learning Objectives Key Questions


    To reinforce dribbling from Activities

    last week Questions about dribbling and Warm up Dribbling Activities , change of hands, speed and

     Double dribble. direction. Reinforce teaching points for dribbling (hand shape,

     downward pressure on the ball , waist height). On whistle or To introduce Pivoting shout change .

     Dribbling Game: Dribble around confined area, try to touch

     Introduce term Pivot. someone elses ball, Keep yours bouncing. Repeat.

     Ball Skills: Roll ball around waist , around knees, around one Improve ball handling leg etc.

    skills Dribbling in different directions ( eye contact). Children all

     face one way, ball each, teacher at front directs which way

     Reinforce importance of they have to move…forwards, back, left or right. Let pupil do

     holding ball tightly. Why do the directing. It is a signal not a voice. Have to look up !

     we need to hold ball tightly? As above without ball. Teacher/ pupil has ball and dribbles

     side to side/ forward/ back . Rest of group with knees soft , To build on Game skills arms out, shadow the player. Defensive stance.

    from last week Pivoting: All face one way , pivot to face other . Repeat .One

    foot must always be on the ground. Or it is travelling.

    Game: Two evenly matched teams. Try to reinforce rules in

    game . Try to introduce defending your basket.

    Look at backline ball after basket scored and sideline for ball

    out of play. Above all no contact.

Resources Plenary

    Basketballs , bibs, posts, cones. Recap on vocab / terms Double Dribble, Contact, Sideline,


    Defensive stance . Why we do it.


     Differentiation/ other ideas.

Passing Drills In pairs dribble across hall ( one at a time)

    on return at half way point pass ( Chest/ bounce / overhead)

    Introduce teaching points and why /when each pass is used.

    Ball Skills: In pairs again, opposite each other. One rolls ball for other to scurry back (quick feet) and pick up. Dribble back pass (high 5) and run back quick feet (ball is rolled again)

    Keeping possession: Introduce using body as a shield to protect the ball. As you approach an opponent turn back /

    shoulder to keep ball away.

    Short Term Planning Sheet

     Class: Unit of work: Basketball Date wk3

     Introduction Groupings

    Learning Objectives Key Questions


    Activities To re inforce dribbling Questions about dribbling

    Warm up: Everyone with a ball in a confined area. Dribble skills and ball handling and double dribble.

    around the area.

    Split group into groups of 5, ball each group. Line up and one

    at a time, dribble down the court , shoot and return.

    Activity: Bounce pass In pairs, ball between two: Dribble Discuss other ways of

    away from partner to a set point on court, jump stop , pivot moving the ball rather than

    and bounce pass to partner. Aim to bounce the ball in middle dribbling and shooting

    of you and partner. Push ball downwards and forwards. X To learn different passes to

    3 and swap. Use in game to pass ball under an opponent. use within a game. Chest pass

    Activity: Chest pass : As above in pairs. Ball is passed from

    chest to chest. Fingers spread on ball , elbows out to the side , Bounce pass

    push ball , fingers follow the ball.

    Activity: Overhead pass: Lengthen space between partners. Overhead pass

    Pass is used to send ball over someone’s head. Step in , arms

    above head throw ball upward and forward. Fingers point

    where you want ball to go.

    Game: 5v5 or similar Incorporate these passes

    Try to incorporate the passes within the game. Draw out in into a game situation. Game skills : Team work

    game when a particular pass should be used . Re inforce non

    contact and rules associated with dribbling. Encourage good

    team work ie Passing rather that running individually with

    the ball.

Resources Plenary

    Basketball each Recap on activities covered in the lesson. Depending on which Bibs pass is used / taught. Talk through the reasons why each pass Posts is used.


Other activities / Differentiation Assessment / Evaluation

It is unlikely that all 3 passes will be covered in one lesson..

    It may be that one is concentrated on and the game built

    around that pass. It is not always necessary to teach all 3 passes.

    Timed races: Could have competitions between each pair.

    How many passes can be made in a minute without

    dropping the ball ?? Go back to one if ball is dropped.

    Short Term Planning Sheet

     Class: Unit of work: Basketball Date wk4

     Introduction Groupings

    Learning Objectives Key Questions


    To understand the importance How as a team can we defend Activities

    our basket ?? Warm Up: The pupils should have a ball each and should of “defence “ as well as practice their dribbling and shooting skills.

     Activities: “attacking”

     In a line , one at a time, dribble around a line of cones .

     Imagine the cone is a defender. Keep the ball away from the defender ie ball is on outside of player away from cone. Use body as a shield. Vocab: Defence, Attack, In pairs: One player dribbles down court. Other sprints down Defensive stance. opposite side. Player with ball passes to other who has to slow down to receive the ball. Once ball is received he/ she shoots. To improve footwork / Return down outside of court , next one goes. stopping skills. As a team we must attack the OR: In a line , practice defensive stance knees bent, eyes on basket and as a team we must opponent, arms out to side, shadow the player with the defend our basket. ball. Practice against partner. ( with or without ball) In pairs: Opposite each other on court. One dribbles down court ( as above) the other sprints down other side. By the To incorporate all skills basket player with ball passes to partner who shoots. Once learned so far in a game. he/she shoots he/she has to turn and sprint back to defend his/her basket. The other player collects the rebound and becomes an attacker. He/she has to attack the opposite basket. Game: Introduce the “defence skill” into the game. Reinforce

    non contact rule, backline and sideline rule.

    Encourage team play.

Resources Plenary

    Recap on activities in the lesson. Importance of defence.

    Basketball each Importance of working as a team .

    Rules : Dribbling, non contact, sideline ball , backline ball . Bibs



Differentiation / other Activities. Assessment/evaluation

    May decide to recap more on last week before moving onto

    defensive strategies.

    Footwork Game: Called “Beach and “Sea”

    Using court lines/ markings, identify area behind the line as “beach” and area in front as “sea”. Using a two footed jump with knees bent, pupils jump forwards on the “sea”

    command and jump backwards on “beach “ command. Idea is to jump solidly onto 2 feet from 2 feet and back.

    Competition: Vary the commands and if pupils make a

    mistake they are out. See who is left in.

    School Short Term Planning Sheet

     Class: Unit of work: Basketball wk5 Date

     Introduction Groupings

    Learning Objectives Key Questions


    To improve shooting Activities

    technique Warm Up: Pupils can now warm themselves up.

     Dribbling around cones / protect ball ( recap from last week)

     Set shot Activity : Shooting Ball each. Hold ball in strong hand, flat

     and use other hand to support the side of the ball . Bend knees,

    To know when to shoot/ Push ball upwards and forwards. Fingers follow the ball .

    when to pass Lay up shot Look at basket from under the ball ( do not shoot from chest

     (netball) ) .

     In small groups around basket: Aim for box / rectangle on

     When can you shoot in a backboard. Ball must go upwards and forwards to go in.

     game? Points system : 1 if hit board and miss, 2 if hit ring and bounce

     off, 3 if score a basket. Could have timed competition.

     Dribble and shoot activities:

    Use either skill When is it best to pass? Individually or in pairs attack the basket. Pass between each appropriately in a Game. other or dribble and shoot

    Game : 5 v 5 or equivalent. Remember : Double dribble, non

    contact, sideline ball if ball goes off side and back line ball if

    ball goes off back line. Remember to defend as well as attack.

    Play as a team !!!

Resources Plenary

     Recap on all aspects covered so far.

    Basketballs , bibs, posts, cones .

    Rules, skills and team play.

Other Activities/ differentiation Evaluation

     Team play. Ability to transfer skills learned. Understanding of the rules

    Dependant on how well the sessions are going , may wish

    and enjoyment of the game. to repeat activities / concentrate more on activities.

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