keys to Test for Unit Three

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keys to Test for Unit Three

    Test for Unit Three

    1. Words

    a. _______ adj. not fashionable

    b. _______ v. to leave plastic bags, bits of waste paper, etc. on the ground in a

    public place

    c. _______ n. people who were part of your family a long time ago d. _______ adj. tired out

    e. _______ n. 机构, 代理处

    f. _______ v. to exchange foods for other goods

    g. _______ n. a lack; not having enough, esp. food

    h. _______ v. to shine with a soft trembling light

    i. _______ adj. not showing thanks

    j. _______ n. bundles or clusters of rice or wheat

    2. Cloze

    I wanted to have a lot of children and grandchildren __1__ me but now cities and foreign lands have attracted my children __2__ and it seems that __3__ of them will __4__ come back to live here again. __5__ whom shall I give these rice fields when I die? __6__ hundreds of years this __7__ of land has belonged to our family. I know __ 8__ of it. My children grew up __9__ it, catching frogs and mud crabs and gathering flowers. __10__ the land could not tie them down or call them back.

    3. Complete the sentences, using words in brackets.

    a) Those cute boys breezed through the examination with no trouble at all!


    b) The police have spent an exhausting day searching in the woods. (exhaust)

    c) Space exploration is still in its infancy. (infant)

    d) Selfish picnickers litter the beach with food wrappers. (litter)

    e) A miser lusts for gold. (lust)

    f) She reaped large profits from her unique invention. (reap)

    g) John stripped off his shirt. (strip)

h) People under stress tend to express their full range of potential. (tend)

    i) He forced his ideas on the group. (force)

    4. Make sentences with the following expressions.

    a. to substitute for

    b. to get + v-ed (被动句)

    c. It is(was) that (who)

    d. to spring up

    e. as for

    4. Put the following sentences into Chinese.

    a) The soil is not difficult to till when there is a lot of rain, but in a bad year, its

    not only the ploughs that break but our hearts too.

    b) Yes, this bag of bones dressed in rags can still plant and reap rice from

    morning till dusk. Disease, wounds, hardship and scarcity have always been

    part of my life. I dont complain.

    c) Its nice to feel the wet earth as my fingers dig into the soil, planting rice, to

    hear my wife sighing, Old man, if I die first, I shall become a cloud to

    protect you from the sun.

    d) Its good to smell the scent of ripening rice in November. The soft cool

    breeze moves the sheaves, which ripple and shimmer like waves of gold. 6. Put the following sentences into English.

    a. 你有没有想过?你这一去美国?可能永远都不会回来了!;occur

    Has it occurred to you that once you go to America, you might never return (come back) ?

    b. 即使我有很多钱?我也不会这么浪费的。;even if

    Even if I had a lot of money, I wouldnt have been so wasteful.

    c. 他今天感冒很严重?上午还昏倒了。(pass)

    He has caught a serious cold and passed away in the morning. d. 小明偷了同学的钱?他爸爸知道了?狠狠地揍了他一顿。

    Xiao Ming stole money from his classmate. When his father got to know about this, he gave him a good beating.

e. 她结婚后?小两口就和公婆一起住着?这时我们这里的风俗。;as

When they got married, the couple has been living with her parents-in-law as is the

way with us.

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